✔ Minecraft: How to make a Working Computer

How to make a Working Computer (Subtitles By Gamesfordays) Hello! Today, I'll make a really cool computer! It won't be very functional, but it'll act like a real working computer! 😀 (Like A Pressure plate thats all) There's quite a bit of redstone behind this thing, but nothing we can't handle There is a ton of redstone

We need to connect the pressure plate to what is called a T-flip flopIt Loops The Button And Makes it a button lever or lever button I dont know HELP ME It's a thing that sort of makes signals act like a lever would With this, we'll be able to make the computer do all sorts of things Hmm, something's not right [Error Redstone problem] Oh, I see what I did wrong There we go, back on track

Now the T-flip flop works! As You see, There is an Input Within The Redstone block! This is basically the entire structure, we just need to place some redstone stuff Don't Worry If You Find All This Confusing Just Watch Over And Over I Have A Layer Overview for you! <3 what the world is that As You Might Imagine, Diffrent Things Will Happen When We Touch The Pressure plate Two or 3 note blocks will sound when an input is activated you make it up Lets Make The Computer Work!

Finnaly! Well Im Done Here plz help

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How to Make an Elastic Band Paddle Boat

Subtitles by Aysan Entezar Channel: Aysxn Today I'm gonna show you to make this really cool wooden paddle boat

It uses an elastic band to power it And I made the whole thing out of lollipop sticks or popsicle sticks as you may call them Start by taking a stick, measure it And use a knife to cut it in half If it's too hard to cut all the way through, you can score it And it should snap on the line Next, take another couple of sticks, and put the pieces you just cut in between like this We're gonna fix these together by cutting some more sticks to the right length And I'm using a glue gun to add the adhesive I'm putting four strips of wood across the front like this Then a couple more at the back here I'm also adding a couple of short pieces here, and here Leaving a small gap in the middle And repeating this on the other side It's not at all critical, but the gap in my boat measures about 37cm by 2cm wide Next I'm taking another stick, which I'm going to fix on about here, but first we need to cut it a length So I marked it with a pencil And used my knife again I added some glue, and fixed it into position And did exactly the same on the other side This is going to be the bottom of our boat, and this is the top And to finish the top, I'm going to add on a small amount of more glue, and stick on these last two bits When it's all dry, it should look like this And that's the main structure of our boat complete I'm using my knife, to tidy up any edges and shape the wood a bit If you're trying this, do be careful not to cut yourself I'm also shaping the front into more of a boat shape with a pointy bow I streamlined the sticks underneath a bit And smoothed it all with some sandpaper It's quite a fun and rewarding process And when you're done, it looks like this To make the paddle, you need to cut another stick slightly shorter than the gap in the boat And cut another one, exactly the same length Then line them up And I'm pinching mine together in a vise, because we need to cut a groove straight down the center, just over half way down the sticks Clean up the groove a little, and they should look like this

Then shape the end a bit more with your knife And smooth off any rough edges When you've done this with both of them, they're ready to slot together If you need to adjust the length at all, you can smooth it out with some sandpaper Next we need to fit our rubber band So thread it through the hole here Then straight over and through the hole on the other side Then I'm hooking each end of the rubber band over the back corners of the boat And we're now ready to fit the paddle Just open up the bands, and slide it in between like this And that's our homemade paddle boat complete Pretty cool huh? (I'm so honored to write that :D) The idea is you wind up the plastic band by turning the paddle Then drop it in the water and off it goes So lets give it a try I filled up the bath (Noice bath) And wound up the boat When I put it in the water, it shot off but it didn't go for very long (Triggered) I tried it again and got the same results (Well done Professor Dave) So this time I tried winding up the bounds with a lot more turns This made a real difference The boat goes for a lot longer And it's really quite quick And if you line it up with the edge of the bath, it even goes around the corner (Oh wow I thought it would go through the bath -_-) This would be a great, fun project to make with kids You could try using it in a paddling pool, or maybe even in a swimming pool I hope you enjoyed watching this video, if you want to see more you can click on the links Or take a look at my YouTube channel page Stay safe, have fun, and as always thanks for watching! Subscribe to the subtitles creator, Aysan Entezar: Aysxn

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5 Websites With FREE Traffic To Make Money With An Online Business

– Hi everybody, it's me Sarah here from Wholesale Ted coming to you today with a little bit of a cold, but that's okay Now I've said this before, but I will say it again

Free, free, free Everybody loves free But you know what people love more than stuff that's free? They love it when something that is free can result in making them millions of dollars every year Yes, today I'm gonna be giving you five websites that have free traffic and free customers that you can use to build a moneymaking business And yes, almost all of this money was made from entirely free traffic, how? Well, let me show you

(upbeat music) Website one, Amazon Look, I'm gonna be straight with you, if you want to build a moneymaking business with free traffic, the absolute best website to get high quality free traffic and customers is Amazon In fact SimilarWeb estimates that in the past month, Amazon has been visited over 26 billion times It's an insane amount of free traffic and customers

Now a lot of people mistake and they think that Amazon is the one that sources the products that they sell on their website, but actually usually this is not true While Amazon does sources out a tiny percentage of its products, usually it acts as an online marketplace where third party sellers like you and I can list their items for sale Just like with eBay, it isn't eBay who lists the items on its site for sale, it's third party sellers that do But Amazon has a big advantage over eBay You see, on eBay, if I listed this cat coffee spoons and someone bought them from me, I'd have to have them in my house so that I could package them up and then ship them out to my customer, which is why for a lot of eBay sellers, having to store all of the items that they're selling on the site means their houses shortly ends up looking like an episode from Hoarders

And so Amazon decided to create something different They created the Fulfilled by Amazon program Basically Amazon has set up warehouses all around the USA, and, well, the world Third party sellers can ship their items into the warehouses, Amazon will collect the items and store them And then when a customer comes and orders an item from you, Amazon's warehouse staff will find your item stored there

They will then package the item up and ship it out directly to the customer, and it will arrive in one of Amazon's classic boxes This done-for-you service is called Fulfilled by Amazon and it was revolutionary No more having to store items in your house, no more having to ship them out to customers It means then that third party sellers, like River Retail here, who have 199 items listed in their Amazon store, which by the way will be making them thousands of dollars a month, just have to source the products and let Amazon do the rest In fact Amazon businesses can be so hands-off that they can be potentially run almost anywhere in the world, even from the beach, as long as you have an internet connection of course

So there are three main types of businesses that you can start on Amazon to take advantage of all of this free traffic, and I'm gonna be listing them in order of their profit potential Keep in mind though that the businesses with the most profit potential often do have the highest startup cost So pros and cons there So onto business one Amazon business one, selling popular branded items

So out of these three businesses, this one easily has the highest profit potential And it's pretty simple actually What you do out there is you find popular branded products that already have an established fan base, and you sell them yourself That's it, you're just piggybacking off of existing products and existing sales and taking a slice of them for yourself It makes a very beginner-friendly strategy because you don't actually have to come up with any product ideas yourself, instead you just get to sell items that are already selling really really well

My goods friends, Dan and Eric, are fantastic examples They have made millions and millions of dollars with their Amazon branded product business In fact as we highlighted on one of our most popular videos on this channel, they made over five million dollars with it in just one single year using this strategy It's pretty crazy but in total they have made over 16 million dollars from free Amazon traffic, and I think this number may actually be up to 20 million dollars now And they have been very generous and have put together a free limited time exclusive video training workshop just for Wholesale Ted viewers and subscribers

So if you would like to get access to this course before it expires, be sure to click on the link in the video description below And I know how lucrative this can be, because as I've discussed before in this channel, I've personally made a lot of money by selling popular branded items Although as I've described in my previous videos, I didn't do this by selling them on Amazon, I sold these items in my own store But as Dan and Eric and their many successful students have shown, you don't need to set up your own store and get your own traffic, you can just piggyback off of Amazon's free traffic Now you might be thinking to yourself, that's awesome, I get to sell real products with actual brands, that's amazing

I'm gonna go out there and buy 100 iPhones because they're gonna sell like crazy Calm down there, calm down It doesn't work like that And that it would be great, wouldn't it if you could just go out there and buy 100 different GoPros, right? Because GoPros have a huge amount of demand, and people are always wanting to buy them Unfortunately though billion dollar brands like GoPro, Apple, and Nike are very selective on who they will actually sell their products to, and they will usually only let big retail stores purchase them and resell them, and even worse, those retail stores usually don't even make a profit off of these items

So no, you can't just go and buy 100 different GoPros to resell But like Dan and Eric do and their successful students, you can take advantage of everyone's obsession about wanting to sell billion dollar branded items and turn their obsession into money for you You see, what Dan and Eric do is they go to Amazon and ignore billion dollar super popular brands like Nike, Apple, and GoPro, and instead they browse through the items on Amazon and find moderately popular products like this one here, Nuti Light Now the chances are, you've never heard about Nuti Light before, why? Because it's not a super popular brand But you know what? Lots and lots of people buy it every month

It may not be super popular but it is moderately popular Check this out, if we come to the Amazon listing for it and see what its monthly sales are using the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension, we can see that in the past month an estimated 1,099 units of it was sold, which is over $10,000 in sales for just one month And so that is what Dan and Eric do They look for these moderately popular products because these products have way less seller competition because most people don't think to sell them And that is the secret to doing this business right

Most people fail at this business because they can't figure out what to sell so they just try and sell what everybody else is which is super popular brands If you want to do this business right, then you want to be looking for the right brands and the right products to sell In fact for this five-figure product, there are only six other sellers Amazon will split most of its sales between third party sellers that meet its criteria, and that is that they are competitively priced and they're fulfilling their items with Amazon And as we can see, there are only two sellers that meet this criteria, and that is River Retail and Kidz Kupboard

And so most of that $10,990 is only being split between two sellers Of course if you were to start selling it as well, then it would start to become split between three sellers And so when Dan and Eric find a moderately popular yet highly profitable branded product to sell like this one, they'll contact the manufacturer for it and set up a wholesale account with them so that they can now buy it in bulk at massively discounted rates But instead of getting their items shipped to them, they'll have them shipped directly to the Amazon Fulfillment warehouse instead to be listed and sold on the site Pretty cool, right? So not only do you get to piggyback and essentially steal a slice of sales from products that are already selling well which removes the guesswork of trying to figure out what products you should list and sell, but by utilizing Amazon's FBA warehouses, you can run this business from pretty much anywhere in the world, and yes, that does include the beach if it has an internet connection

And so again if this sounds like something that you would like to learn more about, then you should be sure to sign up for our free exclusive limited time workshop that Dan and Eric are running just for Wholesale Ted viewers and subscribers And you will find the link to how you can join in on that in the video description below Amazon business number two, retail arbitrage So I find that a lot of sellers get started with this business model So what you do with it is that you go to big retail stores like supermarkets, Walmart, Kmart

So you hit the places like that and you take a look at the items on the shelves and compare their prices to their price on Amazon If you find an item priced lower, woo-hoo! (cash register ringing) You've got a hit! When you've got a hit, you then buy as many of the product as you can, and then package the item up and ship it into one of Amazon's Fulfillment warehouses Now Pineapple Lumps are a special case because they're actually a New Zealand exclusive candy or lolly as we would say in New Zealand, so they're rather rare in the United States, and that's quite expensive Usually the best hits that you're gonna find are gonna come from products that are on sale in a retail store but are not on sale on Amazon So as you can see this business model is not so passive because of the fact that you need to be constantly going to retail stores and sourcing products and comparing their prices to the prices on Amazon

And so usually this business has a bit of an income cap, and I find that for most people, it sort of caps out at around $100,000 a year But I know through personal experience that retail arbitrage can make for a great first business because of the fact that just like with the first one, you are just piggybacking and capitalizing off of products that are already selling really well As I've explained before on this channel, retail arbitrage was my first ever business Eventually though I realized that I wanted to find better, more effective ways of sourcing products which is how I discovered wholesale and dropshipping If you'd like to find out more about what dropshipping is, then you should be sure to download our free ebook, the six steps that six-figure dropshipping stores follow to make over $10,000 a month, and you will find a link to how you can get this free ebook in the video description below

Amazon business number three, Merch by Amazon Merch by Amazon is simple, it's print-on-demand for clothing like T-shirts but with Amazon If you don't know what print-on-demand is, here is how it works Companies like Merch by Amazon will take artwork that you provide them and put them onto items like T-shirts and hoodies each time a customer buys one from you So it means then that you don't need to buy a bunch of T-shirts in advance to resell because of the fact that these companies will print and make each one individually and ship them out to the customer as they buy them

Not only then does this massively lower your risk because of the fact that you don't have to invest into inventory in advance, but it also massively lowers your startup cost as well The clothing you create inside of Merch by Amazon gets listed on Amazon's product listings just like any other piece of clothing, and so again you get to take advantage of customers already coming to Amazon and searching and browsing for items For example this T-shirt here was created with Merch by Amazon from a simple third party seller, and if we check out its sales stats using Jungle Scout, we can see that each month it's making over $4,000 Isn't that crazy? And this seller doesn't have to do much work at all because Amazon handles most of the customer service, they handle the printing, they handle the shipping It means then that this is a super passive business once you've found a winning design of course

So if you have a limited startup money, then print-on-demand can be a fantastic business for you which actually leads me to my next website Website two, Etsy I was talking to a friend who described Etsy as the hipster online marketplace And you know what? That's actually pretty accurate So like Amazon, Etsy is a website that doesn't focus on selling their own items, instead they allow third party sellers like you or I to list our items and sell them on there to make money

Last year tens of billions of dollars were sold on Etsy That's a huge amount of traffic and sales to piggyback off of But there's just one important thing that you need to know about What sets Etsy apart from other marketplaces like Amazon or eBay is that they have strict rules The products you sell need to under most circumstances be original

And if you use a manufacturer to help you create the products you sell, Etsy must approve them as ethical suppliers Luckily Etsy has approved Printful and Printify, two of the biggest print-on-demand businesses as ethical suppliers, making an Etsy print-on-demand business a great idea Unfortunately though you couldn't sell this T-shirt that I made and printed with Printful And that's because I bought this artwork off of Shutterstock And yes, I bought it using the Enhanced Image License, giving me the right to reuse this product for commercial purposes

But as we can see in Etsy's terms and conditions, all artwork has to be original, which means that either you need to make the designs that you use for your print-on-demand products that you list on Etsy or that you get a graphic designer to make original designs for you and call them part of your team in your profile bio But I don't think that those rules are hard to obey at all Lot of print-on-demand based businesses like these on Etsy follow the rules and gets to take advantage of the tens of billions of dollars being sold on Etsy each and every year But full disclosure, as I've explained in a previous very popular video on Etsy and print-on-demand, listing a product on Etsy costs 20 cents and it will stay up on Etsy for four months So there is a small upfront cost to using the site but it's very very little

And unless you specifically pay for advertising, you don't have to pay for any clicks or any views to your product So for me, it meets the definition of being free traffic Of course I know for some of you out there, you're very specific in what you consider to be free, so if you disagree with my definition of free, feel free to let me know in the comments section Website three, Fiverr Fiverr has absolutely revolutionized the world of freelancing

On Fiverr you sell freelancing gigs to other people, usually other businesses Most people know that Fiverr is a good place to get blog posts or to get a logo made or to have an article proofread, but people sell lots of services on there Heck people are even successfully making money by creating free Google forms and surveys And If you've never done that before, well, trust me, creating a Google form or survey is pretty damn easy, and yes, it is free to make one, no fancy software required I'm sure that almost all of my subscribers here could make one just fine

I find that freelancing is a great first business for a lot of people because it's very easy to understand Someone has a service that they need completed, and you go and complete it for them in exchange for money And people spend a lot of money on Fiverr buying gigs I know that I spend a lot of money on Fiverr each year In fact I purchased so many Fiverr gigs that I'm a part of a kind of secret invitation only club Fiverr has called VIDs which stands for Very Important Doers

Freelancing also has another secret benefit for people starting out online I get a lot of people asking if they can work for me, and I know the real reason why they ask It isn't because of the salary, it's because they want an insider look into how I run my business And I really respect that because I've learnt a lot from taking courses, I've learnt a lot from reading books, but the most that I've ever learnt is by working with people who are already successful at something that I want to be successful at too But of course there can be a lot of competition on Fiverr because it's one of the biggest online marketplaces for freelances to list their services, and so sometimes it makes use to go out there and research alternative options, which leads me to my next website

Website number four, Jungle Market Jungle Market is a surprisingly little known freelancing gig site from the creators of Jungle Scout The purpose is for freelancers to be able to list services on there that are tailor-made to Amazon sellers And do you know what one of the benefits are of selling services directly to Amazon sellers? They are often really rich They have lots of money to spend, so not only is there way less competition from other freelancers for work, but because your clientele is rich, you can charge a lot more

Check this out This is one of the top selling gigs on the platform They are charging $130 just to add a video to an Amazon listing That's right They're not even making the video, they're just adding it into an Amazon product listing which is incredibly simple to do

Like seriously when I saw this, it blew my mind I mean you just have to go to YouTube and do a search and you'll quickly find a video tutorial that will teach you how to do this in five minutes And the reason why a service so simple as this can charge so much money is because Jungle Market is the perfect example of demand far exceeding supply Amazon sellers want their own tailor-made freelancing gigs but not many freelancers are offering them And this is something that the product manager over at Jungle Market, Joel and I were recently discussing

Check it out – [Joel] So right now is just the absolute perfect time to join the Jungle Scout Market because we are still a growing marketplace Like Fiverr has two million users, Upwork has five million users We've had a lot of freelancers right now, there's a freelancer that has over 250 reviews, he was one of the very first freelancers to join the Jungle Scout Market, and he has now been able to quit his full-time job He left Fiverr because the leads were just like not nearly as high quality, and it was just a race to the bottom on price

And now he basically dedicates his entire full time job to the Jungle Scout Market helping Amazon sellers I have another freelancer that is a product photographer He has a wife and three kids, and again full time job being a product photographer on the Jungle Scout Market If they were on Fiverr or Upwork, the amount of time it would take for them to grow their portfolios and to get those reviews and get the steady stream of clients could take years, it could possibly never even happen So just right now while the marketplace is still small is the perfect time to join

– If you're curious about Jungle Market, I'll have a link to it in the video description below Please know that video description contains affiliate links Here at Wholesale Ted, all of our YouTube videos are free, and affiliate links help us keep our videos free Website five, YouTube YouTube is an awesome website to take advantage of for free traffic because YouTube is one of the biggest websites in the world

There is an absurd amount of free traffic on this website to take advantage of and monetize Unfortunately most people on YouTube suck at monetizing their channels I don't think it's gonna come as a surprise to most of my viewers that in my niche as in tactical business niche that we get absurd CPMs for our advertising If we convert 48 New Zealand dollars into USD, that equals about $32 So if you've ever wondered why there are so many new YouTube channels popping up with regurgitated dropshipping videos, this is a big reason

For most niches this is not the case at all For most niches you get around $1 to $2 per CPM which means cost per thousand views So here is a YouTube video I really enjoyed from one of my favorite channels It's about video games and it has around 450,000 views, a pretty incredible feat, right? Well, usually achieving something like this in a channel that's about pop culture will net you around 450 to $900, and that's it Getting 450,000 views is really hard, so getting paid $450 to $900 as a reward for this does not seem like a fair exchange

That is why usually the most lucrative YouTube channels are built around selling products, and as I've highlighted before, there are two ways to easily do it without it being forced The first is to start a YouTube channel where you review products and post affiliate links for how people can buy the products in your video description And the second way is to create a YouTube channel where you create tutorials using software or apps that, yes, have affiliate programs like Adobe products, and yes, just like with the review channels, you place your affiliate links in the video descriptions Now while both these channels do work, I've got to admit I'm a much bigger fan of the latter, because like let's take this GoPro Hero7 Black here Usually people sell this using the Amazon Affiliate Associate program, and with that program it comes under the All Other Categories commission rate which pays out a measly 4% commission

So if someone buys this GoPro Hero Black, you will make a whole $15 per sale for a $379 purchase Now let's take Adobe products like Photoshop The monthly subscriptions have a huge 85% commission on your first sale, and even better their stock image program pays out a one-time rate of $72 when someone successfully signs up for a one-month subscription which is incredible when you consider that a one-month subscription costs anywhere from $30 to $50 a month Digital products have far higher affiliate commissions because of the fact that their profit margins are much bigger So keep that in mind when you are selecting what type of YouTube channel you are going to create

Thanks for watching this video And if it taught you something and you're not a subscriber here at Wholesale Ted, you should totally become one because we are constantly releasing new videos with actionable advice on how to build a moneymaking online business So be sure to click that Subscribe button (bell dings) and then click the little notification bell next to it so that you don't miss out on any of our videos

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[Nerdy Nummies theme, link in description] Hey guys, it's Ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies! I got so many requests from you to make a unicorn cake, and not just any unicorn cake but a very specific cake that you have been sending me pictures of ideas on social media It looks like a unicorn face

I'm so excited because I love unicorns One, they are my sister's favorite animal Two, they are magical Three, they make everything better A unicorn frappuccino

Better! A unicorn cookie Better! A unicorn headband Better! So today, we're gonna be making a magical unicorn cake! Let's get started! The recipe that we're making today is a Funfetti cake from scratch The things you'll need will be: 2 cups of all-purpose flour; 1½ cups of sugar; 1 stick of salted butter, you'll want it at room temperature; 5 large egg whites; ¾ cup of whole milk; ¼ cup of shortening; ¼ teaspoon of almond extract; 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract; 2 teaspoons of baking powder; ⅛ teaspoon of salt; and ¼ cup of rainbow sprinkles! Now let's put it all together! First step is whisking together our dry ingredients in a medium bowl Add your flour, baking powder, and salty salty

Then, whisk together till well combined, and set off to the side Next, in a large mixing bowl, cream together your butter, shortening, and sugar *clinks glass* Get off there! Okay Then, using an electric hand mixer, mix together until it's light and fluffy I like to start on the low speed and work my way up to a medium

Now, add in your egg whites, one at a time I've combined them all in a bowl, so just eyeball it Gloop! Then mix it up, add the next egg Mix it up, next egg, mix it up, next egg, mix it up And last egg, mix it up

And don't forget to scrape down the sides Now, add in your extracts Vanilla, and almond And, once again, mix it up! This smells so good! Ohh! We have our wet mixture, dry mixture, and milk Now, alternate adding your dry mixture, and your milk, to the wet

Add a third of the dry Mix it up! Half the milk Mix it up! Second third of the dry Mix it up! Last of the milk Mix it up! Last of the dry

Mix it up! Don't forget to scrape down the sides Our batter is almost ready, but we haven't added the magic yet! We need some rainbow sprinkles to make this a TRUE Funfetti cake! We're adding the fun! *unicorn fairy noises* Then, fold with a spatula You don't want to use the electric mixer, because it may break apart your sprinkles, they're a little bit delicate! It's a cake party, but we have to be gentle Look at that cake batter! THAT is fun! That is some Funfetti It smells delicious! Now, evenly divide the batter between 3 cake pans

I'm using 6" round circle cake pans, greased and lined with a piece of parchment paper at the bottom to make it easier to remove the cake Cakes are ready to bake! Heat your oven to 350°F and bake for about 30-35 minutes Just keep your eyes on the cake while they bake As soon as the top turns a golden brown, might be a good idea to poke with a cake tester, or, if you don't have a cake tester, you can use a toothpick Just place in the toothpick, or the cake tester, then when you pull it out, and there's no batter sticking to it, the cake's ready

Once your cakes have baked, give them plenty of time to cool Over here, I have leveled them You can use a cake leveler like me, or a sharp cutting knife Now, it is time to assemble our cake! In front of me, I have a little cake plate, and a turntable *table spins* to make frosting a little bit easier! Take the first layer

Place it down! In a piping bag, I scooped in some vanilla buttercream frosting I like to pipe an outline all the way around Then, fill it in! And, using an offset spatula, smooth it out Now add the next layer, and cover with frosting, just like we did before Ooo! Look at all that Funfetti cake! Now for our top layer, remember this super cool trick

You're gonna flip your cake upside down, so the bottom of the cake is actually on the top! Frost the entire cake, starting at the top, then working your way around the sides Once you've piped icing from the bottom to the top of the cake, take your large offset spatula Gently press against the cake as you spin the turntable To get the icing very smooth, you may have to spin it around a few times Once you've smoothed the sides, the last thing I like to do is take your spatula, and bring in the top

Work your way, all the way around After icing the cake, I placed it onto a cake stand If you don't have a cake stand, place your cake on whatever you'd like to serve it on A serving tray, a cake plate, whatever you have handy I like this one 'cause it was light blue

And I've placed it on top of a turntable again Next step is adding some decorations With a bunch of different colored buttercream icings that I have over here, we're gonna pipe a bunch of these, all over the top And cascading down the side to look like a unicorn's mane *lip flapping* I've dyed the icings light purple, pink, darker purple, and blue

Kind of a pastel blend I just thought these colors would look good together, but you can use any colors you'd like I'm gonna start by piping rosettes with my light purple, and light pink Both of these have an open star tip This a #824

A rosette kinda looks like a little rose You start on the inside, and work your way up I always am scared the frosting's gonna just jump out at my hair Same thing with the pink Around, and lift

Now, I'm using the light pink, and a darker pastel purple, french tips These are #4B Pipe little dollops inbetween the rosettes Last but not least, with our dark pastel purple and blue, pipe some kisses The tips at the end of these are round circles, a #2A

Squeeze down, apply pressure, and then pull up, so it looks like a little Hershey's Kiss Boop! I don't know why the noise helps, but it does! Helps me Got our magical unicorn mane piped on Now, it's time to pipe on the eyes Over here, in a little piping bag, I have some black icing, with a number 4 tip

I'm keeping my eye desing very simple, by piping 2 arches, with some little lashes, but you can pipe any design you'd like Our unicorn cake is almost done, but it is no unicorn, without a horn! So pop the cake in the fridge while we work on making our final decorations, the unicorn horn, and ears First step is making the ears In front of me, I have taped down a piece of wax paper, so the fondant won't stick to the surface And I've got a little bit of powdered sugar

I'm gonna sprinkle a little bit down, on top of the wax paper Spread it around, break off a little bit of white marshmallow fondant, and roll it flat I have a teardrop and a smaller teardrop cookie cutter Cut out 2 of each I'm also taking a little dab of water

The water helps the fondant stick together It acts as an adhesive Then, to shape the ears, allow them to dry on top of something rounded I'm just gonna use my fondant rolling pin, but you could also use a whisk, or another rolling pin To make our unicorn horn, I have rolled out a tapered rope of fondant

It's thinner at one end, thicker at the other I like to use a long lollipop stick, but if you don't have one of these at home, you could also use a wooden skewer Take a little paintbrush, get some water on the end, and paint your lollipop stick This will help the fondant attach Now, twirl the fondant around the lollipop stick, to create a little unicorn horn! It kinda looks like one of those unicorn lollipops that you see at Disneyland, and they're all rainbowed and delicious! This is what the horn looks like

I've left some space of the lollipop stick at the bottom, so you can stick it into the cake Now just let it sit out for 10-30 minutes to harden Final step to making our fondant decorations, we're gonna paint them gold! Over here, I have some gold edible highlighter dust A little bit goes a long way You don't need to use a lot

Pour a little bit, into a small bowl *doot doots* Then I'm adding some almond extract, so that when we're painting, it won't be streaky You can actually use any clear alcohol Look how pretty that is! Move the gold around I wanna paint a liner on with this! This is so pretty! Now, paint the inner ear, and the whole horn gold! Just took the cake out of the fridge, it's chilled

Now the final decoration step Add our horn, and ears Oh my gosh! Lookity! Ta~DAAA!! Here is the unicorn cake that we made today, with a homemade Funfetti cake recipe I've been seeing so many pictures of these kind of cakes all over social media And I absolutely LOVED making this one

I'll be posting lots of pictures, and the recipe on: RosannaPansinocom, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram You can check it out there And if you guys make this cake, please take a picture, and send it to me I love seeing your baking creations

It just makes me happy, it makes my day! Especially when it's unicorn! It's my sister's favorite animal! Well, it's a toss up between unicorns and the narwhals, which are unicorns of the sea Fiddy-fiddy If you have any other ideas, for any other Nerdy Nummies, please let me know, leave me a comment down below, and I will do my best to make it happen Thanks again, you guys Buh-bye! [Nerdy Nummies theme, link in description]

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How to Make Money on YouTube in 2019

– They say that amateurs borrow and professionals steal And if you want to grow fast here on YouTube and if you want to make job ending, life changing income, then steal

On an Apple or android device, access YouTube Next, click on notifications and turn notifications on but say no to sounds, you don't want to be interrupted day to day You see, we're not gonna use notifications like most, we're gonna use notifications to drive more views to our videos, I'll explain in a bit, but consider this You see, 97% of the channels that are absolutely crushing it here on YouTube, I'm talking life changing income, buy the new house and the car and travel the world, kind of money They all do one thing incredibly well

And until you know what that is, YouTube will always be not just hard, but nearly impossible to crack to grow your channel and to make that money For example these guys, Peter Mckinnon and Casey Neistat, they don't just understand what I'm gonna reveal and breakdown in this video, they absolutely crush it And yet what's so ironic is is you try to make videos in the same way they do, you're gonna have a lot harder time You see, not only do you need the cameras and the lenses and the gimbals and the tripod and the studio space, you need so much stuff But you also have to be charismatic, you've gotta have a really compelling and engaging personality

Now here's what's up if that's your goal, if you wanna do that then do it But acknowledge what's most important, don't get hung up in all that gear And you see the fact of the matter is there's a secret that makes YouTube so much easier And you don't even need to be on camera, heck you don't have to own a camera, and you don't have to have that incredibly charismatic personality Now the fact of the matter is there are so many channels and they're not on camera

Now they may use something like this to film their videos, but they're not in the frame, and these channels are publishing really simple videos that you could've published Let's take a look at Grade A Under A Before we go on I wanna mention that this is a channel that's pretty much been left for dead There have been maybe five or eight videos uploaded in the last year and yet the channel is earning somewhere between 16,000 and 267,000 dollars a year, absolutely crazy! And what you're gonna need to make videos like Grade A Under A is kinda like a phone, an android, Apple device, tablet, whatever You don't need a premiere, you don't need after effects, you don't need the studio, the lenses, the lighting, the gimbals, let me show you

You see this channel is based on the stupidest little stick man drawing animations And with a few apps and again this thing, you can do that yourself Now how you do this is pretty complicated, number one start recording your screen, number two draw some stick man figures, and you'll pretty much get the same result as Grade A Under A generating six figures a year, according to Social Blade So that's our first channel and this would be our second You Suck At Cooking, yes you totally suck

And check this out, it's just crazy, 16 million subscribers, 145 million video views, and according to Social Blade the channel is generating anywhere between 10,000 and 162,000 dollars a year, that's crazy, for videos you absolutely could've filmed We're not talking cinematics, again you're not in the frame, you don't have to be in the frame, it's just simple fun little videos And this is absolutely insane, check out these two channels Bright Side and 7 Second Riddles, maybe you've seen these channels

It's really hard to wrap my head around these numbers 7 Second Riddles has driven over 56 million views and they've gained around a quarter million subscribers, and the amount of money they're making is absolutely insane According to Social Blade they're generating somewhere between 168,000 and 27 million dollars And take a look at the money that Bright Side is generating

Somewhere between 534,000 and 86 million dollars a year And here's the secret, if you wanna be a vlogger great, if you wanna dial in your personality, fantastic But the easiest way, the secret that all these channels are pretty much exploiting is to leverage a special kind of topic And these special kinds of topics drive far more views than most YouYubers could ever dream of because they have huge audience appeal

I call them kind of this strange thing, I call them big, broad, and proven Hollywood topics Big because a huge group of people would be interested in clicking Broad because you don't wanna eliminate any potential viewers on YouTube And Peter McKinnon has done that so well with this video, more on that in a bit Proven, you don't wanna just publish a video, you wanna know it's already performed

You wanna have evidence that the video you're gonna spend the time to create has a really great chance of going ballistic and driving millions of views And the way to do that is to think about Hollywood and just ask yourself, hey would Hollywood make a video on this particular topic? And if the answer is no, you don't make the video either And again I wanna be clear, this is only for those people that really wanna have a highly successful channel and make crazy amounts of money Casey Neistat is a master at this It's not a vlog, it's not about his personality, it's about Pokemon Go In Real Life

And wouldn't you know that that video was released right as Pokemon Go was blowing up, smart Oh Grade A Under A seems to understand this concept too And I mentioned the word broad, Peter McKinnon nails this so very often It's not a video about Canon or Sony, it's a video about cameras And it would appeal to anybody who's on YouTube that's interested in buying a camera

And again, it's a video based on night photography that would appeal to anybody who's interested in taking pictures And I mentioned the channel Bright Side You see Bright Side takes this to an absolute extreme level and in the process they drive extreme results You can do the same 13 Tips on How to Survive Wild Animal Attacks

And then we come to the before and after I love these because they're based on advertising campaigns that have crushed it year after year and they continue to crush it on YouTube 5 Minute Workout that Replaces High Intensity Cardio Before and after, day one I'm kind of fat and day two I've lost 30 pounds And because people on YouTube are crazy, I don't know

And remember I mentioned Hollywood topics, well wouldn't you know it, Hollywood released a movie called The Meg not too long ago And sure enough Bright Side was there releasing two videos around the same time of the movie release Really smart Hollywood topics This is what I got across my screen last night New from Dope or Nope, 10 Gadgets That Can Only Be Found In Japan

You see like I said at the beginning of this video, you wanna go pro, you wanna get tips and ideas, you wanna learn about being compelling from the very channels that are crushing it online Because amateurs borrow, and professionals steal And that's pretty compelling, it's pretty interesting It's not about watching those videos per se, although that makes sense to do that right, to study the most successful channels, but you just wanna see these kind of compelling headlines again and again and again So make sure you've got notifications turned on for Bright Side, 7 Second Riddles, Dope or Nope, and if you like these kinds of videos, consider turning on notifications for my channel as well

Now there's one more secret I wanna reveal I've talked about being compelling, the video title, and how important that is You also wanna create a really engaging and compelling thumbnail And you can learn about testing your thumbnails by watching that video right there If you're new to the channel again consider subscribing, do that and you'll feed a poodle, I'll see you on the next video, ya dig

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How to Make an E-Commerce Website in India – Build an Online Store

Hi guys! I'm Shyam from Website Learnerscom Today I am going to show you, how you can create an Ecommerce website from start to finish

Okay! So first, let's see the website we're going to build So here it is After watching this video, you will be able to make a website, which has products like these and then we're going to create pages like these And people will be able to add your products to their carts and they will be able to pay you, through your website and buy products from your site

So let's get started its going to be very simple We're going to make our ecommerce site in 4 parts The 1st Part is to Launching Your Website Now this is where you get a new website, Live – on the internet So to launch your website, we're going to do 3 steps

The 1st step, is to choose your website name Now to choose the name, just click the link below this video So i'm going to click this link and it will take you to this page Now enter the name you want in this box So i'm going to enter tryshirts

com and click 'check availability' So now you can see that this name is available So once you get your name, you can go to the next step, which is to get your hosting & domain So hosting is the place, where your website's files are stored and domain is your website's name So to get your hosting and this domain name, just scroll down this page and click 'get hosting' Now it will take you to this page where we're going to get our hosting & domain

So to get it, just click get started Now enter the same name which you selected before and click 'search' Then click 'select & continue' Now to get this domain and hosting, we need to create a new account So let's click here and then fill up these details and click create account Now, here you can see that we're getting our domain, which is tryshirts

com, and our hosting Now both of these are going to be valid for 1 year, which means once we place this order, your website will be live on the internet for the next 1 year So, now let's go ahead & make the payment Just choose your payment method, enter your details and then make the payment So, now we've successfully made the payment, and we've got our domain and hosting

So once you've got your domain and hosting, you can now go to final step of launching your website, which is to install WordPress Now, WordPress is the tool, we're going to use, to build our ecommerce website WordPress lets you build websites easily without any coding or programming So, let's see how to install WordPress To install wordpress, all you have to do is click 'Add site'

Then enter a username and password for WordPress and click 'add' And now wordpress will be installed on your new domain, which is trishirtscom Okay! So WordPress is now installed and this means, your website will Now be LIVE on the internet So to check it, let's go to our website

We'll open a new tab Now if we type tryshirtscom, and press enter, you can see that, we have a brand new website, on the name which we selected So, this is how you can launch, your website on the internet So once you have launched your website, you can now go to part 2 of this tutorial, which is to Start Building Your Ecommerce site Now, instead of Building your ecommerce site from scratch, we're going to first import a sample ecommerce site

And then we're going to edit it, to make our own site So, this is going to really speed-up the process and will let you build your site in a much faster way So, to import the sample site, we're going to do 2 steps First we're going to login to our website So to login to your website, all you have to do is, type /login after your site's address

Now press enter and it will take you to the login page of your website Now enter the login details, which you selected for wordpress and then click login So, now we've successfully logged in to our wordpress site So this is the place, where you can control your website So once you've logged in, we can now go to step 2 of importing the sample site, which is to install a theme in wordpress

So we're going to install a theme called 'astra', which is going to let us import the sample site So to install the theme, just go to 'appearance' and click 'themes' Now click 'add new theme' and then search for a theme called 'astra' Now this is the theme which is going to let us import the sample site So to install the theme, just click 'install' And then 'activate' the theme

So, now we've installed the astra theme Next, to import the sample site, just click 'astra' options and here you can see that we have an option called "import starter site" So to import a site, first click 'install importer' and then click 'see library' Now once you're on this page, just select 'Elementor', which will make it easier for you to edit your site in future So, we'll select that

And now as we're going to build an ecommerce site, just click 'ecommerce' and then choose this site, called the 'brand store' So, let's click here And here you can see a preview of how your site is going to look, once you import this sample site So to import this site into your site, just click 'install plugins' and click 'import this site' So now the sample site has been imported

So let's see how our site looks Now if we go to this tab, you can see that, this is how our site was before It was completely empty Now if we click 'refresh', you can see that we have got the entire ecommerce site, into our site Now this is the fully working ecommerce site, which means if we click on a product here, you can see the details about the product and you can add it to cart

And then, we can view the cart, and then we can also proceed to checkout So we get all of these options right after we import the sample site So now we have successfully imported our sample ecommerce site Okay! So once you have imported the sample site, we can now go to Part 3, where we see how you can start using this e-commerce site So to start using our ecommerce site, we're going to first set up our store

Our store is the place, where your customers can see your products and then purchase them So once you set up your store, your site will have your own products and your visitors will be able to buy those products So let's go to our store and you can see that we have these sample products Now to set up our store, we're going to do 4 steps

The 1st step is to delete all of these sample products So to delete them, let's go to our dashboard and then click 'Products' And here you can see all the sample products, which we have here Now to delete the sample products, just click here, to select all the products and then click here, select 'Move to trash' and click apply So now we've deleted all the sample products

So now if we go to our store and click refresh, you can see that all the products have been removed Once you've removed all the sample products, next let's see how you can add your own product Now to add your own product, just go back to your products page and click 'add new' Now to add a new product, all you have to do is, Enter the product name it's price and some details about the product

So first, let's enter the product name I want to sell a tshirt, so I'm going to enter that And here, I'm going to enter the price and then some details about the product Okay, so once, you've added these details, you can now, add your product image

So to add the image, just click 'set product image' and then drag & drop your image from your computer And as you can see, Your image has been added So now we have added all the details about the product So let's click publish and now if we click our store page, you can see that we have our product Now if we click on this product, You can see that, we can now add this product to our cart So now we have successfully added our product

So you can add any number of products you want in the same way So to add a product all you have to do is just go to products and click 'add new' Okay! So, next let's go to the 3rd step of setting up our store, which is to change our currency Now here you can see that, we have a different currency Now to change this currency to rupee just go to your dashboard and then, go to woocommerce and click 'settings' now this is where you can change all the settings, related to your store

Now to change your currency, just scroll down this page and here you'll find the currency option now to change this to rupee just click here and then type India and select this option Now click save changes and now if we go to our product page and click refresh you can see that our product price is now shown in 'Rupees' So now we have successfully changed our currency

And we have completed the third step of setting up our store So next let's go to the 4th step, which is to setup our payment method Now if we try to buy this product by clicking 'Add to cart' and then click proceed to checkout you can see that it says "no payment methods are available" So in order to allow your customers to pay for your products you need to setup your "payment method" So, to set up, we are going to create a free account on a website called 'instamojo'

So once you create this account, you'll be able to receive payments directly to your bank account, when someone purchases, your product So to create your account, just go back to website learners and then scroll down to step 4 And click 'Create Free Account' And it will take you to this page Now just click 'sign up' And then enter your email and password And click ' sign up'

Now choose the type of business you have And select 'No' here and click next Now, once you reach here, you need to enter your bank details, where you want to receive your payments So you need to enter your bank's account number, and then click 'Find IFSC' Now select your bank details And click 'use' So now when someone buys a product from your site, that money will be sent to this account So once you've entered these details, just click 'create account'

And now we have successfully created our Instamojo Account And now your customers can use any of these payment methods to pay for your products So, let's click 'go to dashboard' Now how do we connect this account with our website Now to let customers make payments on your site, you need to connect this account with your website So to connect it let's go to our wordpress dashboard and then go to plugins and click 'add new' and now we need to install the instamojo plugin on our website

So just search for 'instamojo' and you'll get this plugin now to install it, just click install and click 'activate' So now we have installed the instamojo plug-in on our website Now to connect this account with your site, just click settings and now, you need to get these details from instamojo, So to get these details, just go here and click API & plugins and click 'create new credentials' Now Click here and select wordpress from this list

Then click 'generate credentials' and instamojo will give you these details Now, all you have to do, is to copy these details, and then paste it here So let's copy and then paste it and click save changes Now as soon as you click "save changes" your instamojo account, will be connected with your website

So this means our payment setup is now complete So we've successfully setup our payment method and now your customers can not only view your products, they can now buy them So next let's try buying a product from our site So just like a customer would do, we will go to our store and then add the product to our cart Now let's click view cart and click "proceed to checkout" you can see that instead of the error message, we can now pay online So just like a customer would do, If we enter our details And click place order You can see that we have different options, to make payments So let's say the customer wants to pay with their Debit Card, they can click here and then enter the details and click pay

now if we enter the OTP and click 'submit', you can see that the payment has been made and we have ordered the product Okay! So this is how a customer can buy a product from your site So now you know how your customers can buy products from your site Now, what happens when someone orders your product? How do you know, that you've got an order? Now as soon as someone buys a product from your site, if you go to your inbox, now this is inbox of the email you entered while creating your site Once you go to your inbox You can see that, we have received 2 emails the 1st email is from our 'wordpress website', and the 2nd one is from instamojo So if we open the 1st email from wordpress, You can see that we have all the details about the order So we have the name of the product, which the customer has ordered and, their address Now if we go back and open the 2nd mail, you can see that instamojo confirms, that we've received the payment

So this is how you can know, when someone orders your product And once you get this email, you can go ahead and deliver the product to your customer So now you know how you can track, new orders placed on your site But what about your customer? How can they view and track their order? So next, let's see how your customer can view their order after making a purchase So let's go to the customer's inbox, So this is the customer's inbox

Now, once a customer has ordered a product from your site, their account will be automatically created And now If the customer goes to their inbox, they'll get one email, with their order details and another email, with the details of their account So if we open this email, here, you can see that the customer has got the password, Which they can use to login to your site So after placing an order if the customer wishes to login back to your site, all they have to do is go to your site and click 'account' And now they'll be able to login back to your site

So they need to just enter their email and the password, which they received in their email So let's go back to the inbox and then copy this password and paste it here And now if they click login, you can see that the customer can view all of their orders, they've placed on your site And now if we go to "Addresses", they can even update their address So this is how your customers, can view their orders on your site

Now let's go back to our store Okay! So now we've successfully completed setting up our store And this means anyone who is visiting your site will now able to buy your products So Next let's go to the Final PART of building our ecommerce site, where we see how you can change the look of your website So next we're going to see how you can change 4 different places of your site Let's go to our homepage First, let's see, how you can 'Edit, the contents' of your pages

Now let's say you want to change this text How do we do that? Now to edit any page of your site, just make sure you're on that page and click 'edit with elementor' and now it will take you to this 'editing section' Now let's say you want to change this text All you have to do is, just select that text and then start typing anything you want

So I'm going to type "***get the best products***" ***From our store*** NEXT if you want to change the text on this button, you just select that text and then enter your own text So the same way, you can edit any text you want on this page Just Select the text and then start typing Next! let's say you want to change this image To change the image, all you have to do is, just click here, then make sure you're on the 'style' tab

Now, select the image you want to change and then drag & drop your image And as you can see, the image has been changed Now Once you're done with all the changes, just click update and now if we go to our site and click refresh, you can see that all the changes are here So this is how you can edit any page of your website So next, what if you want to show your products on your home page Now if we scroll down to this products area, you can see that we have no products here So next let's see how you can add products like this to your home page

Now to add products to your homepage, all you have to do is just go to your dashboard then go to products And here you can see all the products, you have added to your site now to display any of these products on your homepage, all you have to do is click the 'star' button, next to your product So I'm going to select these products and now if you go to your site and click refresh, you can see that the products we selected, now appears on our homepage! So this is how, you can add your products, to your homepage Next, let's see how you can change your logo

Now to change this logo, just click 'customize' and you'll find these blue icon next to the items you can change Now to change this logo all you have to do, is click this blue icon next to it and you can change your logo here Now if you want to have your logo in text, you can remove this image, by clicking here and then show your Site Name by selecting this option And now you can see that we've got our site name, instead of the default logo, which was there before So this is how you can change your logo

So next let's see how you can change your menu Now to change your menu all you have to do is just click here and then click 'edit menu' Now once you're here, if you want to remove any page from your menu, just click here and click 'remove' and the page will be removed from your menu

Now you can also rearrange this menu as you want, and it will be changed here So this how you can change, the menu, on your website So once you're done, just click 'publish' And then click here, to see your site So you can see that all the changes we made, now appears on our site So this is how you can change the look of your website

So now you have complete ecommerce site, which we made in just a few minutes So to make your ecommerce site, all you have to do is first, launch your site by getting your domain and hosting And then import the sample ecommerce site Then setup your store and then finally change the look of your website So that's it guys, this is how you can build your ecommerce site, in just a few minutes

Now if you're ready to start making your own website, just click here And it will take you to the page, which we saw in the first step, which is choosing your website name So just choose your website name and then build your website After you have built your website, make sure you share that link in the comments section And we'll pick our favourite websites and will highlight it at the top of the comments

So thanks for watching, I'll see you in the next video Bye Bye

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How To Make ANY Girl Like You | The Crush Switch

In a while, When trying to coordinate a female that a daily penguin offers a single pebble to win the heart of the girl he likesIf the female accepts, the two penguins will proceed to mate and spend the rest of their lives together if only it was that easy for humans

Since humans are much more complex creatures, the way that we act when we like someone is much differentBut just as we've decoded the courtship process for that daily penguins We've made huge progress towards figuring out what makes girls attracted to guys and vice versa What you're about to learn is a fundamental truth that can help you to understand how to make beautiful girls attracted to you I remember growing up, there was a girl that i had a crush on

And then later, another, and anotherThe problem was that these girls didn't seemed interested in me But they always seemed the most interested in the guys who showed zero interest in them At the time, i had a handful of girls who chased me and made it really obvious that they liked me But like the girls i had a crush on, i was never really interested in them the same way that they were interested in me

I only wanted the girls to didn't seemed to want me Now the reason why i could never seem to win these girls over, was because i simply didn't understand girls and what makes them attracted to a guy Many of my guy friends had better luck but it really was just luck Because they didn't really know what they were doing either It was only once i understood this fundamental truth

That things started to change dramatically for me It all started with this girl that i met in a gym one day When i first started working out, in going to the gym It was the one place that i could go to feel throughly confidentAll of the confidence that i have to today in other areas to my life can be traced directly back to the gym and that confidence that i gained while improving myself in that place

When i was in the gym, I could just be myself, relaxed and feel comfortable around anyoneAfter a year or so i met this beautiful girl there and without even trying too hard, i could make her laugh and feel good, most of the time that i was around herNow even though she was good- looking i wasn't interested in her because i already had a girlfriend at that timeBut what i found was that overtime she started to really chase me, so as you can imagine, it was time to switch gyms and go undercover I changed my phone number, my address and i even stopped wearing my favourite pair of red sneakers actually i'm just kidding

I really just switched to a different gym after taking some time to think about why this girl started to chase me, i realised that it was because of how i made her feel Today we have studies that actually prove that women are naturally more emotional creatures than men And when u think about it, they kinda have to be, because they bring babies into this world And without a special radar to detect emotions, they would have trouble caring for their own children Think about this, when a feminine girl sits down to watch TV

She turns on things like team mom or the bachelor, some older women watch sole proprietorGirls watch these TV shows because they stimulate emotions When a guy turns on the TV he watches things like sports, cars or if he's a little nerdy he might even watch The Discovery Channel Girls want and crave emotional stimulation But most importantly they just want to feel good emotions

Studies even show that the more emotional a situation is, The more likely a girl is remembered This is why i recommended in the earlier videos that, if you want a girl to remember her experience with you do something scary and exciting with her Some of the most charming guys, the ones who do exceptionally well around any girl and almost any situation are the guys who know how to make girls feel good emotionally Unfortunately, it isn't always easy to do this, in fact most girls are extremely sensitive in something as simple as the wrong combination of words, can set off a storm of emotions and whenever possible, you do not want to be on the receiving end on that storm if you don't have to be Now, the easiest way to stimulate a girl's emotions the right way, is to simply be positive and to make her laugh, to do this affectively though, you need to be comfortable around them so if you still have trouble with this, work on that first

It is always best to play to your strengths and find someone who you feel most comfortable when talking to girlsSo the fundamental truth that i learned about attraction while at the gym, is that girls respond most to how you make them feel And the more positive emotions you can make them feel while around you, the more they will associate those positive feelings with youAnd the more attracted to you they will become, in a perfect world, it'll be great if attracting a beautiful girl was as simple and straightforward as offering her a pebble, like the penguinBut for humans, it just doesn't work like that, and with that said, till next time

Thanks for watching!

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7 Blogging Tips That Will Make Your Blog Successful (Storytelling Techniques)

Blogging is popular Everyone's already doing it

You're probably already doing it But you know what? Compared to five, ten years ago, blogging is so common that people don't even read all the blog posts right now Eight out of ten people will read your headline, but only two out of ten will click through and read your article That just shows that people are desensitized to blog posts, and they're not really reading them Hey, everyone, I'm Neil Patel, and today I'm going to teach you how to write a blog post that people will actually read

So if you're going to write a blog post, there's a few things that you need to know Number one: Write with the words "you" and "I" If you don't include the words "you" and "I", people aren't going to feel that it's a conversation If they don't feel that it's a conversation, they're going to think of it as, like, a college lecture, and they are going to leave When you're more conversational with people, they are more likely to engage, read, and respond

Number two: Your paragraphs can't be more than five or six lines The moment they're more than five or six lines, it's just overwhelming People don't want to go through that If you look at neilpatelcom, you'll even notice that a lot of my paragraphs are only two or three lines

I even have some paragraphs that are only one line Number three: Use subheadings Subheadings break down sections within your blog post, so it makes it easier to skim Without subheadings, people won't be able to get the gist of your content without reading the whole thing, which means you're going to get less readers Through subheadings, people can go down to the section of the blog post that they want to read, and read that area, and keep scrolling through

Number four: Make sure you use a conclusion, right? Write a conclusion every time you create a blog post And label that conclusion, "conclusion" It keeps it really simple People can scroll down, read your conclusion, know what your blog post is about, and decide if they want to scroll back up and read the rest I know that sounds weird, but that actually is the visitor/reader pattern when they're scrolling through and reading your blog post

A lot of people go down, read the conclusion, then go back up Number five: With your blog posts, make sure you cite your information Don't just come up with the facts and data without citing it If you do that, people are going to call BS

and not come back Number six: Use photos As they say, "A picture says a thousand words" If using graphics and images to explain the message that you're trying to convey, people are much more likely to read and stick around Number seven: Make sure your article is really thorough and actionable

If someone reads your article and they're like, "Oh, cool, I know I can go do something after reading this," they're going to be like, "Great, I should keep reading the content" I once googled "how to install a bidet", and I came up with an article that didn't even teach me how to install a bidet Never went back to that site And that site is called "How Stuff Works" Their articles weren't informative, weren't actionable, so I was never going to read them

If you follow those tactics, you're going to create blog posts that people actually want to read

Source: Youtube

Make Money Blogging 💻 : From 0 to $1,000+ per day (2018)

You can't make money blogging can you? Yes you can Let me tell ya

So I've been blogging for about nine years now My blog goodfinancialcentscom personal finance blog When I started this blog in 2008 I didn't know anything about blogging And the story that I share a lot is that I thought that blogging meant that you were on MySpace

Remember that thing called MySpace? – You guys have MySpace or? – But the truth is I didn't know anything about blogging, but yet I was determined to start my blog Now, I'm a financial advisor so initially the blog was started so that I could attract new clients to my financial planning practice So I wrote content I published blog posts, all trying to market myself and to get more visibility that people would see me and want to hire me But then something funny happened

(laughs) And I started to connect with other personal finance bloggers And as I connected with them they shared with me that they were making money from their blogs At the time that blew me away because I didn't know you could make money from blogging How do you make money from blogging? That just sounds weird But then one of these bloggers confided in me and shared how much he was making

And he told me he was making between $30,000 to $40,000 from his blog Now for most of you, making $30 to $40,000 from a website, that's pretty awesome I mean that's almost an annual salary for many people But here's what blew me away He wasn't making $30 to $40,000 a year from his blog, he was making $30 to $40,000 a month from his blog

How much did you say? Yes you heard that right $30 to $40,000 a month from a website Now, that got my attention So I started to learn some of the basics of how to monetize my blog So I learned how ads work

I learned how affiliates work and eventually I learned how to create digital products Different ways that I can monetize my site and actually get paid for writing And I'm not even that good of a writer But here's some of the top things I learned from monetizing my blog and making my first $1,000 (upbeat music) So the first thing that I learned is that search engine optimization matters

And if you don't know what SEO means or search engine optimization, it basically just means when you go to Google and type in some phrase like red hot dogs I don't know why you'd be Googling red hot dogs but whatever Whatever shows up in the top of the rankings that is what SEO or search engine optimization stands for Now when I first started my blog, I wanted to rank for Jeff Rose because that's my name Don't wear it out

And before I started my blog if you Googled Jeff Rose you didn't find me, you found Jeff Rose the Oregon Superintendent, Jeff Rose the golf polo shirt maker and Jeff Rose the actor And no it's not me But I think I'm a pretty good actor How dare you talk to my mom that way? (orchestral music) So I figured if somebody wanted to hire me as their financial advisor and they went to Google and put in Jeff Rose and they didn't see me that wouldn't be a good thing So I wanted to be found

But then it hit me, if somebody doesn't know who Jeff Rose is and they want to hire a financial advisor, they're not gonna Google Jeff Rose So I started to think what would potential customers or clients type into Google to find me, or to find a financial advisor? So the first key word that I targeted was financial planner Illinois I wanted to be the top in Google for that term Now you can pay Google through Google AdWords Advertising to be that top position But I didn't want to pay $25 or $35 every time somebody clicked a link and came to my website

'Cause I didn't know if they were gonna call me Pick up the phone and shoot me an email, or want to schedule an appointment So I wanted to be found the free way because free is so much better So I learned the tactics and strategies that I needed to be found for financial planner Illinois And sure enough within I think two or three months, when you went to Google and typed in financial planner Illinois, ♪ Ah! ♪ There I was

I was at the top of the search result, a position that I've held to this day So once I figured out how that worked I started to think about other ways that I could be found for different search results So I started to think about what are other terms that people would type in to Google if they're trying to find a financial advisor? And I started down this path of writing articles about 41Ks and Roth IRAs and how to invest and how much life insurance do I need? Now some of these worked and I was found and other ones didn't work because there was other sites that outranked me But none the less I was showing to Google that I had a quality website and they were putting me at the top of the rankings Now remember, I was doing all this before I realized that I could monetize my site

So I was trying to rank for a lot of search terms, that were relevant for people trying to hire a financial advisor, but were also relevant if I wanted to insert some sort of advertising and get paid So as my search engine traffic increased, I added what is called Google AdSense, or Googles Ads to the website And if you've been to any website I guarantee you've seen Google ads some way some how Or if you went to Google and typed in some search you've seen a Google ad How this works is that you sign up for a free Google AdSense account, and then you get Google's code, you copy that, paste that into your website, and then Google will match which companies are willing to advertise for different search terms that are found on your site

And one example I can give you is that if somebody wanted to buy life insurance and you put that Google AdSense on your code, if there's a big insurance company like Metlife, John Hancock, and if they're willing to advertise for a certain key word they would then start an account with Google and by you pasting that code on your site, you're gonna get matched with whatever advertiser is willing to pay the top dollar It's by far one of the easiest ways that you can monetize your site All you got to do is write the content, copy and paste the code from Google AdSense, paste it on your site and then poof You're done Now there is trick

You have to rank for these search terms and that's something we can talk about at another time Now by copy and pasting this Google AdSense code in my website I didn't start getting a check for $1,000 immediately I don't remember exactly but I'm pretty sure like the first month I might've made like 10 or 15 bucks Maybe $20 The next month it went up to 30 or 40

Eventually I got my first $100 payout And if you get a $100 check from Google, it's sweet because it's like, it's money in the mail Thanks Google I got $100 But as I started to wrote more content and started to rank for other search terms, and my traffic increased, then I also saw my revenue increase

And within six or seven short months I was making $500 a month And within about a year I was making over $1,000 a month all from Google AdSense Now mind you, I didn't know what I was doing I was still trying to figure it out But, by networking with other bloggers, understanding some of the basics of search engine optimization, I was able to start making some extra money

And at the time making $1,000 extra a month was pretty sweet Another method that was able to take that AdSense revenue to the next level is something that I would call the crystal ball method Now this is hard so if you are not really involved in a industry where you're plugged into what's going on and have a decent understanding of what's going to happen in the future this might be hard to do but here's how it worked for me So, back in 2009 there was this thing called the Roth IRA conversion And I knew that in 2010 the IRS was going to change the code and how this worked

Now I wasn't the only one that knew this, every single financial advisor in the country knew this Every single investment brokerage or investment firm knew this too But I got lucky or I had the foresight, however you want to look at it I wrote this blog post about this Roth IRA conversion in March of 2009 well before anybody else wrote about it So as 2010 approached, all of a sudden I was getting tons and tons of traffic from everybody that was searching this term

And I was able to take advantage of that traffic for the entire 2010 year So back in 2010 if you Googled Roth IRA conversion, you didn't find Fidelity, you didn't find Van Guard, what you found was my blog, Good Financial Cents at the number one result for that search term And that's when I saw my AdSense revenue go from $1,000 a month on up to $3,000 and then $4,000 a month Almost making $5,000 in one month Now the crystal ball method is probably something that you can't do every single month

And you might not be able to do it even every single year But other opportunities I've been able to find this with is the Facebook IPO, the Twitter IPO, Snapchat IPO These are all occurrences that we knew were happening, and a lot of people were talking about it So whether it was writing a blog post or recording a video talking about these, I was able to capitalize on that So whatever topic that you decide to blog about, in that industry what is something that is potentially going to change that no one else has wrote about yet? That you can be the first one to write about

And you don't even have to be the first person to write about it You can be the second or third person but if you publish a good piece of content that's better than anything else out there, then you can potentially outrank them, and also get more social shares out of it So for the longest time, Google AdSense was the only way that I was making money from my blog And when I was making over $1,000, $2,000 a month, I really didn't see any other reason to change it But, when I started to once again talk to these other bloggers and how they were monetizing their site, I realized that I was missing out on even more money

So that's when I started incorporate affiliates on the to the side With affiliate marketing you're representing a company that offers a product or service that you believe in, preferably one that you've tried out yourself And if you write about them and mention them on your blog, if one of your readers clicks that link, and then opens an account with that affiliate or buys a product through that link from that affiliate then you get paid a small commission Now in the investment world that was so easy for me, because there's so many different online investment options One of the first affiliates that I signed up for was Scottrade

Now Scottrade does not exist anymore They merged with another investment company But they're based out of St Louis which was close to me at the time Now at the time, I didn't have a Scottrade account so I didn't really feel comfortable talking about them, or recommending them so what I did was I opened an account with Scottrade I went online, opened an account, put some money in so that I could actually experience what it felt like to be a Scottrade customer

And let me tell you, I was impressed with the whole experience The next day I got a phone call from a branch manager that was 45 minutes from me, offering to meet with me to help me make my first investment Now I told him I was a financial advisor and I was just kinda doing my own research on their platform, but they were still gracious enough to answer any questions I had, and help me with anything that I needed So after being a customer for awhile, I was able to understand how their platform worked And then I could share with others what my experience was

I recorded a video on how to open a Scottrade account, a behind the scenes tutorial I wrote blog posts about it I answered reader questions on opening an account with Scottrade and how it compared to other online investment platforms out there So because I was a customer of Scottrade, and wrote a lot of content on them and published videos about them, they ended up becoming a very good affiliate And if all I had was AdSense on my blog and I didn't have that affiliate relationship, I still would've made money, but I can roughly estimate that I made five times, maybe ten times as much because of that affiliate relationship

So what I've learned about affiliate marketing is that you don't want to be scummy You don't want to be a douche bag Make sure you're representing affiliates that you believe in, that you trust If you're just signing up to be an affiliate for some company just to earn a quick buck, your readers are gonna know They're gonna figure it out

And you don't have to be professional to recommend an affiliate company Yes I'm a financial planner so me opening an account with Scottarde, it maybe had some credit to it, but I know a lot of personal finance bloggers that are not financial advisors that have a day job that have opened accounts with places like Scottrade, other online investment platforms And just by showing their readers what they did and how they did it, they are now perceived as being the expert because they've done it And that's all you have to do Become an expert with that affiliate by opening an account, by giving it a try so that you can share that experience with your readers

So between Google AdSense and representing different affiliate companies, I was able to take a blog that had zero readers that was making no money, and go from making nothing to $1,000 a month, $5,000 a month up to $15 to $20,000 a month Now it's grown a lot since then and we've added a lot of different monetization channels But, AdSense or some sort of banner ads and affiliates, just by getting started with those two different methods, you can easily make an extra $1,000 a month In fact I want to show you how to do it I've created a free email challenge called the Make 1K Challenge

And I want to show you how to start your blog and make your first $1,000 I'm gonna show you the exact blueprint that I used that I talked about today to go from making nothing to making my first $1,000 payout So if you want to make $1,000 from your blog, you can go to make1kchallengecom Sign up for the free email challenge, because free is awesome

I don't like to pay for stuff It's free Sign up And you'll be immediately enrolled in this challenge 'cause I want to help you make that first $1,000 I want to change your life

I want you to start something new that excited you and also inspires others So check out make1kchallengecom and let's get started Take care But then one of these bal

And then you get Google's code I don't if that's funny but whatever Cut that part out real quick

Now it's grown a lot My goodness (upbeat music)

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How to Make a Website in 10 mins – Simple & Easy

Hi guys, I'm Subhang from WebsiteLearnerscom and in this video I'm going to show you how you can quickly make a website

(in just 10 mins) Now after watching this video, you will be able to make any kind of website just like this, by using drag & drop So, don't miss this video out and watch it till the end, to learn how to do it Okay! So, I'm Subhang from WebsiteLearnerscom and Let's start making this website! Okay! So before we start, you need to First, Click the link, below this video So I'm going to click this link

And, It will take You to this page Now we're going to do this in just 5 steps! Ok! So the 1st step is to pick a name for your website Now, I already have picked a name which is "quicktechycom" So I'm going to search for it And then click "check availability" Okay, so you can see that the name is available Once you get the name, you can go to the next step, which is to Get hosting & domain Hosting & domain are the two things we need for launching our website

Hosting is the place where your website's files will be stored Domain is the name of your website So to get hosting & domain, let's scroll down and click get hosting This will take you to godadddycom, where we're going to buy the hosting So let's, click 'get started' Now enter the same name which you chose earlier

So I'm going to enter quicktechycom And then click search

Now click select & continue Okay! So, this is our cart Now you can see here that we're getting the domain for 959 rupees Now, if we change the duration from 2 years to 1 year You can see that, we're getting the domain for free So, now let's proceed to checkout Now Godaddy will ask you login So let's click create account and fill in these details

Now enter any 4-digit number for the pin And click "Create Account" and then continue filling these details Now, choose your payment option, and click continue Okay! So guy's this is going to cost us around 99 rupees per month, and, the plan will be valid for 1 year

So let's place the order and make the payment So I'm going to quickly complete the payment! Okay! So now we've completed the payment & we have got our Domain & Hosting Now let's go to STEP 3, which is to Install WordPress Now we're going to use wordpress because it makes it very easy to build a website without knowing any programming or coding

So let's install wordpress, We're going to scroll down & then click managed wordpress Okay! So we'll click here, and then click get started Now just select your domain and click next then again click next Now you need to enter a username & password for wordpress You will need this to login into wordpress So I'm going to enter my name and password and click install Okay! So wordpress is installed! Now, let's click 'get started' and then click no thanks

and okay Okay, so this is our WordPress Dashboard! Now from here you'll be able to control your website Now if you want to access the (wordpress) dashboard anytime again, you just simply go to your website address and type login Okay

So, once you reach your wordpress dashboard, This means your website is LIVE So to check that let's go to our website address And press enter Now as you can see our website is LIVE! So! This is how, the default site, looks like

So next, In order to easily edit our website, we're going to install a new theme So the new theme is called "Astra" So to install the theme, let's go here and click themes

now click 'add new' and search for Astra So we're going to install this theme

Just click install and click activate Okay! So the theme is activated Next, we're going to install a plugin which comes with this theme So by installing the plugin we'll be able to easily customise our theme

So to install that plugin, let's go to plugins And then click 'add new' Now search for a Plugin called 'Astra', And then install this plugin So click install

and then click activate So the Astra Sites plugin is now installed! Now, This plugin has a set of Designs for your website, which you can choose and then apply it to your site So to see those designs let's click see library So these are the designs Now, before you choose a design, Just click elementor

this will make it easier for you to edit the design So click elementor and now you can choose any design you like So, I'm going to choose this design And you can see how the site look like! If you want to apply this design to your site Just click install plugins and then click import this site Now the design and the demo content will be imported into your site Once its done! We can now see the site So let's click "view site" Okay! So as you can see, the demo has been imported into our website

and this is how it looks And you can also see these other pages which also has the demo content So, Once you've got the design into your site You can now go to the final step which is to Edit the content So, To edit any page of your site You just have go into the page and click Edit with Elementor So let's say you want to edit the homepage, You just simply click home And then click "edit with elementor" And now you will go into this editing section So let's say you want to change the text here you just select the text, And then start typing anything you want So I'm going to type (Hi! Welcome to my website) And now if you want to change the text on this button

You just click here And change text on this button here So the same way, you can edit any text you want on this page Just select the text And then start typing

So this works throughout the website Now if you want to change this image, You just click it Select the image here And drag & drop your image So once you're done with the changes, you can simply save the page, by clicking "save"

And all your changes will be saved Now you can view the page by clicking here and then click view page So, you can see that all our changes are here Okay, so now you know how you can edit any page of your site! Next we're going to see how you can change the Header Or the footer area of your website Now by using elementor you will able to change this part of your wesite

But if you want to change this area, which is the header you can do it by going into the customize option So let's go to customize Now you can see that there are some "Blue icons" Now if you want to change this logo, just click this "Blue Icon" and you can change the Logo here

Now the same way you can change the menu section by clicking these icons So everything can be edited by using these blue icons and this will be same in footer area also So let's say if you want to change the text You just click this blue icon and start typing anything you want

Once you are done with the changes, just click "publish" and they will be published on the site Now lets' close this and go back to our site Okay! So we saw how to edit the header & footer area Now, what if you want to add a new page? It's very simple All you need to do is, you need to go into this new, And click page

Now let's say you want to create a service page for your website you need to first enter a title and now to start creating a page just click edit with "Elementor" So now, it will take you to the blank section and now you have two options to create your page First you can either use these elements which are over here and then drag and drop them into this area

So for example; if you want to add a heading you can drag and drop this element here and then enter your text And to add an image you can drag & drop this element So drag & drop here and start creating your page! Now the other way to create a page is by using templates Now templates are ready-made pages which you can import into your site So let's click "add template" and you will find a lot of designs here Now if you want to use any designs, simply click it

See how its look like And if you like it, just click insert to get it into your page And now you can see that we've got the design into our page Now again like we did before you can change anything on this page, Just by selecting it and typing anything you want This is how it works

Once you are done with the changes, click save and view page That's it guys! This how you can add new pages to your site So now you know, How you can launch your site, By getting domain & hosting Import the demo content and then edit it to make your own website So if you're ready to start making you own website

Just click here It will take you to the page which we say in the first step which was choosing your domain So just pick a domain and build your website

I will see you in the next video Babye 🙂 So, If you want to also create a Business E-mail for your website You can watch this video, We show you, How you can do it for free!

Source: Youtube