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Unintentional Opsies #29 [REDDIT REVIEW]

Racism! OOPSIE!!! Accidental racism How could that possibly happen?? This is just a ridiculous subreddit You're either racist or you're not There's no in between! There's never any excuses

Ever! Now let's see what these PATHETIC posts on reddit have to say about themselves I am SMH'ing and disgusting right frickin' now It's a small museum, but it really captures the Australian spirit IMMIGRATION MUSEUM KEEP OU-hahahaha "This is accidentally a better piece of art than anything banksy ever shit out" Oh that's great It happens to the best of us what can I say? What else do we got? "A very interesting adjective for describing the color of a car" OK we have: "Tango Orange", We have "Granite Gray", "Fire Brick Red", "Silky Silver", And "Superior White"! Interesting, VERY interesting adjective indeed! Its just interesting! That those two words would be used together! Jesus Christ, what kinda car is this? I AM BUYING IT!!! No I'm just kidding, I'm kidding Excuse me! I would like the "Superior White" please Can you imagine anyone buying this? Like actual racists being like: "Yeah I drive a superior white" Just to be clear, I do not support these racistsism claims

Video Memes Okay? So I'm pretty much legally covered from any media as well That's a disclaimer by the way Just so

we're clear UhI didn't make these memes and I do not endorse these messages I will, however, laugh at them "These plates are colorcoded" It's accurate because the white man is happy! 😀 Okay maybe that was an unnecessary comment, but it was funny okay? Let's move on Jesus Christ Is it hot in here or is eet joost my racism? Baby K'Tan organic baby carrier Hmmmmm

😁😁😁 Hmmmmm 😂😂😂 I have no comment whatsoever, except that it's RACIST! Just to be clear, guys Sive told me to review this subreddit, and he's the biggest racist I know Alright? So I'm pretty covered by this "Looking to purchase a kitten under ten dollars Must be in mint condition" "I have a black baby" "Looking for a kitten, but thanks" "Lul it is a kitten" STILL don't want it, but thanks It must be in "mint condition"

What the hell does that mean? The German race wars Oopsie! 😂😂😂 The Fast and the Führerious Oh god this is just a bad idea isn't it I didn't think it would be like this, okay? I-I don't know what I was expecting I don't know what was gonna happen, but here we are nonetheless, and I'm definitely committing

I'm not picking anything else to do today, okay? I should be more responsible and pick another subreddit, uh, I'm way too deep in at this point, okay? I'm basically reviewing this so you don't have to So other people won't go to this FOUL, DISGUSTING subreddit "If humans are 65% water, Africans are just

35percenthuman" 😂😂😂 Smash immigrants! Welcome racism! Smash those immigrants and welcome racism! Oh wait it's Smash racism, immigrants

Well I'm just confused Which one is it? "I'm at a grocery store and a guy looks at me then turns to his wife and says "'Oh ya we need

naan bread" I'm always happy to help" 😆😆😆 Okay that's kinda funny Come on, he was just memeing it as well "Stirring a square mug creates an interesting shape of coffee" Aaaand I'm clickin away! Alright! The amazing race, Black family: last place Is that their actual name? Like Black? I'm so confused Celebrating single moms! 😆😆😆 Ohw

is it racist to laugh at them? I can't tell Where do the lines go at this? I'm not makin it "Kanye says slavery was a choice, gets owned at the end of the video" Gets "owned" He gets "owned"

Kanye gets "owned" Kanye gets "owned" Oh no Oh no no no! *sniff* "ADD? ADHD? Sign up for concentration camp now!" Yay! 👏👏👏 So that's what it's for! 👏👏👏 "Don't do this to my boy Franklin" Ah! Fraaanklin! I mean at least he'll have more food on his side so

"The only white mouse Razer makes" Ultimate supremacy Just checkin' I'm just checking

"I'm gonna say it" The N-Word Oh, 'cause brown flipped is n-word? This is probably the greatest discovery the internet has ever made It's the ultimate meme-r

You ever seen brown? It's basically the new 420 Or 69 It's just that hidden epic reference that people just can't stop laughing at "Did you know that brown says n-word if you flip it?" Incredible! My life has been brought new meaning My life- what in the world? What color? Crazy old

Okay? I guess that's a color How is that unintentional? Hahaha "Adobe knows what's up" "Display all blacks accurately" OR "Display all blacks as rich blacks" Jesus Chirst! How does this keep happening? I guess I shouldn't be asking that question "Would you believe me if I told you that this was the same plaza as an Anne Franke exhibit?" "Ju-Tox" Moving on everybody! HAHAHAHHA 😂😂😂 Sorry, I read it and then "I don't mind spiders or cockroaches, it's the MOSQUES I frickin hate" I just love how they capitalized it as well

Those goddamn mosques! Oh great this is Swedish so that makes it even funnier Lekkamrat $1299 $9

99 Well I mean it's simple supply and demand really "Don't mix up your 'n' words!" Don't worry, I never do Nucleus, Neutron, Nucleon, Nuclide It's easy as ABCD

Popular: Rob the jew HmMmM Oh god Are we uploading this? Am I actually Black child play pen Oh god 69! That's a great price! That's the *beepboop* number

Mexican Chinese Crackers And who said racism against white people isn't real? Shakin My

Frickin Head Right Now I don't like this song

I don't like- So keep moving on! HM Ohhohoho It's so bad! How did they not see this? Microsoft office 2013 The basic essentials

Microsoft office, Introductory! Microsoft office, Advanced! It's so obvious, I feel like it's intentional racism Someone just snuck it in there Can I get the white one? Six different colors Gimme the white bracelet please! I stand for power! I don't by the way Just for the record, okay? "Stop pretending your racism is patriotism

" RACISM! I want that shirt Where can I buy that shirt? That's a great message that I stand for Dove, nourishing lotion For normal to dark skin Normal skin everybody! Welcome to the normal club

Proud to be part of it "Got an item on World Of Warcraft today" Sandals of the blackest Jesus Christ! "The placement of YouTube's play button" Hehe 😀😀😀 Oh man That looks strangely a lot like Jacksepticeye

There's an Indian version of Jacksepticeye? Goddamn! Hey! Could you just move a little bit to the left please? "But why? I wanna stand next to the truck" "Just-Pl-Just-Just-Just move a little bit" "But why? Tell me what it says" "Just move please Just move

" Heyyyy! Good uh choice of silhouette as well Jesus Christ

Oh my god Stop Playable Swarm! Playable SwarmChinese! So lame! Oh god "Black Panther: the only movie in all of Walmart with an anti-theft device" Wow! 😉 Great Walmart! The Oprah Winfrey Show! An ape has conversations with humans Jesus Christ! "LEGO Marvel Super heroes minifigure- Spider-Man with white power blast" God effin dammit, stop! Saudiskills Saudis God dammit! Stop! Time for a bath Clean baby! STOP! Did someone blink? STOP! Really Target? Stop! Please! Ahh God!!! Dammit it's everywhere! It's everywhere, God dammit Please I can't look anymore! *panting* Okay We had a good time here today

Don't Tell Anyone You saw this video Don't tell anyone! No one- If no one tells anyone, the video will be fine

It will be fine! Trust me, it's gonna be fine It's gonna be great It's gonna be okay! It'll be fine It'll be fine! Nah, for real, obviously it's just jokes And

uh I think what's funny about it is it's not even jokes, I mean

You can stop making these kinds of jokes You can forbid humor, and say that it's not okay but, Obviously, at the end of the day, unintentional racism will always exist Because people are always stupid

Just like real racism will always exist because people are stupid Unfortunately Hope that message comes across clear that I am 100% racisisist Not r- NOT Sorry I thought it'd be funny if I joke, but then I realized people will just take it out of context So I am just going to go ahead and say, I am one hundred percent

Goodbye everybody! Smash like on this video if you enjoyed Check out merch, check out Tuber Simulator, guys, the game is still very epic And as always, Brofist to ya! There we go

I have a pimple right here and it's been there the whole video Hope you enjoyed that

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