How to Sneak Candy in Class! School Pranks and 15 DIY Edible School Supplies!

Studying and learning is always more fun when you have some yummy treats on hand But carrying snacks to school can sometimes be super risky

Luckily here are over 15 epic ideas on how to sneak candy in class plus prank your teachers and schoolmates! … is above the waterline These are formed by snowfall in very cold places, where it will not melt in the summer The snow builds up and compacts into ice This is gradually then pulled down by gravity into the sea Iceberg is a large piece of ice floating in the sea

We have about 90% under the water and then only 10% They are especially common during spring because that what is this noise?! She's eating candy No, she's eating candy! Detention! Both of you! These candy belts are so delicious and I love all the beautiful rainbow colors Their shape kind of reminds me of a bookmark! To make our candy bookmark even more realistic let’s attach a little tassel to it Make a hole on one side of the bookmark using a hole puncher

Luckily the consistency of these treats is not too chewy and sticky so it isn’t hard to make a hole at all Now grab a tassel, thread it through the opening and tie a double knot I actually made this tassel myself and if you want I can show you how to make it in one of my next videos Now our candy belt looks exactly like a bookmark and gives us the perfect chance to sneak candy in class and prank our teachers and schoolmatesIs only one star of millions and millions in the galaxy So it is a star Mm

This candy bookmark looks so realistic! No one will ever be able to notice that you’re actually sneaking candy in class Besides that it looks so pretty with those bright colorful stripes The prettiest and most delicious bookmark out there for sure! If chocolate is more your thing – try sneaking candy melts in a watercolor painting set like this one Remove the color blocks from the container Now take some colorful candy melts – these taste exactly like white chocolate which is like my favorite thing ever

Place one candy button inside each circle and you got yourself a super realistic watercolor paint set that is completely edible and delicious! This one is so quick and easy to make plus extremely convenient when you feel like having something sweet during class No one will suspect that this aren’t the real watercolors, but delightful chocolate treats instead Other stars may be larger, smaller or fainter than our sun, but they are so very far away that we only see then as the point of light in the night sky The sun is over 1 million times bigger Sara and Katie are you listening to what I'm saying?! The package of these sweet milky chocolates has almost the same dimensions as a box of colored pencils Grab a packet of 24 colored pencils because it’s deeper and take out all the pencils

This will be the perfect box for our milky chocolates ! You can unwrap the chocolates to make them more easily available during class or you can just keep the wrapping paper on Put them in your colored pencils package – as many as you can possibly fit in! To cover this opening print a picture of colored pencils and cut it out Place it inside the chocolate box to cover the opening making it possible to sneak chocolates to class Honey bee's are very important pollinators for flowers, fruits and vegetables This means that they help other plants grow

And what are honey bee's more famous for? Delicious honey! How smart right? Delicious chocolates in a colored pencil box are a perfect pick me up treat during class! You can share them with your schoolmates or have them all for yourself Whatever you do just be careful so you don’t get caught! Edible eraser? Of course and super tasty too! Erasers come in all sorts of shapes and sizes Luckily so does gummy candy and marshmallows Have a look and try to find the perfect match! This white eraser looks really similar to the foamy candy square – yup I think we got a match! Pull the eraser out of the pink wrapper and push in the white candy square! It fits perfectly! Seems like it’s our lucky day because we have space for one more piece of candy on the other side! Voila our edible eraser looks just like the usual real one! Such a fun idea to sneak a delicious treat to class and a great opportunity to prank your classmates too Their face expressions when seeing you eat your eraser will be priceless for sure

That's why it is a perfect treat to sneak in class Seems like this Nutella sticks snack was made to fit in a pencil holder that's why it is a perfect treat to sneak in class! Open it up – are you hungry yet? Cause this looks so tasty! Take an empty pencil holder and pop in your chocolaty snack Half of the pencil holder is still empty which is perfect as we can put in a bunch of pens and pencils How amazingly awesome is this idea right? I can’t get over it, it’s so cool! Now you can enjoy your chocolate bread sticks in class without anyone noticing You have five minutes to solve this equation and remember we're in school kids so we are here to learn! Kids! All the teacher will see is a usual pencil holder filled with pens

In the meantime you can indulge with your delightful snack in peace These two seem like a match made in heaven! Literally! Sharing is caring so don’t forget to share some with your friends too You can use your pencil holder to sneak other treats in class too If you can’t function without coffee this idea is perfect for you! Place a ready to drink coffee cup in your pencil holder We still have some space left which is perfect for all the pens and pencils

Pop them in and your coffee pencil holder is ready! This hack is a life saver especially if you didn’t get much sleep the night before and you need a good energy boost! Just stick in a straw and you're ready enjoy your sneaky coffee What is this smell I need coffee

If you’re not a coffee person you can totally switch it up with with some other drinks like some fruity yogurt These are so cute but also nutritious and delicious! Place it in your pencil holder full of pencils or pens Grab a straw pop it in and enjoy The straw looks like one of the colored pencils in the bunch – perfectly camouflaged This hack is ideal if you don’t have time for breakfast in the morning

You can still enjoy a nutritious meal in class! We have an equation with one unknown character So what we're going to do now, is we're going to put unknowns on one side of the equation and then we can solve the equation Have you ever noticed that a package of Oreos has the same shape as a pencil case? Well I have, so let’s transform this Oreo pack in a legit pencil case! Grab some small scissors as they’re easier to work with and make a cut along the entire Oreo packet like this Now take a glue gun and apply a few stripes along the top and bottom side of the cut we made earlier You can use other sort of glue just make sure that it works on plastic and fabric materials

Take a zipper and place it on top while the glue is still soft Next you want to take a fabric of your choice, I went for this pretty blue with white polka dots Place it on a flat surface with the front facing down Put your Oreos on top Grab some fabric glue or a glue gun and apply a stripe along the top and bottom sides of the zipper

Wrap the fabric around the cookies and stick the ends to the zipper And do this on the top and bottom side To make our Oreos look exactly like a pencil case the easiest way is to take two small elastics and tie them on the sides like this! Now it looks like a real candy pencil case which is super accurate as it is filled with sweet and yummy Oreos! Let’s impress our friends with it! For the last 10 minutes of today's class, you can start reading chapter 9, meanwhile I will correct some tests Psst, hey! I am in love with this Oreo pencil case idea because it’s just so unique and creative You can use it for any kind of cookies that have a similar rounded packaging

Yum yum sitting in class has never tasted better! Class, Silence! It's my fave! These chocolate eggs were probably my favorite sweets when I was little and play dough pot seems like the perfect container to hide them in Grab a pot of play dough and take the dough out All we need to do is to replace it with the Kinder egg But first let’s wash it because the number one rule is that you can only store food in extra clean containers Time to take a Kinder egg

I have this packet of three so let's see what's inside! Hmm Which one would you chose? I’m going for the middle one You can already unwrap it to make it easier to grab in class, but I’m just keeping it with the wrapper on

Put the lid on and it’s ready to take to school! Whenever the sweet cravings kick in simply reach for your play dough pot and have some yummy chocolate! You can even trick your friends by offering them a pot as well Too bad that this one does not contain any chocolate Also don’t forget about the toy! Who would have thought that school can be so much fun Aaa! Class! These little pringles pots can be easily transformed into legit pencil holders! Basically all you need is some wrapping paper! Wrap it tightly around the pringles pot Take a piece of tape and secure the wrapping paper in place

Time to open op our pringles! Mm this looks delicious! To make it look like a real pencil holder let’s pop in some coloring pencils and other pens That’s what we’re talking abut! We got a totally useful pencil holder filled with crispy pringles! From your teachers perspective this looks like a legit pencil pot, while you can snack on these salty treats without a worry in your mind! What more could we ask for! Why settle for a bit of chips, when you can have loads of it

Yup let’s transform a big pringles tube in a cool pencil case Take a larger piece of crafting or wrapping paper and place it on a flat surface Grab your chips or crisps – whatever you like to call them and wrap the paper around the package Secure it in place with a bit of tape To make this pringles pencil case super realistic, print a picture of a zipper which is as long as your pencil case and cut it out

Using a piece of double sided tape or some glue, stick the zipper on the case How cool is that? It looks so real! Cut two colored circles from some card stock paper and stick one on the bottom of the pringles pencil case On the other side you want to first open up the package Nom-nom this looks amazing Place the other colored circle over the opening and put the lid back on

The pringles pencil case is so realistic and cool I am completely obsessed with it! It seems just like the usual rounded pencil cases but ours is completely packed with delightful salty snacks! Your teacher will never find out what you’re hiding in there Just be careful with noise level! What is this noise! We're in school kids so start behaving accordingly! When you finish up your chips you can fill the pencil case with pop corn or any other favorite snack of yours The pringles pencil pot works great for cookies too These ones with jam filling are one of my faves! What!? Pencils are the perfect school supply to store our sneaky gum in class Pull the eraser from the pencil and grab some gum

I'm using this one which is pink, just like my pencil erasers Unwrap it and no no you can't chew it it just yet We're going to transform it into edible eraser Roll the gum into a little worm shape Sorry this doesn't sound really appetizing

Push one end into the eraser opening Time to grab a knife, cut away the excess gum and our gum eraser pencils are all done They look exactly the same as the usual eraser pencil How cool! This makes them perfect to trick our schoolmates They may try to take bite of their eraser too but sadly not everyone's erasers are edible

Wow, raining chocolate bars Which one would you pick? I’m going for these Milky Way rolls Grab a marker or a pen that is wide enough to fit the chocolate stick inside Remove the marker tip open up the casing and take out the ink tube out as well Wash both of those pieces thoroughly under running water

Now take the chocolate pack, unwrap it and grab one chocolate stick Push the stick inside the pen tube Take the lid, pop it on and there we have it! A perfectly camouflaged chocolate stick ready to be enjoyed in class Feel like having something sweet? Just pull the lid of take a bite and you already feel much more energized! Bingo! If gummy candy is what you’re craving, no problem! We have a solution to everything Cut a piece of candy rope that is as long as your marker

Push this yumminess inside the marker and put the lid on Enjoy it in class, at home, or whenever you need a little sweet boost! One thing is for sure – we ain’t getting caught eating candy rope this time! Whipped cream is one of my favorite guilty pleasures and there’s a super cool way to sneak it in class! First you need to wash an empty glue squeeze bottle really, really well! This DIY is super straightforward – all we got to do is to squeeze whipped cream into the glue container I find the easiest using a piping bag When your glue bottle is full, screw the lid back on and you’re finished Hey! Make your friends believe that you can eat glue

I’m sure they’ll be so amazed Ew! The glue squeeze tube works exactly like a piping bag, pretty amazing right? You can make your cookies look like cupcakes So cool! Try drawing a smiling face on your Oreo to make it even more delicious or have some whipped cream straight from the tube Stop eating glue! Thank you so much for watching the video, don't forget to subscribe and turn the notifications on Also don't forget to check out my second channel, I'll be posting a super cool food hacks video very soon

Mwah, I love you guys bye!

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How to Lose Stomach Belly Fat in 1 Week at home – Tamil Beauty Tips

Hello Friends, Welcome to G studios, Tamil Beauty Tips I am Your Jessie Evangelin Today I am very happy and i am having a good news for you too that our channel got crossed 50000 subscribers these all credits will goes to those who all subcribed my channel Thank you so much and love you guys So, daily i am seeing your comments and reading it o daily basis

let me share you some comments among them Most of them use to tell that they are watching or viewing my video along with their whole family

i feel very happy to hear this I can feel that how much love and hope you are showing to me whatever bad comments i receive you people voluteerly questioning them supporting me is very happy for me once my video has uploaded you guys are not even seeing it fully but giving like and commenting that sister i am the first view and first like and all

So, no words i have to express on it i use to do reply with full of smile on my face because i can feel that how much hope you are having on me I am nothing without your love, care and support these all you have given to me

but i will need this the same in my future also because, this what my full enouragement if you guys and your support is with me

i can reach 1lakh and 1 million subscribers to me Once again a special thanks to my each subscribers and viewers And my hearty thanks to G-Studios Love you guys In todays beauty tip we gonna make a special drink to reduce belly fat let me tell you that how to make this drink and the required items But, before getting into the show, you should subscribe my channel Subscription process is very easy

just click on the below red colour subcribe button and click on the bell symbol as well So, that you can see my the videos for lifetime whenever i am uploading a new one, you will get a notification Not only that, if people want to watch my previous videos means you can click on my channel name that is tamil beauty tips so, you can see all my previous videos Friends, lets get into the show At first, let me tell you the required ingredients Hot water Honey Ginger water Take some hot water Gigner juice( you can make this by grinding the ginger and do filter) Add those ginger juice into the hot water Add 2 spoons of honey to avoid ginger spicyness let me drink this Its really super

As we have added honey it gives a super taste And please dont add sugar in it then there is no value for this drink do whatever i told you

then see how slim you will be Boys and girls both can use this drink to reduce their belly fat friends, it is such a easy and useful tip Do try it without fail have it one time per day For kids you can give on holidays it helps to kill bacteria in stomach to reduce belly it is not enough

you should go walking and avoid some food as well First bubble gum second dont use too much sugar and salt as well take it correctly Dont take any kind of soft drinks Ice cream, fast food, oil food have your dinner before 8'o clock before sleep do walking and go to sleep if you people follow this along with that drink you can forget you belly do comment that what you feel about my tip if you people aware of any tip dont forget to let me know after watching do like and do share to everyone thank you so much for watching my show for so long time

will meet you in next video until that bye from jessie Love you so much and please take care

How to download your YouTube videos in Creator Studio Classic

In this video, we'll show you how to download the YouTube videos you've uploaded To get started, click your channel icon and then click “Creator Studio”

Now click “Video Manager” Find the video you want to download, then click the arrow next to it Click “Download MP4” and the video will begin downloading to your computer You can only download a single video up to 5 times a day If you don't see the “Download MP4 button”, it's because you've passed this limit

Just check back in a day and the button should be back And that’s it! Subscribe to our channel for more tips and tricks

How to lose weight fast in 7 – 10 days | vegan diet chart for weight loss | Fitness Rockers

Hello friends welcome to fitnessrockerscom Generally people stops eating foods for weight loss but its not a right approach for weight loss

Its actually unhealthy way In this video we well share a 1000 carlorie diet plan for weight loss which will help you in weight loss as well as keep you healthy will all essential nutrients so lets start First meal be early morning snacks Tak 2 High fiber digestive biscuits with 1 cup Lemon Green Tea You will get 55 calories from this diet 2nd meal will be Breakfast You can have 1 bowl of Poha or upma and sprinkle flex seeds on it Also have 1 cup skimmed or double tonned milk with it this meal will provide you 330 calories

3rd Meal will be Mid Morning Snacks You can consume 1 apple or orange OR any other season fruit but try to avoid sugary fruits like mangoes, banana, grapes etc this meal will provide you 50 calories with lots of fibers, vitamins & minerals

4th meal is Lunch Here you will consume 1 medium bowl of Brown Rice OR 2 Indian Bread or rotis made of mix grains with these consume 1 medium bowl cooked lentils or dal, 1 cup low fat yogurt and 1 cup vegetable salad where you can add cucumber, carrot, onion, tomatoes etc With this diet will get 330 calories 5th meal is evening snacks Take 1 apple or orange with 1 cup Lemon green team and 2-3 high fiber digestive buiscuits this meal will give you 110 calories Last meal of the day will be Dinner

consume 1 large bowl of broccoli or cauliflower salad You can add some more vegetables in it like spinach, carrot, tomatoes etc Sprinkle 1 tablespoon of flexseeds too on it and also drink 1 glass low fat butter milk with it this meal is of approx 150 calories With this diet plan you will get 1000 – 1100 calories in a day which is which is ideal for weight loss and which include required protein, vit, minerals etc

and thats why its a healthy diet plan too So, friends start following this diet plan & add atleast 30 mins workout session in your daily routine for customized diet plan you can this video

3 Kg वज़न घटाएं in 5 Days | Full Day Diet Plan For Weight Loss in Hindi | Lose Weight Fast

This Year she has resolved to Lose Weight! She as well! And he too! If you also plan to Lose Weight, then this Video is for YOU! This is a very simple and easy diet plan which will give you Instant Benefits This Diet Plan's objective is that you consume lesser calories than what you consume everyday and yet you feel energetic and remain fit

If you follow this Diet Plan, then your daily calorie intake is less than 1000 Calories And when you consume lesser calories, your weight will automatically come down Let's see this Diet Plan! For Breakfast, take 2 Bananas and a glass of Milk Milk should be Fat-Free Here, we are Taking Amul's Double Toned Milk, you can take fat free milk of any brand

Don't add Sugar to this Milk Between Breakfast and Lunch, have 3 Glasses of Water If you can't drink Plain Water in quantity, you may add Lemon to it to add flavor In Lunch, you have to take 2 Bananas and a Glass of Milk Between Lunch and Dinner, have 3 Glasses of Water

Have as much Water as you can as it will be good for your health For Dinner, take 2 Cucumbers, 2 Tomatoes, about 100 grams Paneer, one slice Brown Bread of any Brand and a pinch of Salt You may take Cucumbers and Tomatoes in any form Here, we have prepared a Salad using Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Cheese with a pinch of Salt In addition to this Salad, you have to take 2 Bananas, a glass of Milk and a slice of Bread

This is your Complete Dinner Meal One Hour before going to sleep, take a cup of Tea or Coffee You can take Bananas and Milk in any form that you may like – warm or cold Like for Breakfast you may take Warm Milk with Bananas and for Lunch, you may take it as a Banana Shake Whichever way suits your health, you can take it that way

One thing that is good about Bananas is that they give you fullness for a longer period and you don't feel hungry soon So when you won't feel hungry soon, you won't consume more calories and this will bring your weight down Bananas have good amount of Vitamins, Minerals and Fiber that will keep you energetic throughout the day and also help in digestion Similarly, Milk has Calcium and Protein which is highly beneficial for your body So when we have Milk and Banana together it's combined properties not only boost our health but also fulfill our daily dietary needs

If you follow this diet for 5 Days consecutively, you'll see the difference Once you have completed this Diet Plan, then start with some easy Diet Plan so that you are able to maintain your weight Even if you are not following any specific Diet Plan, you can take care of few things in your daily lifestyle Avoid Fried Foods, avoid Sugar, have more of fresh Fruits and Vegetables, drink lots of Water, eat more Whole grains and avoid Processed Foods Try talking out time for a 15 Minute Walk everyday and if possible, jog

Also, if you are unwell then avoid this Diet Plan Also, don't follow this Diet Plan for more than 5 Days Water plays an important role in this Diet Plan, so have as much Water as you can so that it flushes out toxins from your body If you follow this Diet for 5 Days, you'll not only lose weight but you'll also see many more benefits You'll get silky smooth shinier skin, you'll feel energetic throughout the day, your body will get even more flexible, you'll get better clarity of mind which will help you take decisions easily and overall you'll feel more positive than ever!

4 Steps to Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week

oh Four steps to lose belly fat in a week Tonight is your date night with that handsome co-worker whom you've been flirting with for the whole week You open your wardrobe and browse through all of your clothes this won't fit This is too tight this will emphasize your flabby belly Well jeans and sweater then not too romantic, but at least no one won't notice that you skipped your workouts this week Okay, this month

Do you recognize yourself? if you nodded you are on the right track to shape your body in just a week and then wear any outfit that suits the occasion Let's get into action here are four simple steps 1 never stop moving Movement is life jogging running biking swimming Anything that gets your heart rate up will do It will help you burn calories and improve your health, too You can also take long walks Cardio exercises is one of the most effective forms of training for reducing belly fat however try not to exhaust yourself with long marathon type jogging Experts prove that interval training or combining two types of exercise is more effective How often and how much you exercise is also very important? You must be organized about this make a schedule and follow it day-By-day Download a program that will help you track your activities stay motivated and never skip training again Here's another good tip find a fitness positive friend who will support your efforts or join you in the gym The competitive style of training will have a very positive outcome And you'll get a pleasant bonus when you exercise the endorphins kicking your blood it will become not only fitter person But happier, too to hydrate smartly You control your whole life So why don't you start controlling your whole body? Plus remember that human body is 80% water and it's essential to nourish it Drinking your daily recommended amount of water will help you control your metabolic rate and digest food faster Yes, we know you might need to visit a toilet more often at first But after several weeks your body will get used to it and bathroom visits will return to an average amount However Avoid sugar sweetened drinks Sugar is the biggest enemy of the fit flat belly When you eat a lot of sugar the liver gets overloaded with fructose and turns it all into fat we don't need that right so it's just water then as A result food digestion boosts you lose that Stubborn belly fat and feel great win-win 3 eat healthy you It's obvious that your whole belly fat losing plan is based upon healthy diet and thoughtful choice of food Of course you can burn yourself out in the gym and congratulate with a slice of pizza before bedtime But we both know it's not right not healthy and won't take you any closer to fit body So let's talk about food Protein goes first be sure to include a good protein source at every meal Such as meat fish eggs dairy If weight loss is your goal, then adding protein is perhaps the single most effective change you can do to your diet protein intake decreases appetite and promotes fullness Many famous actors Follow the Protein-Rich diet to prepare their bodies for the Key role of their life for example for the Pardon Dallas Buyers club Matthew McConaughey followed a diet that included a lot of liquid we told you and proteins Very result ativ we say for both body and Academy-Award Don't skip dinner ever again We know what you might think if I skip it? I'll lose weight No you won't Sorry about hard truth But let's face it when you skip a meal your body signals your inner organs that the starvation mode must be activated It means that from now on everything that you've eaten before will be turned into fat This is how your body saves you? So don't let the chub layers appear eat a healthy snack every three hours Alcohol will become fat too We know it sounds ridiculous, but it's a fact Sooner or later your liver will digest alcohol into sugar and then it's a fad And where do you think it appears in the first place? right There's nothing wrong with having fun and little party never hurt anybody But we advise you to be moderate and settle on one or two drinks Just remember party lasts one night belly fat last four weeks We made our choice now It's your turn Four chill out and drive out the stress You didn't expect to see this one here

Did you but here's something? You should know? If you tire your body with a huge amount of exercise and excessive dieting you should give it a break sometime Sleeping for five or less hours per night increases Visceral fat level Good sleep every night will help your body stay at natural rhythm and keep metabolism regulated Plus if you sleep, well, you look good in the morning smile more work productively And one more pleasant bonus to add stop stressing about your weight The more you think about it The more you keep yourself preoccupied with something that cannot be solved was a wave of a magic stick You have to understand that everything takes more or less time stress Deprives you of good sleep flocks concentration and burns energy Don't overwhelm your brain with negative thinking Here's a tip if you combine our advice with your ideas on shedding belly fat you might expect good results in just one week And step away from those scales and look at the mirror This is the only thing that reflects how beautiful you are Comment below to share with us your ways of fat fighting don't forget to share the video with your friends to keep them motivated And click subscribe to join us on the bright side of life

Four in Hand Tie Knot Tutorial – Step by Step How To Guide

Welcome to the Gentleman's Gazette In this video, I'm going to show you how to tie a four in hand knot

The Four in hand knot today is probably the most popular knot in the western world It's the first knot most boys learn from their fathers when they first learn how to tie a tie and at the same time, a popular knot with elegant men because it is slightly asymmetrical and it's hence appreciated It's not clear where exactly the name four in hand knot came from Some claim that it comes from the four in hand club in London Another theory is that it comes from the coach when coach would hold four in one hand

other people claim that, the coach would tie their scarves in that way, it's ultimately not clear where it originates from however it does not matter because it's a great knot Just like with the oriental knot, the four in hand knot is perfect for wear with collar pins, collar bars or collar clips simply because you can put them underneath here and the knot is not too big so you can actually connect the two parts of your collar If you don't know what a collar pin is, check out my video If you like to find high quality collar pins and clips that really work, click here The four in hand knot is very popular and I think it looks best with a classic collar that is closer together or like a medium spread collar that i'm wearing right here

once you get to more spread collars you have to be careful because the knot is not too large and so you will see the tie on the sides which I don't think looks great Some people don't care so I leave it up to you but I think it's best to wear it with a classic collar and medium spread collar Once you tie the tie knot, you ideally want both ends of the tie to be the same length In order to get that, you'll have to have the slim end about a hand width above your waistband but it always varies depends on your pants or ties so you have to play it with it a little bit until you figure it out

Here is how you tie it: You take the wider end over the slimmer end, you go once around in the back and once around the front basically,360 Now, you bring the wide end through the little hole you created on your neck, you pull it through and here you have o make sure you don't get any creases in this part So you pull it through so it's slightly tight Now it should hang like this

You go to the bottom and pull it through here like so Now you hold this part and then you gently pull like so So it comes all the way through Now, this is going to be loose if you want a dimple in your tie you can pinch it up here so you make sure and then pull gently so you get a dimple right here

Then you hold the knot, pinch it slightly and pull gently so the knot pulls together more tightly Once you're happy with the knot, pull on the slim end and bring your knot up by slightly wiggling it up Now you make sure everything is good, no wrinkles, the dimple is in, everything fits tightly and you have the nice four in hand knot Compared to other knots, the four in hand knot is a very small knot, it's just slightly larger than the oriental knot but considerably smaller than let's say half Windsor or a Windsor knot The four in hand knot works for any kind of tie

It's great if you have a very thick tie but you don't want a super thick knot If you have a very thin tie and you want a bigger knot, the four in hand will not do it because it's a relatively small knot Other than that, it works with everything and it's an extremely versatile knot that will look slightly different but always asymmetrical If you like our videos and if you want to see more videos, such as other knots or how to tie a bow tie, please sign up Thank you

Top 8 Homemade BED TIME Drinks To Lose Weight Fast Overnight (Up To 5 KGs in 1 WEEK)

In this video I will share with you eight homemade drinks to lose weight naturally and safely which can help you reach your goal sooner one honey and Lemon honey and lemon together worked wonders for controlling the body weight take a glass of Lukewarm water add a Tablespoon of honey three tablespoon of lemon juice and a pinch of black pepper to it Mix it well and drink it on an empty stomach every morning

It acts as a natural weight Loss drink – green tea and ginger you will need a half inch of fresh ginger peel and finely chopped 1 teaspoon of Green tea 8 ounces of Fresh Water raw Organic honey optional place Green tea and ginger in a strainer or sieve and cover with 8 ounces of boiling water Steeping green tea for q long can leave it with a bitter taste, so don't exceed 3 to 4 minutes You can stir in a little raw honey You really need to sweeten it but Avoid milk or sugar at all calm Drink one to two cups daily on an empty stomach 3 bottle gourd bottle gourd is rich in fiber and has zero fat content Moreover it keeps your stomach filled for hours while keeping it soothe You can consume it in Liquid form like juice or even cook a vegetable out of it You will need 1 cup of bottle gourd juice chilled a little lime juice Direction when you feel the urge to snack drink a glass of cold bottle gourd juice with a dash of lime juice added for Dandelion and peppermint Dandelion and peppermint tea is a fabulous drink that will help keep your liver healthy the liver is an incredible organ Not only is it the only way to truly detoxify your body It also plays a central role in many metabolic processes a lot of which affect your weight You will need one teaspoon of dried Dandelion leaves one teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves eight ounces of boiling water Lemon to Taste Optional Direction pour a cup of boiling water over the dandelion and peppermint and keep covered for five to ten minutes Strain add Lemon to taste if you like and drink a cup twice daily five Apple Cider Vinegar Apple Cider Vinegar has been proven to benefit in weight Loss Nick apple Cider vinegar with water consume it every morning and see how it works to make you get rid of unwanted fat 6 cucumber Cucumber contains 90% water and is helpful in breaking fat cells so eat lots of cucumber It's a natural remedy for weight Loss 7 Fennel seeds Fennel seeds are one of the best herbal remedies for weight Loss Sip on a cup of fennel seeds tea 15 minutes before having a heavy meal it will help to curb your appetite 8 Cranberries Cranberries are an excellent source of vitamin C and great antioxidants that not only helps to prevent the formation of free radicals But also keeps a check on your weight consume cranberry juice on a regular basis for Miraculous results Now if you liked the video give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends for more health videos and natural remedies Subscribe to our channel and click the bell icon for instant notification that way you won't miss any video from us

How To Lose Weight Fast – 15 Pounds in 3 Weeks

Hey guys! I want to give a quick progress report on this diet system I have been following, called “The 3 Week Diet”, created by the well-known weight loss coach Brian Flatt About 3 weeks ago, I was invited to a wedding that was going to take place in a couple of days from now

When I get the invitation, I went to try on my fancy dress that I usually wear at special occasions like weddings but, I couldn't believe it Uh, the dress didn't fit me I couldn't even do a zip at the back I clearly put on a few pounds and I immediately jumped on the scales to weigh myself and found I have sacked on 12 pounds over the past few months I was shocked! I couldn't believe I have gained so much weight without even realizing

I immediately started searching for solutions online on how to lose weight quickly There was no way I was going to spend 100s of dollars buying a new dress and plus, I wasn't happy with what I have allowed my body to become So, after searching through dozens of websites, all promising to help me lose weight fast, I finally found a solution: The 3 Week Diet! The site promised exactly what I wanted – at least 12 pounds of body fat gone in just 21 days I was slightly skeptical at first since I have tried numerous diets in the past nut never success but, this site offers a one-hundred percent money back guarantee, if you are unhappy with it for any reason So, I thought: What The Hell! And I signed up

The 3 Week Diet is divided into 4 manuals which each tells you the elements that are needed to rapidly lose weight It shows exactly: how much of certain foods you need to eat every day, based on current body weight; how much exercise you need to do and everything in between It’s basically a customized program designed just for you Don't worry though It doesn't involve diet pills, shakes, juices or any garbage like that

Instead it tells you the specific super foods that help your body rapidly melt away unwanted fat with some light exercise on the side And the best thing of it: It really works! I didn't know 90% of the information before For example, I learnt when the best time was to drink water if you want to lose weight is when you should sleep, what kind of exercises burns stomach fat and even the types of vegetables you should avoid I am just coming to Day 21 now and I couldn't be happier I weighed myself this morning and I am down 15 pounds from what I started

I am incredibly happy with the diet My dress now fits perfectly and I look better than I have in a long time My friends and family are starting to compliment my new appearance and they don't even know I have been on a diet because it’s been that easy! If you are in a situation where you want to lose weight quickly, you need to check out the 3 week diet I lost 6 pounds in the first week of the diet alone so, just go check it out! I promise you won't be disappointed Good talking to you guys

I love to hear about your experience with the diet system!

Turmeric Tea For Thyroid Weight Loss – Get Flat Belly In 5 Days – Lose 5 kgs Without Diet/Exercise

turmeric tea for thyroid Hey guys, I am nisa homey and welcome back to my channel

today, I am sharing a turmeric tea recipe for thyroid health with a secret ingredient that helps to nourish your thyroid If you are a regular on my channel, then you must have tried out my turmeric tea recipe and my DIY turmeric tea mix and many of you may have benefitted from including turmeric tea in your diet Your thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland in your neck just above your collar bone It is one of your endocrine glands which makes hormones Thyroid hormones controls the rate of many activities in your body these includes how fast you burn your calories and how fast your heart beats

All of these activities are your bodies metabolism, depending on how much or how little hormone your thyroid makes you may often feel restless or tired or you may lose or gain weight Women are more likely than men to have thyroid disease, especially right after pregnancy and after menopause Women are 5-8 times more likely than men to have thyroid problems The causes of thyroid problems are largely unknown, but the best part is thyroid can be managed to an extend by changing your lifestyle If you have a thyroid problem or autoimmune disease, then you may have inflammation in your body

Turmeric can help in reducing inflammation throughout the body since excessive inflammation is often present alongside thyroid disorders This miracle spice helps to protect the thyroid Consuming turmeric daily has also been effective with reducing weight, lowering cholesterol, and balancing hormones related to thyroid conditions Turmeric has high levels of anti oxidants which protects the thyroid Turmeric can help heal a leaky gut

Turmeric may prevent thyroid cancers from developing Turmeric can help decrease brain fog a common issue related to hypothyroid Turmeric actually improves oxygen intake to the brain, thus helping it to heal and even reduce the plaque associated with alzheimer's and dementia Turmeric may help to increase thyroid levels in those with hypothyroidism My original turmeric tea has ginger, and cinnamon, but many of you commented the unavailability of them especially finding good quality cinnamon

So, in this turmeric tea recipe I am using another powerful ingredient that no only helps to absorb turmeric faster into the body but also helps in nourishing and protecting your thyroid gland So lets get started with the recipe Into a serving glass or a cup, add in half tsp turmeric powder and then add in 1/4 tsp black pepper powder Now why is black pepper powder important? Ground black pepper will increase the bioavailability of turmeric; which basically means it makes it possible for the body to absorb curcumin the active ingredient in turmeric Piperine an alkaloid found in black pepper can increase bioavailability of curcumin by upto 2000% and now, add in hot boiling water and once the water cools down a little, add in 1/2 to 1 tsp virgin coconut oil

The active ingredient in turmeric which is known as curcumin is more easily absorbed when taken with fat Turmeric is fat soluble which means, it dissolves in fat and in order for the body to be able to absorb turmeric you may have to add some fat Virgin coconut oil is the secret ingredient in this turmeric tea recipe, which will help to nourish your thyroid gland Virgin coconut oil is high in healthy saturated fat, lauric acid, and medium chain fatty acids Its unique structure makes it highly usable energy for the body and is nourishing to the thyroid gland

50% of the fat contained in coconut oil is a fat rarely found in nature called Lauric Acid Your body converts lauric acid into monolaurin which has antiviral and antibacterial properties Lauric acid is a powerful virus and bacteria destroyer and coconut oil contains the most lauric acid of any substance on earth other than breast milk Losing weight becomes a harder task if you are suffering from thyroid issues because thyroid hormones has a direct impact on the bodies metabolism Combining turmeric with coconut helps to accelerate metabolism and also has a greater satiating effect

The lauric acid in coconut oil converts to monolaurin which improves the metabolism as well as immune system Those suffering from a thyroid disorder often experience muscle and joint pain due to inflammation from unbalanced hormone levels Coconut oil naturally surpresses inflammation and helps to repair tissues making it highly effective in the treatment of hypothyroidism, to reduce inflammation and fight pain Low thyroid hormones slow down the body's function and also weakens the contraction of muscles that line the digestive tract leading to constipation The medium chain fatty acids in coconut oil works as a natural laxative and thus it helps in relieving constipation

Turmeric with coconut oil and with a combination of exercise, removal of processed foods, and a balanced diet will help you to manage, support, and nourish your thyroid If you have thyroid issues drink this turmeric tea with virgin coconut oil and you will notice a considerable difference in just about 5 days Pls to check the description box for more information regarding this tea If you like to see more such healthy recipes, pls give a thumbs up! if you are new to my channel pls click the subscribe button so that you can get updated when I post new videos Thank you for watching and until next time take care! bye! bye!