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Top 7 Ways To Make Money On-line

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Hey that is John and I'm gonna be going over on this video the highest seven ways to make money online but what's meaningful so that you can likewise know is the three main business models through which you'll be receiving income and I'll be going over those as well on this video So the seven ways to make money online there's a number of distinct ways you will get traffic and once I'm talking about earning money online I'm going to concentrate on how you truly get people to your website

Now, the best way you receives a commission is barely distinct So I'll be talking about that what I call the traffic sources in only a moment here but opening I need to discuss the three main business models so you understand how one can monetize that traffic I call these business models Now the opening is ecommerce, okay? You could be selling your products and earning money off of them whether you're doing drop shipping or whether you've invented your individual product or create your individual thing you should utilize e-commerce to sell that Now, the moment is affiliate marketing you may sell other people's products and earn commissions off of that Sometimes you may earn as much as 90 percent and even one hundred percent commission on other people's products for selling them you understand helping market them for them on the net

So that is a better way that is what I do actually I make I make millions of dollars per year as an affiliate I don't have any employees it's just you don't need a website you don't must do customer service you don't must have a product or ship or fulfill or take taxes all this insane stuff that it’s a must to do with e-commerce it's a bit more complicated And the third business model is maybe the simplest which is coaching and consulting,okay? And I type of put a – because coaching is usually whenever you're speaking with people like possibly you're a fitness coach and you understand you desire a your personal trainer and also you're on the lookout for clients consulting is more business-to-business whenever you're working with businesses and coaching them really So let's go over to the seven main ways to get traffic to make money online Okay? So the opening blogging this is among the oldest now I do know lots of people who've gotten their start out with blogging blogging is just you you would like a website to blog and you simply post up informative or newsworthy content as often as you may and you’ll rank in Google search results people search Google to seek out web sites whether or not they're seeking to purchase better baby diapers or whether or not they're seeking to the right way to better parent their child or the right way to landscape their yard individuals are googling everything and whether you’ve a superb blog post or an informative article on the right way to landscape your yard better you'll get traffic ,okay? And you may monetize that traffic whatever that’s you understand whether your affiliate for products you're selling your individual landscaping tool or whether you're you understand selling landscaping services, right? The following one is YouTube, YouTube is a outrageous traffic source it's part of choice places to get began online and principally you're posting up videos you need to increase value to the world the entire point of YouTube is to help either entertain or inform other people , I subscribed a number of music channels I really like music I really like like tropical house like EDM type music and you understand they make money from ads , they make money from selling you understand merchandise, they make money from concerts you understand that's how the musicians are monetizing their YouTube channel

I make a bit money from ads you understand I make about $500 a month from putting up posts on my YouTube channel The third is Instagram, Okay? Now very basic again, it's a remarkable traffic source very obvious there you may monetize that multiple distinct ways however the point is it’s a must to really concentrate on one in every of these The following one is Facebook Ads, now Facebook Ads is among the most instant easiest places to get traffic to your links individuals are all the time asking me how do I get people to go to my affiliate links dude it's so simple blog put up YouTube videos Instagram Facebook ads concentrate on one in every of these methods and it's really straightforward of how one can make money online but it’s worthwhile to concentrate on one in every of these methods and turn into superb at it, okay? Don't just post random stuff The following method I’d say is forums, okay? Forums which might be about very niche topics possibly there's a forum about you understand for photographers or a you understand a job board for photographers the place people need to memorize more about photography You’ll be able to actually make some huge cash by being an affiliate marketer and recommending people to a selected helpful item in forums


apply below, apply for the job, vacancy apply, apply now, download the application form, download now, download

Forums are utilized by generally you understand barely older people Now, but that's the place the cash is, the cash is just not in your twenty five-year-old cranium Most individuals beneath the age of thirty are broke whether you’re beneath the age of thirty and you’re broke just type and broke in-the comments The cash isn't in young people, okay? The cash's in older people whether you were on a model train for him and also you were an affiliate marketer that will be a remarkable method to make money

Next is definitely comment spam I call it spam that's what it is, whether you go on a number of YouTube channels you'll see a ton of comments particularly in in my niche which is you understand earning money online I get a lot spam of individuals saying hey you understand what I try this link I made five thousand dollars per day you understand you understand clicking ads or something and folks post their affiliate links in comments on blogs and on YouTube Facebook posts on Instagram comments etc People post their links affiliate links throughout comments my wife has people selling her baby products through direct message on Instagram so there's all sorts of how to spam people I don't personally of this kind one that is annoying however the reason it keeps occurring is because there are people earning money doing it

It's a free method to get began doesn't price anything in order that's part of methods I’ve to put it in there And the final method is email, you may send people email of helpful items Now, let's say you’ve a number of friends who’re in college and you simply found a you understand a speed-reading course, okay? You may send them an email and say dude I try this speed-reading course I studied like five times faster you understand you may purchase this product – whatever Again, college kids are broke so it's not superb market to go next but lots of people send emails to their comrade selling products or they build up an email list around a selected topic akin to you understand each day fitness tips or advice and that's a really superb like niche to concentrate on you understand and you’ll email all your mates and say hey do you need to get emails for me about each day fitness advice and you’ll advertise links or products whatever you would like or your personal training So those are the seven traffic methods really easy these are the seven ways to make money online

What I monish you to do is whether you're launching on this concentrate on one in every of these okay don't spread yourself thin because whether you spread yourself thin you're gonna suck at everything, okay? You're just gonna royally suck at everything by trying to do everything, okay? So don't scatter yourself concentrate on one and turn into superb at it whether you’ve monkey intellect and you’ll't concentrate on one you may must get your mindset right or take into consideration how you would like what you need to do in life opening but how I got began as I focused on blogging and I wrote reviews of distinct investment companies I used to be an affiliate marketer for a gold investment company and I simply wrote review articles I used to be reviewing I did a number of research on the opposite gold investment companies and I really useful people to the corporate that will pay me commissions and I made some huge cash doing it because individuals who need to invest money have some huge cash and the Commission's are very lofty, you understand The largest Commission I ever made was a $33,000 and that was in someday someday for like a 24 year old kid I made a 33 thousand dollar Commission only for writing some blog posts Now that's big money but whether I attempted to do all seven of those traffic sources once I was launching I wouldn't have done well in any one in every of them I chose to concentrate on one and go deep and that's how I used to be qualified to earn that opening thirty three thousand dollar Commission and that form of changed my life and really began me on that net career

So hopefully this was helpful whether you were seeking to memorize more about what I do for a living which is known as affiliate marketing you may sign up to my channel you’ll get a free course in addition to some bonuses and likewise make certain to comment beneath What was probably the most helpful here so that you can know was it learning concerning the traffic sources or was it learning concerning the actual main business models that make money here, speak to you soon

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