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Vaccination of Children Is fundamental for Prevention of Deadly Diseases


Anti-infective literature and ideas are being promoted in parts of Australia to make children vulnerable to deadly diseases. Some time ago, a British report linked pathogens in vaccines to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Although this was quickly dismissed, years of research have proven that other fears have persisted and they refused to be persuaded in the minds of opponents.

In a region of Queensland, vaccination rates are below average and problems have arisen. One month old infants were infected with coughing from unvaccinated children. It was filmed and revealed in media reports that the pain of the baby was shocking. The boy was too young to be guided, but the failure of others to kill him.

Measles, polio and tuberculosis have nearly been eradicated in the country, but new immigrants are bringing them back. Although no vaccination may work in some places, the risk is high and life is at risk.

Many people refuse to vaccinate on the grounds of religion, but the government is now taking new measures to encourage them to consider vaccination. These include detaining child support and preventing unvaccinated children from entering child care centres and pre-school settings.


Most parents are very happy to see their spring protection in this way. Therefore, some people, such as a person who is a month old, have to die because of some people's misjudgments and mistakes. This is very unfair. This is a major health problem that must be resolved quickly.

By Norma Holt

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