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understanding affiliate marketing – quick overview

while appreciating the universality of we should always keep in mind these three concepts the notion of qualified referral the possibility of payout reversals and the notion of locking period so you won't get paid for branding in cost per sale contexts you won't get paid for invalid referrals or returned orders also you shouldn't count on commission until it locks in your account and the advertiser where the merchant can no longer take it back from you reversing it going forward keep these concepts in mind while planning for your affiliate success let's start with the concept of universality of affiliate it is integral to understand that affiliate is not a channel of as some may say or believe it is a context the undergirding principle of which is its performance-based compensation models it works with most types of online display contextual advertising video social email and so on the notion of qualified referral is central to affiliate it is the advertiser who pre determines what will constitute qualified actions for which affiliates will get compensation and the affiliate receives their remuneration only upon meeting these conditions it is also important to understand that reversals of commissions happen and they may happen in the following instances if the customer payment authorization failed or the customer place through a fraudulent sale or if the order was returned or unclaimed if it was a duplicate order or a canceled order in all of these instances the merchant will reverse the affiliate transaction in most instances speaking of affiliate behavior fraudulent transactions from affiliates will be reversed test transactions to test if your links are working fine will frequently be as well so we'll be self-referred transactions if they are prohibited by the merchant merchants on the other hand may also place through test transactions and they will reverse Commission's of those order non-fulfillment and order adjustment will also call for payout reversals payout reversals are closely tied to the notion of locking period and it is important to understand what locking periods and lock dates are affiliate Commission becomes irreversible only once the lock date is reached and it is the advertiser that predetermines this date you


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