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Unlock Incremental Revenue With Performance Marketing Solutions for Affiliate Marketing by Criteo

Through industries, portals and marketplaces generate traffic and leads In different sectors such as: retail, travel, classified ads, real estate, jobs and cars All share the same goal: build and maintain a large network of affiliates And their success lies in connecting users with affiliates Criteo can help you by bringing portals like yours new revenue, and a competitive advantage With performance marketing solutions for affiliates How does it work? A user visits your portal and looks at the offers of one of your affiliates, but leave the site without generating contact or finalizing the purchase Criteo finds this user, and based on his search history, shows him a banner personalized or sends him an email with the colors of the affiliate, to incite him to come back to your site In one click, it is redirected directly to the page your affiliate on your portal Or on the site of the affiliate, according to your preferences You also determine the price based on your business goals Without any effort, your affiliate benefits: Access to your entire audience for lead generation, qualified traffic and visibility on premium publishers In other words: a big exhibition What do you win? A new source of income A powerful tool of differentiation in the face of competition As well as the satisfaction and fidelity of your affiliates Did we mention incremental sales? Here is the proof More than a thousand affiliates are already customers of Criteo's solutions For logic-immo, the third real estate portal of France Criteo brought 1

8 million users As well as differentiation, loyalty and more than 5 million clicks Which generated 3 million euros of incremental turnover Let your affiliates benefit from leading technology on retargeting, and increase your performance on your portal

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