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Tom Kelly – Live – How To Master Facebook Marketing


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good evening ladies and gents and so on: underline;”>today I just want to run through and quickly some ong>ong> and so I've come across a tool on facebook which allows users to work out what their audience should be when posting facebook adverts so simply nice and simply just run for it quickly for you and so what you need on: underline;”>to be going on: underline;”>tool allows you to work out whether you need who you need ong>toong> be advertising ong>toong> within your facebook page and give you ideas on who you can advertise on: underline;”>to your audience ok then what we'll do is change our location i'm based in the United Kingdom let's just change that ong>toong> United Kingdom and what we'll find is here in the grey area is the ong>toong>tal facebook total of facebook users in the UK and then the blue is our target so if we go ong>toong> click on that creates the target so our target there changes our country our age range 25 on exchange mmm change that ong>toong> all our selections change again okay so what I use this ong>toong>ol for is ong>toong> give me ideas on and interests and what people like em for me ong>toong> target and split tests over and and to do that we've got an option here called page likes and this song>toong> what I'm able on: underline;”>to offer on my page so the audience fit the audience is the number of people that use it regularly and on: underline;”>how many people actually like it and then Facebook is number of people that like it like that page affinity is the audience of which is most like litter and the like your page compared ong>toong> the rest of Facebook ok so and relevant is on: underline;”>how relevant they are based on the affinity page size number of people and the audence etc okay so this gives you a good idea of who you can target and what interest you can target which will give you a good basis for you to look up and start your split testing over I've had some great success with my advertising through these selections and obviously facebook is a billion people social network so on daily basis so sure that you and you use it wisely I'd like to say in in the description that you can ong>makeong> money 3 through facebook but this allows you on: underline;”>to specifically target people within your ads and give you some great ideas on what facebook and the hope it's been useful fire ong>toong> get some great ideas and give you some a good basis for you on: underline;”>to start mastering facebook marketing facebook advertising and hopefully provided you some value that all right guys chapter soon

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