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Why I’m Happy I failed at the Keto Diet (Surprising Answer!)

Hey, everybody, out there Coach Dale Long here with the Over 40 Protocol

And can you see? That is the love of my life OK, I, today– I want to thank you first for stopping on this feed And I got to tell you, OK, I will do anything I can in my life to protect, not only my wife, but my children So I just wanted to show you this picture because this picture means the world to me My wife and I have been together for over 12 plus years

And I can tell you that her diet means everything when it comes to having Crohn's disease And, yes, she suffers from Crohn's disease, OK I have been in the industry for over 20 plus years And I can tell you that the number one thing that most people fail at is diet And I have been helping nutritionally moms, dads, military, professional athletes, Olympians, you name it

But when it comes to my family, as you know, number one is your health So now, I'm going to take you into my refrigerator So thank you for stopping on this feed By the way, I'm 46 years old Been in the industry for over 20 plus years like you heard me say

And you're going live into my fridge right now Check this out, OK Now, I do live with a mom, right I have a mom in the house, right I just told you

She's my wife She's 42 years old I'm 46 years old We have three children And I want you to look at our fridge, OK

Now, I told you she had Crohn's disease She has Crohn's disease It doesn't go away It's not curable It's an autoimmune disease, OK Let me tell you what screwed her up

Going on a ketogenic diet Yes, you heard me say it Ketogenic diet screwed her all up And I can tell you that that was recommended by a doctor So even though so she had been on that diet, if you look at our refrigerator, you'll see items in here that you would not be able to have on the ketogenic diet, OK

You cannot have what? Carbs You cannot have carbs So Frambois right here, my wife loves Frambois, OK That is full of carbs It's Belgian beer, by the way

All right, what? You want some syrup? Not going to happen Can't have that on the ketogenic diet OK, you want Reddi Wip? Sure, you can have that That's lard You can have that all day long

You can have cheeses Check this out Cheeses, you can have that OK, other blocks of cheese, you can have that But did you know the side effects, not only from an autoimmune disease, but the side effects that come from not only that, but two side effects of ketogenic diet? The ketogenic diet, not only do you not get carbs on the ketogenic diet, but you will suffer from things like bad breath

How about fatigue? How about vomiting? How about irritation in the bowels? Yes Does anybody tell you that? How about weakness? How about headaches? These are all things that my wife endured going on the ketogenic diet Now, I tried the ketogenic diet, and I failed at it And let me tell you, I'm actually pretty happy that I failed at it, because I love carbohydrates And for me and my wife to sit and think that we're not going to have carbs for the rest of our life and go on a ketogenic diet, if you go on a ketogenic diet, guess what? You're going off eventually, because you can't be on it for more than longer 90 days

You're not going to have, other than fats like I told you, these foods that are in here All right, you're not getting beers You're not getting sodas, which, yes, we do drink soda in this house, believe it or not OK, listen, we're normal We're just like every other family

But you have to realize one thing, OK I am not sitting here just bashing on the ketogenic diet I'm telling you that my wife suffers from an autoimmune disease And it really messed her up bad So I want to thank you for coming on this feed right now, because it's so important for me to share with you that we live a normal lifestyle

This is our refrigerator I'm exposing my fridge Who does that? Hardly nobody And being in the fitness industry and nutrition industry for over 20 plus years, I'm letting you go in here And guess what? I'm telling you, you think you're going to have raspberries? You think you're going to have blackberries? The answer is, no, not on a ketogenic diet, OK

Because what ends up happening? It's a fad diet And it will not allow you to have carbohydrates, which functions the brain, which boosts metabolism And it also boosts hormones So if you're over 40, like myself, and my wife, OK, I highly recommend that you think about what it is that you're going to do about any kind of a fad diet And if you have been on one or you think about go on a fad diet and you're just to a point where now you realize you need to reset your hormones, I have a solution

For over 20 plus years it's taken to make this system, called the One Day Hormone Reset Diet, it starts working on day one Day one, you'll start noticing that your energy will start to skyrocket Your waistline will start to shrink Right? All these things happened with my wife I can tell you so many different things that– she had diarrhea

She had all these things that were going on because of the ketogenic diet Once we stopped that, we used this hormone reset diet, guess what? Everything went through the roof And belly shrank Energy went up Her whole face started to glow

And the same thing happened with me You can't cut carbs out of your diet If you want a strategic meal plan, if you want to put combinations of strategic meals together and implement carbs back into your diet, because most fad diets don't allow hardly any carbs, it's just the way it is OK If you're looking to put strategic cheat meals back into your diet, I'm letting you into my fridge I'm bringing you into my home

And I'm allowing you to know that we have a one-day solution that starts on day one It's at this link that you'll find around this video And I will tell you, when you start on day one, all of those side effects that are so positive are going to go through the roof You're going to implement carbohydrates back into your diet And you too will be talking about your loved one or loved ones, just like I am right now

Because trust me, I'm telling you, your diet is 80% of everything Get started today It's one day That's it It starts on one day

It starts on day one Give me one day, click this link, and start the One Day Hormone Reset Diet to reset your hormones to boost metabolism and fight the aging process Have an amazing day and God bless

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