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How to upload YouTube CC videos without copyright strike

TO upload CREATIVE COMMONS without copyright claim strikeFirst go to WWW YOUTUBECOM Type in whatever niche or subject or topic of the video you want to record Click on 'Filter', then click "Creative commons" From the List of videos record any video of your choice of any length you choose …

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How to Talk about Art Without Sounding Dumb | Lifehacker

– Talk about art the way you talk about everything Don't try to talk like a pointy-headed intellectual academic (record scratch) Write the way you talk Talk the way you think (upbeat music) Hi, my name's Jerry Saltz I'm the senior art critic for New York Magazine and the author …

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How to Invest Without Money (2)

In part one of this video, I talked about what I consider to be the foundation of everything about investing without your own money I told you the story of how my parents often told me that money is the foundation for more money and how I decided to look …

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Banana Muffins without oven by MJ's Kitchen

All praises to ALLAH who is most Merciful & Most Gracious, Peace be unto you Today's recipe is Banana & Chocolate Chip Muffins this is very healthy snack This is an ideal recipe for kid's lunchbox, give it a must try Let's start today's recipe we'll need 2 cup Flour, …

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