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Macadamia nuts are always gonna be a focal point for me, just because they're probably the lowest carb, next two pili nuts, but the lowest carb nut that you're gonna find There's no phytates because they don't have a skin on them, so that means that they're easier to break down

No matter where you are being able to have some nice sea salt macadamia nuts is gonna curb any craving and just get you through the tough times Coconut oil of course, it's so easy to just fall victim to using canola oil or normal like kind of cooking oil, and the reality is despite some of the conflicting sciences out there, or what some people will say about coconut oil, it's a saturated fat that can be utilized by the body It's very high in loric acid so helps support your healthy gut It also, of course has medium chain triglycerides which give you pretty much instant energy when you are on a Keto diet Sardines, they get a bad rep

Sardines are like probably one of the most nutrient-dense fishes that you can eat They are super, super high in omega-3s Gram for gram, or pound for pound, however you want to look at it, they're the most omega-3 dense food that you can find – like they're great, and super high in what's called DHA: docosahexaenoic acid, so specifically the omega-3 that's really good for the brain, but also I mean you're just getting a good quality protein too I like to say that sardines are quite honestly like the perfect fat to protein ratio Like it's the perfect keto food

I like to think that like I'm paving the way for nutritional yeast, because I put it on everything I'm not a big dairy guy so a lot of times like I love the idea that nutritional yeast sorta has a cheesy taste, kind of a cheesy consistency, and all it is is deactivated yeast super high B vitamins so high b6, high b12, you know if you're vegan or vegetarian it's a great addition Put it on your veggies; if you mix it with a little bit of coconut oil it makes like a cheesy sauce, it's so good You put it on asparagus, put it on broccoli, put it on anything! Pork rind for years and years and years, for all eternity we thought like pork rinds are just like this unhealthy thing right? There is some truth to that, like not all pork rinds are created equal, but you put good-quality pork rinds you know in your body you're actually getting a good high quality fat It's like a perfect keto food very very low protein high fat exactly what you need to just give you that satisfied crunch, and that's what you kind of miss on the keto diet

You miss the crunch; you don't realize it until you're a few months in you're like, "huh, I haven't had something that crunches for a while like I used to be able to have like some bread or a crouton" But pork rinds, they solve that problem Ghee is one of the only dairy components that I really like to have in my body The reason is because ghee is so deprived of the normal milk solids because it goes through such a process of turning, and then straining, that you really don't have the milk solids or the lactose So you can even say that someone is lactose intolerant you totally have ghee, the nice thing is get some pure milk fat so it's not the milk solids, it's not the whey, it's just pure milk fat

So very very high quality fat, but it's also high in what's called you butyrik acid, or converts into butyric acid, so it's a short chain fatty acid that feeds or the endothelial cells within your gut So it's good for your gut, but it also ends up helping your body utilize those fats a bit more so you have good gut health, good gut brain access, but also a good clean energy Who doesn't love coffee, the fact is if you go and you pick up just an ordinary creamer, chances are it's not keeping it keto friendly and you're probably taking a couple steps back in terms of overall health goals Instead of taking a couple steps back by having half in half, you're taking a couple steps forward by giving your body those medium chain triglycerides that are great just for energy optimization, but also great for helping you produce ketones Then you have a little bit of almond milk in there too so it thins it out, so you're not having a super high fat, high calorie creamer

This is a nice balance between the two Monkfruit is my jam when it comes down to a sweetener Stevia is great, but stevia has a little bit of a bitterness to it, and again I love stevia – I use it, but monkfruit is in my opinion a little bit superior Whereas some sweeteners basically the brain gets super excited because you get something sweet; but because monkfruit, even though it's sweet, it's seen as an herb – it's a little bit different So the brain registers it a bit different, so you don't have the potential insulin spike that you can get with some artificial sweeteners, or natural sweeteners

But quite frankly it's just convenient, and it tastes good Electrolytes Let's get our electrolytes in, in a fun way Okay can't always eat a salty steak, or you can always eat these things they're gonna like be super good tasting and give you the salt in sort of an inconspicuous way, so why not get one in a tasty way So these Ultima packs are just great because they taste really good, like their lemon one is my favorite – it tastes like you're drinking lemonade

But you're actually replenishing your electrolytes When you're on the road, when you're just like traveling around and you're just stuck in traffic, and you're like okay I'm getting hungry but I don't want to pull over and you know go to Arby's – I want to actually eat something healthy You know that's exactly what Chomps comes in, when it comes down to being anti-inflammatory, and really actually being a good healthy food it's very difficult to find that in a jerky or a meat stick They're non-gmo project verified which is big for me; but they taste amazing, and literally my son even eats them If my son loves them, then you'll love them too

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