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How to Change Eating Habits with Mindful Eating

(upbeat music) – Hey, munchies, I'm Alyssia Welcome to this week's video Today we are talking about mindfulness What is it? Thanks to Noom for sponsoring a portion of this video Mindfulness can be explained in many ways, but it is essentially the practice of having a focused awareness on …

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How To Record Instruments with Blue Yeti Mic

Hi, my name is Yvette and I'm gonna be teaching you how to capture instrument audio with the blue Yeti mic Before you do anything you want to make sure you're all tuned up Then you want to make sure that your recording environment is quiet Another thing is you …

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How To: Pack Your BITS Bag (with Cam McCaul!)

Trek’s all new hidden storage makes it possible to carry a full flat kit inside your bike’s downtube That way, you always have what you need to fix a flat without wearing a pack or dangling a seat bag All new carbon Fuel EX models come with the Bontrager Integrated …

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