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The Best Doughnut Recipe Ever

well I'll make homemade donuts that are even better than the bakery this basic breakfast recipe is a great one to share with friends start by combining your dry ingredients 232 quarter cups of all-purpose flour in a mixing bowl add 1 tablespoon baking powder 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon three …

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NO KNEAD DOUGHNUTS / vegan & deep fried

vegan donuts ingredients (list in the description) flour sugar yeast salt, gluten mix in another bowl, mix the wet ingredients soy milk margarine flax egg vanilla extract mix incorporate the dry ingredients cover and let rest all night the next morning spread the dough and form your donuts arrange them …

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Granny’s mekici (Bulgarian doughnuts) recipe

In a large bowl combine all dry ingredients( except the flour) and beat them toghether with the eggs Add the baking soda to the yogurt and mix to activate it Add it to the egg mixture and mix Sift the flour Start adding it slowly while whisking using a fork(recommended …

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How to Make Shawarma Piyaya ft. Chef Wawe

this is how you cook and make shawarma homemade first, you get some harina (flour) with water para hindi magpilit kapoy English ba then, K di nyu na pagpansina ang palibot kay kalain gid then, i- tawag sini- kailangan ang gamitun nyu nga pang-ipit is Carlo Rossi kay tung tung …

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Twisted Korean doughnuts (Kkwabaegi: 꽈배기)

(upbeat music) – Hi everybody Today we are going to make delicious delicious snack or dessert Twisted doughnuts, Kkwabaegi in Korean I've been making years and years, long time When I lived in Korea, I used to make this for my children They love it Whenever they came from school, …

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