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How To Make The Best Ramen At Home With June

– Can we just take a moment to appreciate how freakin' beautiful it is? It is perfectly tender, skin is so glossy (upbeat music) Hi guys, welcome back to My Home Kitchen and today we are making some homemade Ramen from scratch We're not making the noodles, but we're making …

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Contract Giller | How to drawing

1 Draw the mouth line 2 Draw your lips The upper right is slightly up 3 Draw sunglasses Right eye is a little bigger 4 Draw a line inside the sunglasses I draw along the outer line 5 Draw the light reflection of the sunglass lens 6 Draw the outline …

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How to Make $1 Million FAST Day Trading

I know what you’re thinking, its another rich millionaire dude with a lambo, But- But you’re wrong, its a rich millionaire girl with a lambo Hi, my name is Shay, and I go by humbled trader, that name is just a joke Once you’ve made millions in trading, who cares …

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HOW TO: Change Your Steering Wheel

– Steering wheels have been allowing us to point our majestic horseless carriages wherever we wanna go with just a simple rotation for over a 1000 years But for a simple a job as steering wheels may have, there are plenty of reasons why you might consider changing yours out …

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