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What is ePacket? Dropshipping and Ecommerce Delivery

[What is ePacket] Alright, so if you’ve been thinking about dropshipping from China, ePacket delivery has no doubt crossed your radar And while it may sound like something that’s really complex or intimidating, it’s actually pretty straightforward

Hey, what’s up world it’s Tommy Walker with Oberlo, and today, we’re going to talk all about ePacket delivery, how it all works, and how it will help you to ship products more products more profitably from China If you have any questions, or want to share your experiences, drop them in the comments below, and I'll be sure to get back to you ePacket is an agreement that the Chinese and Hong Kong governments have with the US postal service and a ton of other countries including Canada and Australia to ship light ecommerce packages from China, relatively cheaply and within 7-20 days and often much quicker ePacket provides merchants and customers end to end tracking to monitor and locate their package on official websites such as EMScom and the United States Postal Service website For dropshippers, ePacket has been massive and essential to the long-term success of their business For years, dropshippers were plagued for with long, unreliable, and expensive shipping times and little visibility into the fulfillment process As you can imagine, that was a nightmare for customer service, and establishing long-term trust between buyers and dropshipping companies

ePacket has totally revolutionized shipping small packets from China to Europe, Australia & North America The length, height, and thickness of the package shouldn’t exceed 36" (90cm) And the weight shouldn’t exceed 4 and a half pounds, and the price can’t have a value higher than $400 USD Lastly, the package must be shipped from China or Hong Kong to eligible countries, which you can find an up-to-date list in the description below! If you want to track your packages using Oberlo, click on “my orders” and you’ll see the tracking code directly next to your fulfilled orders The majority of the products in the Oberlo Marketplace are eligible for ePacket delivery, making it easy to select qualified products If, however, you’re not using Oberlo, you can easily track your orders on services like 17track

net Customers may have to pay taxes and customs fees for their products, and it’s different for every product, so it’s a good practice to make that known on an FAQ page, and throughout the buying process so it’s not a complete surprise for your customer And that’s it! See, I told you it was pretty simple

And what about you? If you’re already dropshipping, how has ePacket impacted your business? Hit that subscribe button and ring that bell to know when new videos on running a dropshipping are released, and be sure to share this video with anyone you know who’s looking to start a dropshipping store using products from China Thanks so much for watching, and until next time Learn Often, Market Better, Sell More

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