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The Chemistry of Allergies

are characterized by an immune response to the presence of certain substances in the body. occur when the immune system mistakes the pathogen for harmless substances. The immunoglobulin responsible for allergy is IgE immunoglobulin. Humans are not born with IgE antibodies. IgE occurs 10 days after the first exposure to allergens. Therefore, it is essential to repeatedly contact allergens to cause . are generally not formed on the first contact.


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Have you ever wondered why people have specific allergies? This is because IgE immunoglobulin has a single protein structure and a group of molecules each having a slightly different structure. For example, IgE that reacts with pollen is different from IgE that will react with dust. People with allergic reactions have more IgE in their bodies than the average non-allergic population. For example, IgE in people with hay fever is about 14 times that of people without hay fever.

Allergens can enter the body in four basic ways: inhalation, contact, ingestion or injection. There are two basic types of allergic reactions called: instant or delayed. In delayed allergic reactions, symptoms generally seem about 4 hours to several days after exposure to allergens. In an instant response, symptoms generally seem a few minutes after exposure.

Chemicals associated with allergic symptoms such as itching or coughing are called histamine. Histamine is the main chemical in allergies. Histamine is formed by the breakdown of histidine, which is an amino acid. Histamine causes many things that cause symptoms in allergic reactions. For example, histamine can cause contraction or clarification of certain muscles, or stimulate the production of tears or saliva. It can also cause blood vessels to dilate and cause swelling. The most serious reaction associated with histamine is called anaphylactic shock. This can happen when an allergy causes a meaningful drop in blood pressure and can lead to death.

There are chemotherapy treatments for allergies. Some of these therapies include: steroids and antihistamines. Antihistamines are the most common allergic chemotherapy. Antihistamines only block histamine in certain parts of the cell, causing an allergic reaction caused by histamine. There are many antihistamines that affect people in different ways. This is why it is best to referto a doctor to find out which doctor is best for your specific size and allergy. Steroids help treat swelling, itching and redness caused by allergic reactions. Therefore, steroids are often used for allergy symptoms such as urticaria or eczema.

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