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How Do You Use Social Media? | 0-100

– [Interviewer] Do you have any social media? – No, I usually just stay home and watch YouTube the whole day – I don't, my mom does that kinda stuff – I have a Facebook and a Gmail account – For my generation, I think I'm reasonably involved, I mean, …

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How Social Media Affects Your Brain

– [Woman] Social media has become part of our nature We post, we share, we like, we follow, we unfollow, we subscribe But how is social media affecting us? A small study of 20 college students found a correlation between students who demonstrated higher levels of Facebook addiction in activity …

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how social media drastically affects us

With love and care, Prometheus molded humanity out of clay But, humanity was weak, and they suffered greatly To empower us in our struggle against nature, Prometheus stole a divine technology from the gods and gifted it to us: fire Prometheus had defied the gods in service of humanity; he …

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Quit social media | Dr. Cal Newport | TEDxTysons

Translator: Peter van de Ven Reviewer: Denise RQ You probably don't realize that right now, you're actually looking at something quite rare Because I am a millennial computer scientist book author standing on a TEDx stage, and yet, I've never had a social media account How this happened was actually …

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