Homemade Donuts | घर पर डोनट्स बनायें । Eggless Chocolate Doughnuts Recipe

Namaskar and Welcome to nishamadhulikacom Today we will make doughnuts

Doughnuts are very appetizing and you will surely love eating them, especially kids Let's see what all ingredients are required for making doughnuts Maida – 2 cup Milk – ¾ cup Butter – ¼ cup (unsalted butter) (if using salted butter then don't add salt) Sugar – 2 tbsp Dry active yeast – 1 tsp Salt – ½ tsp These ingredients will be used for kneading dough White chocolate, brown chocolate and powdered sugar for garnishing the doughnuts Oil – for frying doughnuts Firstly knead dough for making doughnuts Make the milk lukewarm

Now add sugar, salt and dry active yeast in the maida There is no need to active the yeast separately Dry active yeast can be added directly in the flour Also add butter Heat the butter at normal temperature

Mix all ingredients and with help of lukewarm milk knead soft dough Add little milk at a time for kneading the flour Dough is ready and for kneading this much quantity of flour we have used more then ½ cup of milk Now keep kneading the dough until it becomes soft Keep kneading for 4-5 minutes until dough get soft

Roll it giving it a round shape Spread some dry flour on the board Now with help of rolling pin roll it in a round circle with ½ or 75 thickness Cut doughnuts with help of drinking glass or a bowl

Dip the glass in dry flour so that dough doesn't stick to it Now take a small cap of any bottle and make a hole like this in the center and press hard Place them on the baking tray Roll the left over dough again and make doughnuts from it again Doughtnuts are ready

Brush the doughnuts with some oil so that they don't dry up Cover them and keep aside for 15-2 hours so that they become puffy Doughnuts are ready, now fry them Keep the oil medium hot for frying the doughnuts

Place the doughnuts in oil Also keep the flame on low and medium Flip sides when they turn brown from one side Fry until they turn golden brown in color Doughnuts have turned golden brown in color now take them out

Fry rest of the doughnuts like wise Now dust the piping hot doughnuts with powdered sugar Dust the doughnuts like this and place them on a plate Glaze the doughnuts now Glazing can be done in numerous ways like with honey, powdered sugar, coconut powder

Kids like the chocolate glazed doughnuts the most We will glaze the doughnuts with chocolate For this melt the chocolate first For melting chocolate take water in two utensils like this and place them on flame Now place bowls like this on the top for melting chocolate

Break the chocolates into small pieces so that they get melted easily Water has become hot now place white chocolate and brown chocolate in the bowls Now let the chocolated melt completely Stir after every 1-2 minutes Bring the flame to medium now

Chocolate is melted now but it cannot be used right now as it should have pouring consistency Chocolate is melted now with a pouring consistency It takes 20-25 minutes for melting chocolate Both the chocolates are melted now turn off the gas Place the chocolate bowls on top of wire rack

Make the chocolate frigid so that it can be handled with hands Now take one doughnut and immerse it in the chocolate like this Place it on plate like this Dip rest of the doughnuts in white chocolates with same manner You garnish these chocolate doughnuts with silver balls or finely chopped walnuts

You can also use brown chocolate for garnishing white chocolate doughnuts and white chocolate for brown chocolate doughnuts You can use a spoon or cone for making lines on the doughnuts For making cone just take a paper and hold one corner like this and join it with other corner Now fill it with some chocolate Keep the doughnuts on a plate and make lines like this

Luscious doughnuts are ready Glaze doughnuts with your choice Try making this recipe at your home and share your experiences with us See you again at nishamadhulikacom

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طريقة عمل الدونات – How to make Doughnuts

Doughnuts Serves: 8 doughnuts Ingredients 300 g (2½ cups) flour 1½ tsp active dry yeast 3 tbsp butter, cut into small pieces 3 tbsp sugar ¼ tsp salt 125 ml (½ cup) milk, lukewarm 1 large egg, lightly beaten 500 ml (2 cup)Vegetable oil for frying For the topping ½ cup of white or powdered sugar Directions Place the flour in a bowl with the yeast and stir to combine Add the butter and rub it into the flour until no lumps are left Add the sugar and salt and stir to combine then make a well in the centre and add the egg into the well along with the milk and mix with a rubber spatula until it all comes together and finish with your hands to form a ball Knead the dough gently onto a floured surface about 5 minutes until completely smooth Place the dough in a bowl, lightly oiled and cover with plastic wrap and let it rise at room temperature for 1½ – 2 hours Gently press the dough with your fingers to release the air and roll it out to about 1 cm thick then cut into 6 cm circles and cut a whole in the middle Sprinkle some flour on a piece of parchment paper placed on a baking tray and place the doughnut on it Cover again with some plastic wrap, lightly oiled to prevent sticking and let the doughnut rise for about 30-60 minutes until doubled in size Pour the oil in a large pan and heat to 190°C Fry the doughnuts in batches, not more than 2-3 at a time until nicely golden brown on both sides Remove the doughnuts with a slotted spoon and drain them on kitchen paper Place the sugar in a plate and roll the doughnuts on all sides until well coated with the sugar

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How To Make (homemade) Donuts – (FAST AND EASY)

We start by adding the flour to a bowl then add the baking powder stir the mixture together now add three eggs stir the mixture well add the vanilla extact zest the lemon now add the lemon zest now you want to add to whole container of ricotta cheese make sure to stir it well this is the texture we are looking for For the topping powder we add some icing sugar the amount depends on your prefrence then about a teaspoon of brown sugar another teaspoon of cinnamon mix the ingredients together we now started to fry the donuts

you can use an ice cream scooper to make sure you get exact circles once your donuts reach a brown color gently place them on some frying paper after frying you want to take your donuts and place them on some frying paper enjoy your donuts

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Strawberry Doughnuts with Sortedfood

i'm very excited about what the sorted boys are going to be doing in my kitchen yes i know they are going to make more of their beautiful recipes quick deliciously food no cakes no biscuits and nothing fried and definatley no doughnuts to kick – start our doughnuts we need to make a sweetened enriched yeasty dough so we need some milk to warm through a knob of butter and meanwhile into our bowl flour some yeast caster sugar and all of that mixture as soon as that butter has melted and with one egg and we are going to use some of Jamie's terms whilst we are cooking in his kitchen if you can just wazz this all up wazz it all up that's not a word Jamie there you go if we can give that a quick knead now its quite sticky dough but that's what were looking for that's it just wipe your nose after five minutes of kneading that dough goes into a bowl cover it with a damp cloth or cling film and put it in a warm place for about an hour and what you end up with in our little warm cupboard down here his kitchen sink we have now got look how light and fluffy that is now put a bit more flour on the board take small amounts about a 6th of it and just roll it into a ball no no no not stretch it just take little bits you have to be really delicate with this perfect just kind of stuff them inside each other wonderful reference that was not necessary at all Barry another thing have you noticed the new camera angle i like it see if you can hit it see if you can knock a bit more air out of that dough there you go on to the board and then again leave it in a nice warm place have you got a warm place not big enough for this chopping board maybe on top of the fridge cos i have got some here in a very very warm place another hour of proving once they are in there shapes only because they have grown really they grow up so quickly they do indeed and seriously we are not going to mess these around because feel how light those are now they have literally got air bubbles inside so be very very gentle take them over to our fryer which is on at 160 degrees Celsius and again very very carefully were just going to lift them up and lower them into the oil okay and they will float they will need three minutes on either side but because they float the top doesn't cook at all we can make our filling in the meantime all we do is make a simple strawberry puree so if we can wazz those up you can always use frozen berries or tinned berries were going to go for the fresh ones what we are going to do is take the cream cheese lots of icing sugar its just a beautiful strawberry puree we don't want too much we don't want it too wet you can always add more but you cant take it back out unlike a cheese cake mix we are going to put an unnecessary amount of icing sugar in because it's for the glace icing do you want to do it johnny i don't know i tend to use cutlery a bit more and Jamie's a bit more hands on and he does it on one leg as well there's our filling lovely these are done so without too much oil on to there look at those beautiful puffy doughnuts once they have cooled down we can take a doughnut put a skewer into the middle and just kind of wiggle it around a bit so you can open up a hole form the inside wider than the outside hole and then with your syringe what happens if you don't have a syringe you can just cut the top and not worry about putting it inside okay so in it goes and what will happen it will fill up the inside and then as you pull the syringe out you might find that some will dribble back out like that but its fine because you can wipe that off and you have got our filled doughnuts i'm going to carry on because you and me know what this is about this is about food channel this is Jamie Oliver's food tube and we are creating some awesome cheesecake doughnuts what's left we are going to put even more icing sugar in to give it a really thick icing more like a glaze icing and then we are going to coat the top while i'm doing that do you want to crush up some biscuits the base of our cheesecake and dehydrated strawberries as well and i think that would impress anybody so what are these? these are the most amazing doughnuts you are ever going to eat in your life don't say that because im guessing he has a fair few doughnuts don't say that its alright because my next recipe is a spit roast and is this deep fried so you are following all the food revolution rules then absolutely its good man whats nice is if you went a bought a doughnut like that the chances of you having anything that had been anywhere near a strawberry is highly improbable very very good if you want to find out the recipe for the strawberry cheesecake where do you go? you go to sortedfoodcom and if you want to subscribe to Jamie's Food channel hit his face anywhere around here anywhere round here

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Andy Bates Doughnuts: Street Food

Hi, I am Andy Bates and welcome back to my Videojug series on street food In this episode we have come to Kerb market in London's Moorgate to find out what is going on in the street food scene in the capital

[Music] Coming up we have got Mexican food, curries and tasty doughnuts [Music] For this episode, I am with my friends Jo and Betsy from You Doughnut Hi girls Hi Hello

I love your doughnuts I have traded with you for a while Yeah I have got to eat your wares almost on a daily basis whenever I trade with you What makes yours so different? I think it is because we do it by hand and they are all fresh and little doughnut bites

How do you come up with your flavors? And, what flavors do you do? We do, our most popular is salted caramel with toasted pecans It is the best doughnut I have ever tasted Yeah, you love that one! And, we have at the moment a maple coffee syrup, which is a new one we have got We serve that with cardamon sugar and toasted pistachio nuts We, kind of, experiment all the time with new flavors

Like we try and think of what we like and what we see and what inspires us [Music] So, Jo, how are these doughnuts freshly made? Well, we do it all on site We come in, we roll the dough up We mix it at home and then give it time to rise, then come on the stall and set up Then, I will get all my hands involved in rolling it out, cutting on these

I see, getting involved And then, yeah, the yeast will make it all fluffy and they rise and then, they will puff up So, like these ones here So, that is our first process We do everything on site

We mix the dough off site and then everything else is on site If street food is your scene why not click on the subscribe button! So, how long do they take to cook? They take a few minutes Right And we cook them until they are just golden on the outside Why did you go bite sizes? Why quite little? Because Bite sized doughnuts? because, sometimes you do not want to eat a huge, massive doughnut

I do! Well, we did not Yeah, you might! We did not, so we thought, why do we not make something that is bite sized? Right! So, what have we got? What type of sugar have we got? We have got cinnamon and cardamon Oh, cardamon, I think, for me! Cardamon, for all of them? No, half and half, then Four, there, I will put five in there and four in there Right

And then shake them about What makes these so special is that they are fresh, still hot Yep! and there is no other way to eat a doughnut, is there? No, definitely not No? No! They were rolled just hours ago Wow! Yeah May I have a sprinkling of pistachios? Can I dip in there? Do you want to do it yourself? Just a little bit on there

And there we go, doughnuts from the sweetest girls on the street Thank you very much, ladies Thanks You are welcome Well, that is the end of my episode from You Doughnut

What I have got to do now is enjoy these! [Music] Andy: So, that is the end of my Videojug Street Food series I hope it has inspired you to get out there and try some of the great street food that is on offer throughout the country

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Easy Chinese Doughnut Recipe (Crisp Fried Breadstick) | 油條 Yóutiáo

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, guys Today, I'm going to show you how to make Chinese doughnut

Now, Chinese doughnut is a Taiwanese breakfast that's sometimes eaten plain, sometimes with congee But my favorite is with homemade soymilk In Mandarin, we call Chinese doughnut youtiao And it's known for its delicate crunchiness And inside, it's honeycomb shapes

It's salty It's delicious And today, I am going to show you how to make Chinese doughnut at home using six basic ingredients Now, for this recipe, we will need 1 and 1/2 cups of all-purpose flour, 3 tablespoons of oil, 3 teaspoons of baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon of sugar, 3/4 teaspoon of salt, and 1/2 cup of room temperature water Now, with all these ingredients, we are going to be making a cold rise dough

And I like using this method because we don't need any yeast, and because we're going to let it sit in the fridge overnight for the dough to rise and ferment, which is great, because I don't like to babysit my dough And what's really neat is that you can do this on a Friday, and it'll be ready on Saturday or even the next day, on a Sunday You'll have Chinese doughnut ready to make So with that, let's get started First, start by sifting together all your dry ingredients in a large mixing bowl

Next, add your oil and water while slowly mixing everything in with a spatula or spoon Once all the ingredients are mixed, dig in with your hands and begin to knead everything together Now, it might be slightly sticky at first, but try kneading for a little bit before adding small amounts of flour if needed After kneading for three to five minutes, cover the bowl and let the dough sit in a warm area for one hour During this time, some air bubbles will begin to form in the dough

So after an hour, take the dough out and gently punch down about 15 times or so to release the gases that have formed After that, knead the dough for another 10 minutes Next, form the dough into a ball shape and place it in a small plastic bag Then seal it up by tying a knot at the top, leaving just a bit of room inside so the dough can expand Now, all we need to do is just place it in the fridge overnight for it to ferment and rise

The next morning, and take dough out of the fridge and let it sit on your countertop or a warm area for two hours You'll want to make sure the dough comes to room temperature before using it When it's ready, gently roll the dough out into a log shape, then into a long rectangle about one third of an inch thick Now, be gentle when rolling, because there are air bubbles in there And those will help give our doughnut the honeycomb shapes inside

Next, divide the dough into thin strips of equal width And using a chopstick or skewer, make an indentation in the center of your first strip Place another piece on top of that, and press down to make another indentation And when you're done, the strips should look like this Now, it's time to cook

Since we're deep frying, I really recommend you wear an apron so you don't get any oil splatters on your clothes Next, fill your wok with oil and heat it up to 350 degrees Use a candy thermometer if you have one so you have just the right temperature I'm cutting my dough lengthwise in half so I can make shorter doughnuts, because they're easier to cook Stretch and pinch down the ends just before placing them in oil

And if your oil's at the right temperature, they should float to the top right away Use long chopsticks to turn the doughnuts while deep drying so they cook to an even golden brown This should take about two minutes Now, if you want to make long ones, you can Just keep in mind you'll need the cookware and more oil to accommodate the longer length

Once they're done deep frying, let them drain on paper towels or a rack to cool before serving So this is how you make Chinese doughnut Now, you know you've made a good Chinese doughnut when you bite into it and it's kind of crispy and flaky So let's give that a shot Now, if you ever get tired of savory Chinese doughnut, you can always sprinkle a little bit of cinnamon sugar over it, and then you'll have sweet Chinese doughnut

It kind of tastes like a churro, so really good I'm Angel I hope you enjoyed this video Don't forget to give me a thumbs-up if you did And I will see you guys soon

Bye Oh, wait There's one more thing I forgot to mention If you guys have extra Chinese doughnut dough, go ahead and just cook it all off, deep fry them, let them cool Then put them in your freezer

You can freeze them whole or freeze them cut up like this Then you can put them in the toaster or your over Or you can deep fry them again for the next day But I personally like cutting them up into bite size pieces like this, popping them into the toaster, and that will make these extra crunchy

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How To Make Glazed Doughnuts I Keep Calm And Bake

Welcome to Keep Calm And Bake My name is Caroline Mili Artiss and over the next few episodes, we are going to be baking a whole assortment of baking delights

Everything from treacle tarts to doughnuts [Music] This episode I am going to teach you how to make some doughnuts Amazing, I know They are actually very easy There's a couple of stages

I am going to walk you through it all And soon you will be making Krispy Kreme like doughnuts at home yourself The first stage is to make your dough Now, I am going to pour my milk into a saucepan because you want your milk to be luke warm Now I am going to add water in as well

Milk and water together Now leave that to get warm and then we are going to add in the yeast Now don't worry we have the full list of ingredients written in the description box Now my milk is at body temperature You can test this carefully, by sticking your finger in

No, it is not burning, it is fine It is body temperature, that means it is not too hot not too cold This is the perfect temperature for yeast to rise So I have got some dried instant yeast I am using some of that, that is fine

Pour that into milk About a teaspoon of sugar Now I am also going to add butter into this I have melted the butter already Now we will leave this mixture for about five minutes just until it starts going nice and foamy

This has gone nice and frothy now You can see it bubbling up and that means that the yeast has been activated and it is rearing to go Now using a large bowl put the rest of your sugar into the bowl Pour the frothy yeast mixture in Give that a little stir around

Now I am going to add in some of the flour, about maybe a third of the flour I'm going to mix all of this together so it makes a nice and sticky paste This is definitely such a fun one to do with someone else as well Because lets face it, you are going to need someone to eat all of this with Right, why are you making doughnuts? Now, I am going to add the eggs

Two eggs going in Two eggs going in Beat those all into your mixture A little bit of salt They are smelling like doughnuts already! Right mix that until it is nice and smooth

Now we are going to add the rest of the flour Mix it in a bit at a time until it forms a thick ball of dough OK, bit more flour I am going to add the rest of it in now You are going to need a bit of extra flour when you start kneading it

There we go Whoa Right Now if the mixture is a little bit too sticky That is a bit too sticky

You can just add a bit more flour And now I'm going to get my hands dirty and start kneading this together It is like when you make bread, you have to knead it until it goes kind of elasticky and stretchy Right, this dough is ready Now once it is nice and elasticky, like this, we are going to pop it back into the bowl

Now we are going to leave this to rise OK, we are going to cover it with a damp cloth Leave it somewhere warm for about an hour and a half or until it has doubled in size And here true Blue Peter style, is one I made earlier This should have risen

Whoa! That has risen well, OK Now we are going to take this dough and move it onto a work surface Lightly floured We are going to need a rolling pin Lightly flour your rolling pin too

Look at that, wow! It has grown Now, just a little knead and then we are going to roll this Now if you get as excited about doughnuts as I do, then hit subscribe, you are going to get loads more fantastic recipes like this We are going to roll this out until it is about a centimeter thick and then we can start cutting the doughnut shapes Now if you do not have a doughnut cutter at home use either a serrated bigger and smaller or use a bowl and then cut around the bowl

And then either use a even smaller bowl or even a bottle top If you take the lid off a bottle top and then stab a hole in I have done that before Just get very creative Alright

I am using the non serrated side And then in the middle There we go Once we have cut the shape I am going to lay them onto a lightly floured baking tray I will put some greaseproof paper down there

We are going to put them on there Now this doughnut recipe, you can actually make whatever type of doughnuts you want If you wanted just to make small little round balls and fry them off, that is, you know, that is fine You could fill them with jam at the end You could even make whatever shapes you fancy

So, I am just going to be showing you the classic ring doughnut But do get creative And let me know what you come up with Doughnuts are rolled and ready We are going to leave them somewhere warm and cover them with a tea cloth for about forty minutes

So they are going to rise some more now I have got my oil on heating, so that is going to be nice and hot very soon But before we start cooking the doughnuts I am going to make the glaze Now I am just going to add my icing sugar into a small saucepan We are going to put this on to heat because we want to melt it down

I am going to add a couple of tablespoons of some hot water Let us just mix it into a runny paste I am going to add a teeny little squirt of some vanilla extract, there you go Give that a stir Once it has all kind of gone a bit clearer then we can take it off the heat

So it has just begun to bubble, the icing sugar mixture Now we can take it off the heat and just leave it somewhere on the side Ooh Perfect They have doubled in size

I am just going to test if the oil is hot enough by putting a little bit of dough in there and it should just fizz and come up to the top That's perfect You don't want to overcrowd the oil I am going to put two in, in fact There we go, one, two in there

Ah, now I am going to put another one in What the hay? There we go Leave them for a few seconds Once they go light golden on the bottom then we can turn them so it cooks the other side This bit is very quick

And that is perfect, so golden brown, straight on to some paper towel Here we go And now whilst they are still hot we can add the glaze on Now either using a brush or using a spoon you just dribble the glaze on all over like that While they are still hot is fine

And then we are going to leave them to cool down and the glaze will go lovely and crusty I am going to go finish cooking off my doughnuts now I hope you all really enjoy this recipe Join me again next time on Keep Calm and Bake And, taste test

Oh yeah, that is good Sweet fried dough It can not get better than that [Music]

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Lemon Ricotta Fritters – Homemade Doughnuts

Today, we're going to make my Lemon Ricotta Fritters that are crispy on the outside, creamy and delicious on the inside, insanely easy to make and so good Let's get down to business

I have 3/4 of a cup of all-purpose flour To that, I'm going to add 2 teaspoons of baking powder, that's our leavening agent, and a nice healthy pinch of salt, about 1/4 teaspoon Let's move on to the wet team, 1 cup of ricotta cheese To that, I'm going to add 2 eggs that have been lightly beaten, 3 tablespoons of sugar, 1-1/2 teaspoons of vanilla, and the zest of 1 lemon I use an insane amount of lemon zest

There's so much flavor and that's where all the essential oils are in a lemon Then, once you're done zesting, just throw some Saran wrap around this guy, put it back in the fridge, and it'll last for another week Mix up the ricotta mixture until it's well combined Then, add the dry mixture to the wet The cool thing about this mixture is that it's just going to come together a little bit and then we can fry them

You don't have to rest it You don't have to proof it or bloom it In my dutch oven pot, I'm bringing vegetable oil to about 350 degrees, but I have caved in to my carnal needs and gotten one of these sweet digital probe thermometers from Amazon It tells me the exact temperature of the oil, 350 It tells me the exact temperature of my hand, 84 degrees

I think that's normal As long as this is good and I'm healthy, we can fry You could shape your ricotta fritters any size, any shape you want, but I like to do what the French call canele, using 2 spoons I don't call it canele though, I just call them footballs Bring them over to the hot oil

Bring them over to the hot oil Then go back and make a few more footballs Whatever you do, you don't want to overcrowd the pot I'll do maybe 4 or 5 at a time because the temperature of the oil is going to come down and we don't want that dropping too much Otherwise, the ricotta fritters are going to get soggy instead of being crispy

These take about 5 to 7 minutes to make I like to flip them over halfway through, so they're equally golden brown on the other side, and if you're not sure if they're quite done yet, you could always take 1 of the pan and cut it open and do a sacrificial fritter because you want to make sure they're not raw in the middle There's just something about the smell of batter hitting hot oil It reminds me of those funnel cakes I used to have as a kid at the state fair, although these are slightly more refined, and I don't have to beg my parents to buy me these I can make them whenever I want

Take that It's been about 5 or 6 minutes now They're golden brown on the outside, equally brown on all sides, and the smell is amazing I'm going to get these out I have a wire rack over a tin foil-lined sheet pan here

I'm going to let the oil drain off them for about 1 or 2 minutes, just long enough where I won't burn the inside of my mouth We just have to do one last final touch on there I'm going to take some powdered sugar and just give 1 good spank or maybe 2 over the top of the fritters Now, I know it's not technically a donut It's a fritter, but it's so much easier to make and the flavor is just as good as any donut I've ever had

Make sure you check out the recipe below, like, comment, share, and hey, the only way my channel keeps growing is by you spreading the word and sharing the love See ya

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Doughnuts – By Vahchef @ vahrehvah.com

hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Vahrehvahcom

Today we're going to learn one of my favorite doughnuts you know people love to eat donuts early in the morning with a cup of coffee but today i'm going to show you a very simplified version of basic donuts in the future we're going to learn a lot of varieties and complicated donuts but today we're going to make this very simple donut so let's go ahead and learn how to make this Here I've got sugar 15 grams of sugar, seven grams of active dry yeast usually they sell seven grams of packet so check it and add one packet in this add around 50 ml of water and 70 ml of milk add 5 grams of salt and mix it see because this is active yeast you don't have to worry much you know you can add this yeast directly with the flour and will still be fantastic In this add one egg and when the sugar melts now you can add flour Flour around 250 grams of flour mix this and make into a dough you know because the amount of moisture we added this will become into a nice soft bread dough you know to get this dough right you know you have to knead it well knead it like around five to seven minutes that's when your dough will be perfect that way what happens is the gluten forms and the bread when it's leaven because of yeast the pores will be even and very nice so you're bread will be nice light and beautiful when the dough is kneaded now you add 15 grams of butter then just rub in the butter into the dough and kned for another 3-4 minutes you know after kneading like this for around 5 minutes the dough will be slightly sticky if the dough is slightly sticky just sprinkle a little bit of flour and just rotate it like this and then we're going to let this dough rest we do is we tuck the dough so basically we stretch and tuck it inside ok that way you'll get a very nice smooth top surface now once you have this smooth surface just cover it with a nice wet cloth and we want to rest it for around 30 minutes after around 30 minutes look at this dough this is doubling the size so what we need to do is we need to give a punch ok wow you know you look at this dough is perfect and we're going to leave this again covered with the cloth for another 30 minutes and we're going to roll and cut out the fantastic donuts now after around 25 minutes look at this dough this is perfect so now to make this wonderful fantastic mind-blowing donuts we're going to have some flour sprinkle on the table and then take this dough and now we're going to roll them ok just take some extra flour just tap it with the hand little bit do not remove all the air or anything just tap it a little bit and then using the rolling pin just roll it now once you roll them into you know look at the thickness this may look slightly thinner but because these are going to be proved one more time and they will become slightly bigger just cut the number of donuts you want to cut after you cut you know just remove the extra whatever dough on the side and then you know take a smaller round and cut it in the center this way and then you'll be able to remove it off cut and remove the center you know actually I'm supposed to cut slightly bigger but you know this should be ok any tray just sprinkle a little bit of the flour and then just transfer this on the plate ok and because now they have to get proof proof me they will swell up and they will become slightly bigger you know just put it on any tray like this and let them rest for another 10 minutes after that we're going to fry Take these doughnuts just like the vada we fry just drop it in hot oil like this and you know now you will see it slightly puffing up and slightly becoming bigger and take one more once they look they have become big and turn it the other side when you fry these doughnuts make sure you fry them on a slow flame and you know as soon as you add these doughnuts just let it fry for like few seconds and then turn it to the other side and then you will have a very nice well cook donuts and look at these see when they are fried you will see a nice you know line you know like a ring you'll see around this doughnut you know that is what is perfect and now just transfer these donors onto a paper plate and we're going to let this slightly cool down and then we're going to put them in the castor sugar here is the fine sugar that is the castor sugar along with some cinnamon you know it's freshly ground cinnamon just put the donut inside and then you know while it is slightly warm put the donut and just toss some sugar and this is little extra, this is perfect look at this doughnut you know these donuts are getting popular all over the world even in India you know nowadays you can get donuts in good malls and bakeries but thing about the donuts is their best eaten the first six to eight hours after frying them and usually in US, you know in the mornings when you go to these dunkin donuts and other shops you get this fresh doughnut they are super awesome but the next day the donuts deserve to be in the dust bin because they lose the aroma they lose the texture and they're not worth eating so dear friends whenever you make the donuts make sure you eat them fresh that's when real flavor of the donuts you can get there are so many variations of these donuts are made we're going to make the strawberry filled donuts and we're going to make the chocolate donuts and lots of donuts like buttermilk donuts and super super but for now just the plain simple basic donut make it home and enjoy these doughnuts it depends how much sugar you want to put them on but if you add too much sugar you will get the sugar mustache here

Dear friends I hope you enjoyed learning to make these donuts but do not forget vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes and cooking tips at vahrehvahcom so others can benefit from your great cooking thank you

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Donuts in Your Dad’s Pickup Truck – How

So your old man's given you a bunch of shitty chores to do over the weekend That sounds like a real bummer

Here's how to not do donuts in dad's truck Step 1: Make sure your dad's got a V8 If he doesn't, he's probably your mom Step 2: Take the steering wheel cover off! Why do you even buy these things dad!? Step 3: Donuts Turn the traction control off

Then, select the lowest gear Use your left foot to apply light pressure on the brake Right foot, mash the gas, get both wheels spinning on the same time, choose the direction of the donut you want I want Boston Creme After you get a donut around, you want to keep the momentum going, try using a little bit of countersteer to the truck, and then some throttle modulation, and that should be able to keep the truck in a nice spinning action until your tires blow off

When you're locked in to about your third donut, everything's going smoothly, you got some smoke billowing off the tires, that's when you yell "whooooo!" So everybody knows you're a badass Whoooooo!

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