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Truckers: Here's How To Save Your Marriage

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I kinda just wanted to, you know, this is my first video So excuse me if I screw up a little bit (laughs) I just kinda wanted to give you my two cents on a trucking marriage And if you're contemplating going into the trucking industry you've gotta really make sure that your significant other is 100% on board A decision you make together so that that way it makes it easier in the long run

Great thing about trucking is it's afforded us to make sure that the bills are paid, the kids are taken care of, and we've been able to do quite a bit as opposed to a different career that you coulda went into But trucking has been very beneficial to our family But then also you've got the side of if you are just starting your trucking career, there are gonna be times where your significant other is not home as much as you were used to in the beginning when you guys were first together But I cannot stress enough communication on both sides Don't shut down, always communicate

Let each other know what's going on with them on the road and with you at home So that that way you're both involved in each other's daily lives and decisions are made together One thing that I found that was a great tool, and I wish we would've come across it a lot sooner for me at home, was the headset I wasn't in the truck with G, but that headset came in very very beneficial I used it if I was at the supermarket

Or I would take it to the kids' ballgames and stuff like that and give him commentary and let him know what was going on if he couldn't make it for some reason I'd walk into the room and people would joke, oh, Gerome and Mary are here (laughs) because I had G right at my ear you know letting him know what was going on with the kids so that he felt very involved at home while he was away But again, communication on both sides Decisions made together Let each other know what's going on

You know, something breaks at the house, and I know it's a little more difficult when something breaks down at the house It's one of them things as time goes on you get better at trying to fix it or problem solve while they're sleeping 'Cause I've run into that quite a bit, you know, mechanical problems with our vehicles I just talked to G a couple hours before that and he's shutting down ready to go to bed So I had to figure it out on my own and just let him know what was going on

Never really tried to call and disturb him after he's done gone to sleep unless it was like a 9-1-1 emergency, because sleep is so imperative for them with the job that they're doing But I just kinda again, just communication I just wanted to touch base with you all and give you my two cents on my side of it as a spouse So thanks for listening, hoping I didn't butcher it too badly Bye, guys

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