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The Slavic Hamburger – TOP 5 Buterbrod Recipes

Okay, welcome friends! Back to another cooking video with Boris! For today we make classic Russian dish Is buterbrod

Very easy to make Maybe even dish whole world of the Slavic ways For this you not many things need Bread, butter Big stick of kolbasa or sausage One big knife Also, for definitely you need smoked sausage

And also, essential part: Big block of cheese The more Slav the better Okay, for first of all, you need to get essential things This is buter brod, butter bread So get real butter

Not margarin, butter come from cow milk Margarin is substitute Real butter make you strong man like bear Okay, this first recipe, I like to call this "The Classic" First: butter Then: bread

Do as name says, instructions very clear Okay, maybe you want make other way around, is okay as well This butter you will need for later Okay, so this is how you make classic buterbrod And for this you need this kind of bread, not that toaster shit

Take big generous amount of butter Use knife on cheese, make slices, very good The kolbasa, very most important part No need for to make thin slice

Sausage goes on topand there you go, is done

Classic buterbrod Enjoy! If you didn't manage to keep track of instructionsI suggest you rewind or try next recipe Because is important to follow instructions very carefully Each stepis very important part Okay, next one! So this is "Classic +" A special recipe for the time when the neighbor wants to steal your smoked sausageand the cheese that you have in the fridge is going bad From one end is green, other side is blue So, as you can see, first steps very similar to previous one If you want you can upgrade your Classic to a Plus any time

So this smoked sausage is the one that your neighbor Vadim asshole cykahas been eyeing for the last few weeks

Oy blin Is remember, Vadim will try again tomorrow, he will never stop So for this use fat slices of sausageand aah, remember, cheese is also going bad So unless you want blue cheese on your bread I suggest you eat this all

Get creative with the last pieces of kolbasa you have left Remember, is not ready until it looks like a monument of sausage and cheese This is "The Slav Hamburger" Enjoy! Again Remember to follow instructions very carefully You don't want to get ingredients wrong Okay, time for next recipe "The Boris Special" Is very different but mostly the same You apply the butter

Get the fuck out of here Slice the cheese Fucking shit

Okay, is very important you get this sequence correct Don't be afraid to put in thick slice Eh, fuck it, is good enough

Tomato is also next It brings out the Slav in your eyes Now you must be wondering what makes "Boris Special" so special If you have been on this channel long enough you will know It's the mayonnaise

This is polish mayonnaise Eat it, it's good for you Also not forget carrot I mean onion The last perfection part Of "The Boris Special"

Enjoy! And remember, no buterbrod is completewithout the appropriate amout of the appropriate drink

Rush B cyka! If you feel sudden urge to listen to hardbass musicthis is normal

I think I'm hearing some already But this is normal! This buterbrod is called "The Elite" Is for when payday comes, have money for spend Invite friends over and

No! Is all for Boris Is not every day you can have black caviar Friends will wait Okay, one more! Okay, I call this one "The End of The Month"

Because we all know this time will come For everyone is for different time Maybe end of month, maybe middle of month But it will happen Fridge is empty, the rats are dying of starvation in the attic Now the neighbors are complaining because your stomach noises are scaring their children But then you remember: "The End of The Month" Boris recipe, of course! Buterbrod! It will save your life

So scrape off the last of the butter from the box And use it tacticallylike you use your last 5 bullets in CS:GO But then you remember: Aha! I have the pistol aswell Then you start hacking away at the enemyand then you get MVP for lowest hit ever Also, the cucumber, she needs company

Because is thin slices and winter is coming Is cold outside, she forgot the ushanka at home So this is where Mr Salt package comes into play! You eat enough salt you get warm This is scientifically proven

Or, shit, what the fuck do I know All I know is This tastes fucking good Well, friends, this has been the buterbrod recipe

I hope you enjoyed, I hope you find this very useful And remember Never waste your components

Always make the most of what you have And when you have too much then invite friends over They will make sure to clean your fridge of food But as for me Is three in the morning right now So is nobody coming to help But this also means more mayonnaise for me Well, friends, I hope you enjoyed the video This has been Boris

And I will see you next time Keep it Cheeki Breeki, my friends! No Borises were hurt in the making of this video Also, alcohol is bad for youmaybe

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