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Who Should Not Try Keto Diet | Not Try Keto

We had known in the last chapter that if you want to start a keto diet, then it is necessary to seek the advice of your doctor and dietician Whether or not to start a keto diet depends on your health condition and your medical condition

In today's video, I will tell you who should not start a Keto Diet 1 pregnant women If you start a keto diet during pregnancy The development of the child is hindered, especially the development of the child's mind is hindered Due to this, the probability of getting a neural tube defect called spina bifida is increased That is why, during pregnancy, doctors recommend not starting a keto diet 2 Underweight people This means that people whose BMI value (body mass index value) is very low

Those who fall under the underweight category do not have to start a keto diet See, all the time it is not necessary that the keto diet should be used only to lose weight Keto diet has many other uses If you use a keto diet not for to lose weight, you have to take care of one particular thing that If your weight is very low then you do not have to start a keto diet 3 People with hypotension That means people who have low blood pressure problems often We had known in the previous chapters that process of ketosis takes place in keto diet

Due to the process of ketosis, sodium and some essential electrolytes are released from the body and your blood pressure is reduced This means that you already have a problem of low blood pressure and if you follow a keto diet, then your blood pressure is reduced a lot So if you have a problem of hypotension then you should not start a keto diet 4 lactating women There are very few studies about whether you should start a keto diet during breastfeeding

But in all the studies that have been done, one thing proves that during breastfeeding, the mother definitely needs carbohydrates So now it happens that if a mother takes a keto diet during breastfeeding, due to the low carb diet, some essential nutrients which are found in the carbohydrates will getting low in her body Because of which those elements were going to be given to the child through mother's milk, they are not getting, then there is a lack of essential nutrients in the child's body That is why taking keto diet during breastfeeding becomes harmful for both mother and baby 5

People who taking anti-diabetic medicines If you have diabetes and you are taking anti-diabetic medicines, then you should not start a keto diet See, Anti diabetic medicines are used to reduce the blood sugar level in the body If you start a keto diet in a diabetic condition, then the level of glucose in your body will be reduced due to low carb diet So it happens that from one side you are taking anti diabetic medicines and from the other side you are also taking Keto diet So due to both your glucose level will getting low and you get into hypo glycemic condition and may be you become very ill

6 Children under 18 years old For many years, perhaps since 1900, the Keto Diet has been used for children affected by epilepsy This use of Keto diet is performed under strict medical supervision In normal condition, it is very important to give balanced diet to children for good development In which carbohydrates, protein, fat are all required to be balanced

If you start a keto diet for children in normal condition, then children will be deprived of carbohydrates due to low carb diet Due to which the physical and mental development of children starts decreasing That is why a keto diet is not right for children Apart from this, there are other conditions in which you should not start a keto diet for example

People who are just recovered from surgery do not have to start a keto diet People affected by kidney, liver and pancreas diseases should also stay away from keto diet People with kidney stone and gallbladder stone also do not have to take Keto diet

If anyone has serious mental problem, then keep him/her away from Keto diet So friends, if you are thinking about starting a keto diet, then above 6 conditions have to be taken into consideration If you are affected by any one or more of these conditions, then you do not have to start a keto diet And special thing is that before starting a keto diet, please contact your doctor or dietician

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