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The Cure for Unrequited Love

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For many times in our lives, we suffer from the torment of mutual love Our grief It is our certainty that happiness and our own smile, will never return The beloved invited us to dinner, or we got married

Then we will enjoy the bliss Instant happiness seems easy Quite real, and yet are completely out of range and are often advised that Try to forget that person We must give the lack of interest and passion to try to think Something or someone else So far this kindness is misleading and profound The treatment of love is not It is not about thinking lost love, but about learning with intense thinking And build on what image they should be

Close-up, everyone has lived a previous experience A deep challenge All of us – among small details – are trying to apply the proposals We feel angry and petty, shallow, and stupid, but we are lost too, and we are in a state of excess emotion Add to the chaos Which prevents ourselves from bearing these hardships in our minds for some people Simply is the lack of knowledge We assume – based on seemingly simple available information Which represents our passion – with a miraculous miracle that we have survived the basics in human circumstances But they do not We do not know them as they should at all

Which makes it Which makes one-sided love very difficult, long-lasting as suffering, brutal and evil Perhaps with us And who we love also protect us from fatigue for them in a way that frees emotion Which is a love grant from one hand It is not their magic that keeps us But they have no knowledge of their defects Single love treatment Is, as a structure, very simple all we have is to know them better The deeper we become We discovered them more, the less they became the only solution to all our problems

Then we will discover thousands of infinite ways that they are boring; Stubborn, how cold and cold they are, and how they injure the usual details for us that mean nothing This will happen, when we get to know them better, then we will know how much they share With others a lot of things absolutely Passion can not withstand full reality For the other person Unbounded admiration of the firm destroys Knowledge that life has shared with us The difficulty of love is one-sided It is not really that we do not feel love in return, but instead it is really our hope Raised by someone who can not disappoint us, a person we continue to believe in Because we lack the knowledge necessary to launch our frankness We, in the absence of direct treatment To take a fictitious person

We accept, without giving up science The details, certainly In the end, the nuisance is decisively proven Everyone feels so We have to be convinced that this is not because we know that the ark is originally due to them, but because they are – in The end – us humans and know the black side but the joyful truth about every person has He never lived Thank you for watching, adoring, following up and subscribing

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