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Tips for Increasing Your PPC Ad Campaign clink-Through Rate


Here are my PPC marketing tips.

Perform thorough keyword research

Before you start running your campaign, you'll need to perform a thorough keyword study. Make certain the keywords you choose are 100% relevant to the content on your landing page. Add these keywords to your ad copy.

These same keywords should not only seem in your content and metadata, but also in the products or services you promote. Use the long tail keyword. This means selecting a keyword phrase that contains at least two words.

Put the primary keyword in the display URL

When you create a PPC ad, the URL of the page will seem below the title. This gives you another opportunity to add keywords. You can rename your URL to match your keywords or create a redirect.

Add special offers to your ads

The first thing people will see after performing a search query is the title of the ad and search results. These titles are bold, large and easy to read. You can take advantage of this feature by adding special offers to your ad headline.

You can mention that you are working on a special promotion, offering discounts or other forms of savings. People instinctively treat these headlines as another way of thinking, and before that, they may simply scan the ads.

Make certain you use the right grammar

Grammar is important in all aspects of on the web marketing, including your PPC advertising. After writing the title and descriptive text, you need to check the spelling and grammar. You can copy and paste your ad into a Synonym processor of your choice and use the built-in spell checker.

The right syntax also means that capitalization is used correctly. You should not start with a lowercase letter. This also applies to your ad copy. Double check each Synonym and line of the ad copy. You only need to check a few lines, so there is no excuse for spelling errors and syntax errors.

Test and compare your PPC ads

The final step in improving your PPC ad clickthrough rate is to test and compare your ads. You can easily create multiple ads for the same campaign. Make two or three identical ads that are identical apartfrom for one difference. You can change the title or descriptive text of each ad.

After running an nearly identical ad for two to three days, check the clickthrough rate for each ad. You should be able to determine immediately which ad has a better clickthrough rate. Get rid of other ads. You can continue to use this method to adjust your ads and increase your success rate.

As a final reminder, you should also look at what other people are doing. Search for the target keyword and see the ads shown. These are your biggest competitors. Use it to gain insight into what works.

Increasing your PPC ad clickthrough rate will help you make better use of your campaigns.

By Russell Birtwistle

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