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The BEST Fluffy Potato Rolls

(upbeat music) – Hey, I'm Dorothy with the Crazy for Crust, and welcome to my kitchen Today I am crazy for carbs because we're making dinner rolls

These are fluffy potato rolls They are absolutely soft and delicious Oh, my gosh, just smelling them, I just want to like, (teeth chomp) I just want to eat the whole thing I just love dinner rolls so much Why, why are carbs bad? Carbs aren't bad

We love carbs, right? Okay, you're all saying yes? Great, so I can eat four, perfect! (upbeat music) You're totally going to want this recipe It's a simple, quick, fast, fluffy potato roll that's perfect to go with salads or soups It's perfect all year long You can even turn this into a bread or make sandwiches out of it, and they're so easy to make If you've never worked with yeast before, have no fear because I've become an expert at working with yeast, and it's so easy and simple

I used to be super scared of it Before I started blogging, I never ever made anything homemade with yeast I always just bought stuff at the store, and once I started working with yeast, I was scared at first And I used to use active dry, and now I use rapid rise or instant yeast And it's so simple

It's probably, it's just as easy as making a cake or making brownies or cookies and having homemade bread There's just something about homemade bread and homemade rolls, (sighs) so delicious Skip buying it at the store Make 'em at home We're going to start with one cup of all purpose flour in our mixing bowl, and we're going to add yeast, sugar, and salt

Now, you can do this by hand and just stir it if you want It just will take longer The using an electric mixer makes it go faster because the dough hook is powerful enough that it kneads it in about like half the time that you would have to knead it by hand But you can totally do it by hand It's just going to take you a little bit longer

I'm going to whisk the dry ingredients together Now, the beauty of using rapid rise yeast or instant yeast is that you don't mix the yeast with the wet ingredients, right? We put it in with the dry ingredients, so now we just need to assemble our wet ingredients and heat them to between 120 and 130 degrees So, I'm going to add milk and water and butter to a measuring cup, and then I'm going to heat it in the microwave, probably about a minute to a minute and a half It depends on your microwave, but you want to heat it until the mixture is about 120 to 130 degrees So, how do you know that your mixture is between 120 and 130? Well, you can just test it by thinking hot bath water, which is what I used to do until I discovered the wonder that is the instant read thermometer

Thermapen is my favorite one It's a little bit more expensive You can't get it on Amazon It's linked in the comments below, but you can use any sort of instant read thermometer, and that's going to tell you exactly what the temperature of your liquid is Now, the butter is not going to completely melt when you're heating this, and that's totally okay

Now, this is a potato roll, so we need some sort of potato in there For me, I like using the instant potato flakes 'cause I can have those in my pantry, and I can make this anytime that I want Add the wet mixture into the dry ingredients we whisked together earlier, and then you're going to mix that for about a minute Just let it get wet and combined Scrape the sides of the bowl occasionally

And then you're going to add one large egg and one more cup of flour, and go ahead and keep mixing for another minute or so And then add a third cup of flour Once you add the third cup of flour, go ahead and just let the mixer go It will sort of form a ball in the mixer, not a cohesive one, but you'll see that it starts to change and move as it mixes You might need to add a little bit more flour if you need to, but if you were to touch the dough at this point, it's a teeny, tiny bit tacky

That's exactly how I like it It's a nice, soft dough Flour a surface It can be a cutting board, your counter, but I like to use a large cutting board And I dust it with plenty of flour

Add your dough Dust it with a little more flour, and then we're going to start the kneading process And we're going to knead for probably about four minutes, and this is with using a dough hook So, if you're doing this by hand, it's going to take a little longer Just add more flour as needed

Make sure to dust your hands with flour, so that if it starts to stick And you're going to just work the dough and knead it until it kind of forms into a ball And you'll know it's done because it'll be cohesive, and when you tap it with two fingers, it'll sort of bounce back So, now's another place where the rapid rise yeast comes in handy We're just going to cover this and let it rest for 10 minutes

I absolutely love potato rolls I mean, I love any dinner roll, let's be honest I love carbs I mean, if you look at my site, you can tell it's like carbalicious Carbs and chocolate, my two favorite things, I swear

If I could have dinner rolls or bread with every meal, I totally would So, it's been about 10 minutes, and now you can see it's kind of puffed a little bit It's had time to rest, and now we're just going to form our dinner rolls This is going to make 12 regular-sized dinner rolls If you want to make 24 smaller ones, totally go ahead

You're going to want to spray a nine by 13 inch pan with cooking spray All right, so cut your dough into quarters, and then cut the quarters each into thirds So, we'll get four times three is 12 rolls Pull each roll, pick up each piece of dough Roll it into kind of a ball, and place it into your pan

And once you have all 12 in there, then this is where we have to let it rise So, we're going to cover it, and we're going to let it rise until they're about doubled in size Now, this can take up to an hour It really just depends on what time of year it is, how warm your house is, if you happen to have the oven running or you have to preheat your oven now to bake these, go ahead and set the pan on the oven It'll help a little bit

The heat from the oven will help them rise a little bit faster All right, once they're risen, it's time to bake, so I'm just going to pop these into a 375 degree oven They're going to take about 20 to 25 minutes I like to rotate the pan halfway through because the back of my oven tends to cook faster, and I want all the rolls to get nice and golden brown So, I rotate them halfway through

Dinner rolls are amazing I mean, I try to only serve one carb at every meal, but if we're having salad for dinner, then it's totally fine to have dinner rolls, right? Or if sometimes we're having soup, my daughter doesn't love soup, so I'll say, "But there's dinner rolls" And then she'll be like, "Okay, fine, I'll have like three bites of soup, "and I have four rolls" Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below I will answer them

I know that it's scary when you're working with yeast at that beginning, but making your own homemade rolls is totally worth it I need a taste I'm going to grab one here out of the pan Oh, my gosh, look at how fluffy those are inside (sighs) Fluffy, soft

That potato, the potato flakes, there's not that many of them in there, but it adds a little bit of extra flavor It's not like potato! It's just more like this softness that it adds to the rolls These rolls are perfect I hope that you enjoy them as much as we did We may have eaten the entire batch at one meal

Okay, so I'm going to go make another batch because we don't have any left for dinner and while you watch the next video (upbeat music)

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