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Urine Therapy – A Yeast Infection Cure?

Drinking your own can help you fight the disease and your ? Let's take a closer look at the potential benefits of urine and see why we are infected with yeast and you can make a judgment.


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Urine treatment is a controversial subject, so you need to decide for yourself whether you are willing to try it, but historically, you can see from many on the web sources that there are many cultures around the world for various reasons. Used in the middle.

Candida and your immune system

Candida, also known as yeast infection, is caused by a variety of causes, but one of the biggest reasons is that your immune system is low, so your body's flora balance will vanish. Our bodies are filled with positive and negative flora, and when negative bacteria overgrow, we become sick. Candida albicans bacteria, when it exceeds certain levels of the body, become annoying and cause yeast infections, which can manifest itself in many ways, such as vaginal yeast infections, penile infections, oral thrush, rashes and other body problems . There is a list of symptoms associated with Candida that you may not even know. It is not just a vaginal discharge with itching.

Go back to UT, or urine treatment…

At UT, you will consume your own (and not anyone else's) urine. The body has many substances every day, but the urine is not dirty. In fact, it is sterile and contains many elements, including vitamins, minerals and healthy substances that are filtered from the blood. Your body excretes what it doesn't need, and it's good for the body when it filters blood, excretes hormones and minerals, and when it's needed.

In the culture of urine consumption, it has many problems, and some people claim that it can help treat Parkinson's disease, which is related to HIV, including hair loss, scurvy, conjunctivitis, and yeast infection.

Drinking urine and using it locally

Some holistic therapists not only recommend drinking urine to help boost your immune system, but topical use can help treat candidiasis. You can help the body rash, itching and irritation, and rinse it in the mouth to achieve antibiotic-like effects.

Many people are repelled by this idea, but there are many suggestions that you can start using it slowly, by diluting the urine or mixing it with other things before eating. Once you see the relevant health benefits, you can overcome fabric problems.

Are you interested in trying UT?

Should urinary therapy be confronted with Candida? Only you can decide, but there is a lot of information that suggests this may be a therapy worth trying.

By Samantha Jaine

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