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Tuto e-commerce – Comment obtenir vos 100 premiers avis Facebook – Market Academy

How to get your first 100 reviews reviews are deemed reliable because of their accuracy over time Of course, not all reviews reflect a user experience but may reflect your personality as an owner


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Whether for the web or for physical stores, a global score can quickly tell potential customers what kind of experience they can find at home Unfortunately, no system exists to get many Facebook reviews of the day on the next day The problem of most companies is not the quality of the experience user, but the number of customers who leave no opinion If your Facebook page has less than 10 reviews, it returns a rather negative message to your prospects So, here is a solution to have your first 100 reviews on Facebook

This takes a little time because sending an invitation to leave a notice is done manually to each person requested From 0 to 10 reviews: the immediate family Getting your first reviews should not be too complicated Ask your family, who already knows your business, to leave an honest opinion From 11 to 20 opinions: the family Feel free to call your cousins, your uncles and aunts who have learned about your business, to get more mind From 21 to 30 opinions: the network Within your network, there must be people who have had an interaction with your business, or who have an opinion about you and your personality

This type of notice can also help to increase the number of notices but also to humanize your page From 31 to 40 opinions: friends Your close friends are also people who know you and who are aware of your company Ask them to share their feelings about you and your activity From 41 to 50 opinions: employees We do not think about it often, but employees are best placed to give their opinion on your business From 51 to 60 opinions: former employees If you left on good terms, think of your former employees or interns who have spent time at home and who can relate experiences and a general opinion

61 to 70 review (s): professional neighbors You work near other companies who can you know Feel free to send them an invitation to leave a review From 71 to 80 reviews: old customers Your customer database gives you the possibility of contacting your former customers to ask them to go leave a review on your Facebook page If you did not have a particular problem, some of your former clients will be able to make the process following a good user experience From 81 to 90 reviews: Current customers You can ask a customer to leave a notice just after the transaction, to find out how the navigation went on the site or its store experience

In the case of the web, it is still better to wait for the delivery of the package to have an exhaustive opinion From 91 to 100 opinions: future customers During the order process on the web or just before a store transaction, ask to rate the customer experience before purchase This is an unusual practice, but one that can have real impacts Opinions are of colossal importance year after year Consumers are looking more closely at reviews before a purchase

That is why it is important to have some and to call on those close to you, far, professional and personal to put the foot in the stirrup Thank you very much, feel free to to like and share this video See you soon !

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