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Whirlpool Refrigerator Repair – How to Replace the Door Hinge Set (Whirlpool # 8201707)

"Hi, it's Steve Today we'd like to show you how to change the lower hinge kit on your side by side refrigerator

It's a really easy repair, let me show you how we do it Now to do this repair, we will need to remove both doors from the refrigerator Before we begin, the first thing we'll do is open up the fresh food side and then we'll turn the controls to the off position That'll keep the refrigerator from running while we're doing the repair Once we're done, remember to turn it back off

Now we can go ahead to either fresh food door off, or the freezer door off and start with one door at a time Now that we turn the refrigerator off, our next step would be to disconnect the water line for the dispenser, and that's located in behind this toe panel First of all you'll want to turn off the water supply to the refrigerator Once you've done that, get a putty knife, you just go down behind that kick plate, pry it out and just set that aside Then we'll locate that water on and we'll disconnect it

Now we need to pull that water line up through the old hinge, so you will need to remove the nut from the end of that line Simply grasp the line security and pull that nut off There may be some water in that line, so we need to have something to clean that up Next we'll close that door back up Our next step will be to remove the covers for the hinges

These ones are held in place with a single Phillips head screw We'll go ahead and take that off first Lift the cover off We'll also need to disconnect the electrical connection for that dispenser door We may need a flat blade screwdriver just to pry open that lock and connector

You just take a flat blade with the center of that connector, just open that up a bit Do the same on the backside and then pull that connector apart Now there should also be a round wire attached to that hinge, so we'll remove the screw that holds that in place It's typically a 1/4-inch hex head screw, and just set that aside Now next we'll remove the three 4/16 hex head screws that secure that top hinge to the cabinet

You just secure that hinge as you remove the last screw Next we'll lift that door completely off of the lower hinge, being careful as we lift up on the door that we don't damage the water line that goes down through the center of that hinge Just pivot it into an open position, grasp it firmly and lift it straight up allowing that water line to pull it We'll set that carefully aside, again being careful that we don't damage the water line Now with the freezer door out of the way, we'll next remove the doorstop from the hinge

Just lift that straight off and we'll retain that to use on the new hinge Then we'll remove the retaining screws that secure that hinge to the cabinet We'll carefully remove the shim from that old hinge You may need a flat blade screwdriver if it's stuck to the hinge You can then discard the old hinge

Now if your hinge kit came with two separate style hinges, pick the one that best matches the original that you're replacing Then we'll start with one of the screws that holds it in place We'll slide that shin in underneath the hinge We'll start the second screw We'll tighten both those securely and we can discard the extra screw

We'll next put that doorstop back in place Line up the screw hole and now we're ready to put the freezer door back on Now when reassembling that freezer door, we want to use caution when we insert that water line down through that hinge Support the door carefully, feed the water line down through that opening and then carefully lower down onto the hinge We'll just pivot the door in position and then we'll reattach the top hinge, and then we'll reconnect the water line

First of all, position that hinge onto the cabinet and then line up the three bolts We'll start those all by hand just so we don't get them in cross threaded Now you may need to move the door back or forth to align those screws up We won't tighten these yet We want to make sure we have the door straight and then we'll tighten those three bolts

What we want to do is maintain an even gap from the bottom to the top between the freezer door and the fresh food door Tighten them securely Now next we'll reattach the ground wire Make sure that we take both ground wires, insert the screw between them and then secure it to the body of the hinge Connect the wire harness securely, make sure the two locking tabs engage and we'll position the hinge cover

Just tuck the front edge on first and pry it back and then secure it with a Philips screw Now we can reconnect the water line Now before we reinstall that nut on the water line, we're going to trim off about a quarter of an inch off the end of that Just locate the marker where that compression nut was on the before Take a nice sharp blade and then cut just behind that, a nice square straight cut

You can then push that compression nut up onto that tubing Insert it into the coupling until it bottoms out, slide the compression nut down and then tighten it securely We'll tuck that in behind and then we'll put kick plate back on Now when reinstalling that kick plate, we want to make sure that the arrowhead fasteners on either side of the kick plate fit into the spring clips on either side of the refrigerator frame Simply press them into place

Just make sure it's lined up properly, and then, we can close up the doors Now, for changing the lower hinge on the fresh food side, again, we'll want to make sure that we've turned the control to the off position Then next, we're going to remove that upper hinge cover so that we can remove the upper hinge The hinge cover on the fresh food door simply pops off of that hinge, and just set it aside Well, then, remove the three mounting screws for that hinge

Then again, these will be 5/16 hex head screws Just pivot that hinge, and sit it on top of the door Then we're going to carefully open the door partway and lift it off of the lower hinge Now, again, we will need to remove that lower kick plate Stick the putty knife, little close to each end and just pry it away from clip

Next, we'll remove the closure cam on that lower hinge Just set that aside and then remove the mounting screws Again, we will remove the shim that may be attached to the existing hinge Simply take a flat blade screwdriver or your putty knife and just pry that off You can discard the old hinge

Again, take the clip, find the hinge that closest matches our existing one Then, we'll begin by installing the bottom screw This part-way, and the upper one Next, we'll slide that shim into place Then we install that kick plate

Now, we're ready to position that fresh food door onto that lower hinge Then, just carefully pivot it into position We'll rotate that upper hinge and then install the mounting screws Again, we'll do that by hand first, just so we make sure that they don't go in and cross-thread it Then, pivot that door, so we maintain that even gap from top to bottom

Tighten them securely We'll then reinstall the hinge cover Now, with the door back in place, remember to turn our control back to the original setting If you had the water turned off to do the freezer side, we want to turn that back on, and your repair is complete "

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