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The REAL Meaning Behind ROBLOX Faces…


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What Faces Really Mean https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/24067718/Drooling-Noob https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/28119051/Not-Again https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/29296146/Daydreaming https://www

robloxcom/catalog/7074786/Check-It "i'm new to roblox and i think i'm cool but i'm really not" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/7074764/Chill "i'm new to roblox and i'm hiigh as fuck bro" https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/7699174/Silly-Fun "i'm new to roblox and this is best face i could afford!" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/31117267/Skeptic "i wear this face because i think it makes me look smart, but really i just suck at arguing" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/20722130/Shiny-Teeth "i wear this face because i think it makes me look cool, but it really doesn't" https://www

robloxcom/catalog/10907549/Finn-McCool "i wear this face to look cool too, but it REALLY DOESN'T" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/26424808/Know-It-All-Grin "heheh, they think i'm smiling, but they don't know that i have a banana instead of a mouth" https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/30394484/Braces "i make my roblox character look like me irl!" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/23932048/Awkward "i'm 12 and everything is awkwarrd" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/20418658/Err "i'm 12 and i'm going thru my emo phase" https://www

robloxcom/catalog/209994875/Smiling-Girl "i'm a laaady" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/10907541/Mr-Chuckles2 "i'm a naughty girl" https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/12145366/Freckles "i'm an innocent girl, don't touch me!" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/7074893/Drool "i'm staring at that innocent girl" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/116042990/I-Didnt-Eat-That-Cookie "i didn't touch that girl" https://www

robloxcom/catalog/19398554/Grr "HEY, STOP STARING AT HER, THAT'S MY GIRLFRIEND!" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/162068415/YAAAWWN "yaaawn i always say that i hate roblox but i still play it!" https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/18151826/unnamed "i'm content with life" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/141728790/Tired-Face "i can't handle life anymore, goodbye cruel world" act 2 https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/10907551/Dizzy "huh? where am i?" https://www

robloxcom/catalog/144075659/Smile "i speak in all hashtags" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/22877700/Whistle ooh you did not just say that, i'm telling!!! https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/20337343/Disbelief don't tell on me! you tattletale! https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/21635565/Heeeeeey did someone say, tattletale? https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/244160766/Just-Trouble "i'm an annoying kid!" https://www

robloxcom/catalog/15432080/3 "i'm a braindead kid!" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/28999228/Joyous-Surprise "i'm a naive kid!" https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/616381207/Friendly-Smile "what do you mean i look creepy! i'm just smiling!" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/32723404/I-3-New-Site-Theme "you're not creepy, pal" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/416846300/Anime-Surprise "let's go on our date! i'm not waiting any longer!" https://www

robloxcom/catalog/14861743/P "whateverr" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/8560971/Stare "whateverrrr" https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/21311601/Sigmund "i'm in a war group" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/14030577/I-Hate-Noobs "i take war group too seriously" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/10527010/Commando "i take war groups WAAAAY too seriously" https://www

robloxcom/catalog/26019070/Yum "heyyyy, who wants to hashtag?" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/236399287/Happy-Wink "i wanna hashtag but i can't afford yum" https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/20052135/Prankster "maybe if i stick my tongue out, it'll make me look sexy!" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/7317765/Slickfang "brains" https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/29532363/Vampire "Brains!" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/173789114/Angry-Zombie "BRAAAINS" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/20612949/Secret-Service "secret service, let's bomb the map" https://www

robloxcom/catalog/19396123/Jack-Frost-Face "put it in my mouth!" https://wwwrobloxcom/catalog/7074944/Uh-Oh "uh oh" https://wwwroblox

com/catalog/23311761/Look-At-My-Nose "uhh wat?"

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