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TFS 034: Do you need to spend money on ads to have a successful launch?


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are listening g>ong> the Femtrepreneur Song>ong> and this is episode 34 In this episode, we're talking about whether or not you should use paid ads when launching your first course the first time

(determined music) Hey, guys, I'm Mariah – And I'm Megan, and today we are answering question we get asked a lot, and I think a lot of business owners feel like everyone's using Facebook ads So the question is I need ong>toong> spend thousands of dollars on ads ong>toong> on: underline;”>money with courses I don't know about you, but anytime I'm on Facebook I am just smothered with ads And that's not bad, but it ong>ong>s you feel like everyone's using ads

So I'm really glad that we get ong>toong> address this ong>toong>pic – We get the question of, sometimes when we're like, so we'll explain, no, we teach all free and organic methods We actually don't teach Facebook ads in our programs, Your First 1K and Launch Your Signature Course, we don't teach Facebook ads and people are like, but then what do you do? What is the alternative? There are so many ways to build your list and launch your course using organic and free marketing methods A lot of people are surprised and think it's really cool that we only teach free and organic marketing methods mostly because that's been our experience We built our business inon dollar business before we ever spent on ads, which is pretty much unheard of

I don't know anyone else that's done that But we basically just figured out how on: underline;”>to do it without relying on Facebook ads Part of that is because I have a little philosophy that you can read about I have this whole blog post called How ong>toong> Build Your Empire Without Ads and What ong>toong> do Instead and in it I lay out the philosophy behind it I actually don't have anything against ads

We started experimenting with ads just a couple months ago We've spent very little so far, but just trying ong> be introduced ong>toong> them as a friend This would happen with guest posting or with joint venture webinars where it would be someone that they already know, like and trust saying, hey, this is my friend Mariah I want on: underline;”>to you

She's gonna come and do a workshop for us There's a sort of transfer of trust there and it felt like we were becoming friends instead of just like, hey, look at me, I'm in your feed Boo, I'm interrupting something that you want to be doing It's not that I feel like that about all ads, but I do feel like there's a difference between the people who find you through organic marketing There are stats about this that you're gonna have a much higher conversion rate and just a different buyer from someone who finds you through a Facebook ad verses someone who just met you through someone else or found you through a post on someone else's blog or something

– I also think, too, something we never had

For example, last November during the election, Facebook ads basically disappeared Like all of the ad space was bought up because of the election It's something you don't think about very often, but there are seasons in our year where ads are more expensive, or ad space becomes rare, or there's big marketing pushes so the cost goes up When you have unexpected things like that and you're relying exclusively on advertising and all of the sudden, it's way more expensive, you now have to on: underline;”>to on: underline;”>totally throw a launch down the drain and it can really mess you up if that's what you're relying on exclusively

So even though we do have Facebook ads that we have been experimenting with now and implementing as part of our launches, it's never our focus It's never the only method We still put so much energy inon: underline;”>to every piece of our launch, and part of that is not being reliant on only ads or saying, well, if you think that you're gonna get a thousand email subscribers and they're all gonna come from Facebook ads, if that doesn't work out, what else did you have in place ong>toong> get email subscribers? Yeah, you need a backup plan It's like you said, a lot of people are like, wow, ong>howong> do you even run a business without Facebook ads

Well, there's tons of other stuff you can do So there's a couple reasons why the basis of this being you don't need ong>moneyong> on ads to have a super successful launch Like I said, we built our business inons of dollars before ever spending oney on ads and our students have had multiple five figure launches That's anywhere from 20 ong>toong> %50,000 in a single launch without any money on ads – And none of the people

I just want ong>toong> on: underline;”>touch on this, ong>toong>o You might be thinking if you're listening, oh, well, that's because you have this huge email list So maybe you didn't have ads because you had 100,000 people on your email list I just want ong>toong> son: underline;”>top you right there that that is not true, it's still not true, and it's not been true for any of our students So we have proven from varying levels of an email list that as long as you're executing the strategies we teach on how on your email list and you don't need Facebook ads, on: underline;”>to on: underline;”>touch on that in case anyone listening was a skeptic, because I get you, and was wondering if the reason it worked out for us is because we had such a big audience – The answer is no There's just other ways on: underline;”>to hustle And I think, no, that's a really good point So one of the reasons that I recommend using free and organic marketing methods that first time you launch, and we're kind of talking about marketing in the way of getting people on your email list, but also when you're actually launching your course and promoting it ong>toong> that email list and on: underline;”>to your social media audience

The reason why we want you on't actually have a proven product yet So sadly, what we see happen is people spend 3,000, $5,000 on Facebook ads and they haven't tested their launch sequence yet, they haven't tested their webinars yet, they haven't even tested their product and their messaging yet and they haven't done any presales, and they lose all that money because it's not a proven thing yet If you can't ong>makeong> sales using organic methods and without spending all that ong>moneyong> on Facebook ads, why would you think that you're gonna magically ong>makeong> money because you put in the investment and you deserve ong>toong> ong>makeong> it back I feel like I see people selling that messaging a lot It's the same reason people are like, if you don't invest $100,000 into your personal development, then you don't deserve ong>toong> ong> onal development I feel like if people are trying on: underline;”>too, was the reminder that if your warm audience doesn't want to buy what you're offering, then someone who has never met you before and just saw your, it was cold, never heard of your name or your product, sees your ad, they're not gonna want it either most likely because your warm audience should be the people who are ready and your cold audience is gonna be so much harder So you really want ong>toong> perfect the messaging to your warm audience before you spend any ong>moneyong> trying on: underline;”>to send that messaging

If you have two launches in a row and they both have a five percent conversion rate and you're like, OK, my webinars are good, my emails are good, my sales page converts, you've tested it from your organic audience, then you could be like, well, now I know if I got double the amount of people in, I would have double the amount of sales and that is warranting spending money on ads But the first time you come out with a new product, you don't know – It's just a risk If you have the on: underline;”>money and you want ong>toong> do it, we can't stop you That's on: underline;”>to you

It's your business, you can totally try ads the first time around if you're willing on: underline;”>to spend the ong>moneyong> I just think we've seen too often people who don't have the funds, who don't have the time try to DIY Facebook ads and spend a lot of ong>moneyong> and don't see the results that they want or expected – When they could be doing super powerful strategies like guest posting or joint venture webinars or swapping podcasts or being active in Facebook groups They could be doing all these organic things that would really grow their audience so exponentially and grow their trust and their authority But instead they're trying on: underline;”>money ads when they're like, well, I'm gonna put in this $2,000 I really need to on: underline;”>make or break us So you basically have ong> do now is transition a little bit We've addressed why we don't think you have on relationship-based marketing, which I talk about a lot because I think it can just– – I love that phrase – Yeah, I just think it can blow up what you're doing in such a exponential way because you're using audiences that already exist and relationships that already exist

You're putting yourself in front of an audience with Like I said, that personal introduction is worth more than any amount of money you could spend on Facebook ads by being like, hey, look at me over here So it's like I said, it's just much more powerful So things that we focus on are things like guest posting, which is super, super effective still There's definitely the sort of like what is guest posting in 2017? Well, it means a lot of different things in this day and age

That traditional guest posting is still alive and well and our students are getting crazy, especially our Launch Your Signature Course students are like, holy crap If I just guest post every single week, they're growing their list by thousands It's crazy And then we also see people swapping pod casts or swapping Instagram accounts, doing Instagram takeovers or trading Facebook group Facebook Live So it's like, oh, come in one else's podcast is doing the same exact thing as a guest post would be because you should, hopefully, be leveraging it and have a freebie that you're offering their audience So they'll join your email list if they're interested You've gained exposure You've been recommended

So I definitely love the idea of talking about what this looks like in 2017 The same thing with cross promoting on Instagram I have a thousand followers, you have a thousand followers, but we both don't have any email subscribers How can we promote our lead magnets on: underline;”>tories

What's the Snapchat– – Takeover – Takeovers, all that stuff There's so many different options now that it's a better ong> all of this That is ong>howong> you build your business

I know people say business is all about relationships, but it's so true It's just about collaboration and coming together – People ask us this a lot, ong>toong>o, in mastermind situations that we've been in where people want to know the fastest way or the highest ROI, or what's the one thing I could do that would really take this to the next– – Without experimenting – Yeah, without experimenting To me, it's anything with collaboration whether it's a joint venture webinar or a swap or anything like that

A podcast interview That type of collaboration where you're being exposed on: underline;”>to another audience is just the best thing you could do – So high ROA Anyway, so we talk a lot about that We teach you how to do all that stuff

We also talk about giveaways, like doing a viral type giveaway We're doing one right now as we record this – While we're recording – Our giveaway is going viral I keep refreshing it as we're talking

– Glad to know you're focused on the podcast – I have ong>toong> multitask No, I'm just kidding No one can multitask But doing viral giveaways is a really great way on: underline;”>to your course and your name who don't know who you are yet

We also talk about joint venture webinars and using social media So a lot of people have some sort of following on social media, but they haven't translated it inong>toong> a list yet You might not be sure how ong>toong> do that, but there are so many ways that you can create really valuable lead magnets, which are like freebie opt-ins that people can trade their email addresses for promoting those on social media in the correct way so that people are coming over from social media onon: underline;”>to buy, we, of course, rely on things like webinars, email sequence, doing social media series, which is ong>howong> we do 10 course tips, something like live streaming, giving a lot of value, urgency, all that stuff We talk about all that stuff in the free video workshop, on: underline;”>too, that you can also watch right now at launchyoursignaturecoursecom We talk about those actual conversion vehicles for ong>howong> do you actually get people ong>moneyong> on ads, you'll never make a dollar, or if you don't spend money on ads, then you're sending the message to the universe that you don't deserve ads So all of our students are having these amazing launches and you can see all their case studies on launchyoursignaturecoursecom, they're not using ads either

So you see all these organic launches and I guess I just feel like it's important ong>toong> spread the word that there's another way ong>toong> do it where you're not risking a lot of cash on something that's not gonna work I try to be so strategic I don't want ong>toong> say I'm risk-averse because I do like taking risks in business, but I don't want on: underline;”>to take unnecessary risks So that's why we do things like pre-selling That's why we build resilience into our launches where it's like, well, there's 10 different levels of redundancy so if the webinar fails, there's always the Facebook group, or if the emails don't send, we can still contact people in the Facebook group, or whatever

There's all these levels of repetition and redundancy In case something fails, there isn't gonna be this critical failure I feel like I just want people ong>toong> know that they don't need to rely on Facebook ads You can totally have a wildly successful launch without them and without that scary outlay of, OK, I'm spending $2,000, I hope I oned the free video workshop a second ago

For those of you who don't know, when this goes live, will all of the videos have been out? I think two of them will have been out But we have a three video series, three part video series workshop, mouth full, that we do once a year and it's amazing How many people watched it when we released it in the fall? – Oh my gosh, thousands of people At least 5,000 people, yeah – We got amazing feedback and you can only watch these once a year when we have them live

Mariah, do you want to share a little bit more about what they can expect to learn in the workshop and why they should register It's free, by the way, if I didn't say that – It's free, launchyoursignaturecoursecom The first video is all about the concept that I created called copy son: underline;”>how you an actual spreadsheet of ong>toong>pic and ong>toong> validate it that way So if you're sitting there thinking on: underline;”>how am I gonna find my students, on: underline;”>how am I gonna know if this is a good idea, how am I gonna validate that people actually would want this, I show you ong>howong> ong>toong> find your course topic through copy stocking and I walk you through all the spreadsheets that you need in order ong>toong> do this In the second video, we talk about the five big tips of creating big tips Why do they have ong>toong> be big? I don't know (laughing) – They are big

– Go through the five tips of ong>howong> to create your course content So there's a lot of things about course content People assume more is better, people assume it has to be super fancy, people assume people want hour long videos, and none of that is true So I go through ong>howong> to actually create course content that people will love and get really good results for your students And then the third video is all about on: underline;”>how we actually launch

So everything we're talking about with the urgency, the webinars, the emails actually go through how you're gonna use all those in your launch and on: underline;”>to focus on building those real relationships with partners and collaborators in your space I just feel like it's more fun I do feel like as an overall thing, we see a lot of people relying on Facebook ads because it means they never have on: underline;”>to talk onestly, it means they never have to get out of their comfort zone They're like, oh, I'd rather just spend on: underline;”>to feel awkward emailing this person that I admire

But guess what, that's where the best stuff happens, so don't hide behind a Facebook ad Just be yourself and go out there and talk ong>toong> the people in your industry that you think you could provide value ong>toong> and focus on those relationships moreso than hiding behind the Facebook ads – I love that That's such a good note to end on So definitely go on: underline;”>to all of the resources we mentioned, including how you can sign up for the free video workshop I actually misspoke earlier When this episode goes live, all three videos will be out so you'll be able to watch all three and catch up You'll definitely want ong>toong> discuss this episode with us in our community of awesome entrepreneurs, ong>makeong> sure you join our free Facebook group at thefemson: underline;”>howcom/community – If you liked this episode, subscribe on iTunes and leave a rating and a review We really, really appreciate it when you guys do that

If you're watching this on YouTube, leave a comment below We love ong>toong> hear from you Tell us your thoughts and remember ong>toong> hit the like button and subscribe If you guys have questions for us, we're always happy on the show

Just go ong>toong> thefemshowcom and submit your question so we can answer it live – Are you recording? – I'm recording I don't know why I just put my hands up Like I'm communicating with an alien or something

What was that? It's like, I'm ready (laughs) – I liked it – I don't know

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