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The Adeleke University is organizing an employment just for the 2019 – MSG promotion


The Adeleke University (African Union), Ede, Osun, will host a two-day job just for the 2019 promotion, besides often known as the Phoenix lesson.

Employment Fair of Adeleke University

As a part of a weeklong event for the 2019 convocation ceremony, the Adeleke University of Ede, in-the state of Osun, is organizing a two day job just for the 2019 promotion, besides called the Phoenix lesson. There are about four hundred undergraduate students who will graduate together from other college students. This set of scholars will likely be put in touch with potential employers of manpower. As a future-oriented higher education institution, Adeleke University attaches outstanding importance to the well-being of its students and alumni, which has necessitated partnership with the Hub and influence IT solutions to facilitate this event.

The just is about to launch on Tuesday, July 16th with greater than twenty main organizations from various sectors of the economy both in Nigeria and searching for those fresh breeds that can soon be admitted to the distinguished lesson of the Adeleke University Alumni organization on Sunday, July 21, 2019. Along with the organizations that can participate in-the recruitment exercise, other internationally renowned universities, mainly from Europe and the US of America, will likely be in-the field to conduct interviews with potential students who’re more likely to pursue their studies abroad. Media organizations resembling TVC, Arcadia TV, Rave FM and others will cover the event.

The president / vice-chancellor of the university, Professor Samuel Ekundayo Alao, repeated that the just was a part of the set of activities that distinguish Adeleke University from the remainder of the colleges of Nigeria. Based on him, the job just is aimed primarily at exposing graduates to the actual world of labor and helping them build their self-confidence. IT Hub and influence are partnering with this institution to bring together honorable organizations resembling Red Media Africa, Poise Nigeria, Google, E-tranzact, Co-Creation Hub, Virtual Nigeria, Andela, Wema Bank, Jet Recruitment, Jumia Group, Mtech, Coopers price Water House, Monte De Monda, Enigma International, Eye Masters Limited, among others.

The highlights of the job just are:

  • Resume writing and simulate interviews.
  • Acquisition of entrepreneurial skills
  • Google Training and Certification Course
  • Talk and symposium

On the end of the career just, the career just would have obtained the next benefits:

  • associate graduate students with their potential employers;
  • provision graduate students with the work ethic and confidence needed to help them excel after they finally leave school;
  • to provision graduate students with the essential qualities that employers of workers are searching for in a saturated labor market;
  • Assign graduate students to organizations which can be willing to acknowledge them to do an internship with the choice of allowing them to whole their compulsory one year service (National Youth Serve Corps – NYSC) and retain them thereafter.
  • train students on marketable entrepreneurial skills and other marketable non-technical skills;
  • provision a platform for alumni and students of Adeleke University to present their achievements, creative abilities and abilities to potential individuals and organizations who could also be involved in developing these inherent capabilities.
  • provision a good environment for the distinct departments of the University to present their marketable research results to potential customers and investors.
  • Enable graduates to decide on and be admitted to the set of foreign universities participating in advanced studies.

More information:

Email careerfairs @ adelekeuniversity.edu.ng or

Call 08038218564

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