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Texas Emergency Management and Social Media Monitoring

♪ Working out of the State Operations Center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, The Division of Daily Operations team monitors incoming information from a multitude of sources Some examples are television news, on-line weather data from the National Weather Service traffic from the Texas Department of Transportation


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Daily Ops tracks as well Incoming media information is tracked by following public safety agency, news organization and other Twitter accounts organized by Texas DPS Region Data that is potentially relevant to Texas emergency management is summarized with links to the stories as well as original media posts and distributed to the appropriate District Coordinator and emergency management professionals This process is useful for important Texas emergency management administrative functions such as confirming or perhaps providing advance notice about a Police or Fire Chief retirement, so that the District Coordinator in that area can update contact information and be more informed about his or her locals At the other end of the spectrum, the West, Texas Fertilizer Plant explosion took place at approximately 7:50 p

m on April, 17th, 2013 Daily Operations sent out a summary 24 minutes later at 8:14 pm After-Action Reports from West, Texas included favorable comments about the early warnings which were initiated from Daily Operations social media program

The Texas Division of Emergency Management will continue to leverage social media in order to provide the Texas emergency management community with early event or incident alerts whenever possible ♪

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