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Why Your Twin Flame is Running and How to Have Them Chase YOU

if you want to have your twin flame chase you then there's certain energy dynamics that have to change to make that actually happen because our energy influences who ever were around and if you want to develop gravity that's what you must do that will have them chase you and in this video I'm gonna show you exactly what to do to make that happen welcome back to another video my name is Aaron and I owe people expand their consciousness now in this video I'm gonna be sharing with you what to do if you feel like your twin flame is running and how to think about this in a different way that allows you to have more gravity so that then you attract that coming back to you now first thing I want to talk about is what are we implying here when we say twin flame is running when we say a twin flame is running now our twin flame is in the twin flame in general is this idea that every one of us has a twin flame a connection that we have a soul type connection that in a way is what we could call a divine mirror someone that reflects back things to us many times you'll find a twin flame relationships that people tend to tends to bring up a lot of stuff within the other person and in a way when one has done a certain amount of work it could also cause it to other than the other one in a way it gets brought up to speed to the other person which sometimes can be scary because imagine that maybe you haven't done as much somebody hasn't done as much inner work and then all the sudden all of these things are getting brought up and then they look at you which is the person they're around that's sometimes what causes them to run is that what is being reflected back as a certain type of inner work that needs to be done and that energy can then be somewhat frightening so when we're talking about a twin flame running let's understand that our twin flame this connection we have this story we tell ourselves about this process has a direct correlation and influence on it so if we are telling ourselves a story that says my toy flame is running then what is happening is we are implying that there's our little twin flame right there is running and we are trying to catch our twin flame so anytime we say that you know I'm chasing someone chasing love whether we are implying is that someone else is running now our beliefs about reality have a strong have a strong influence on reality and if we keep telling ourselves this story our twin flame is running my twin flame is running my twin flame is running then that continues to be the energy that we are putting out and many times if we put something on a pedestal like a twin flame the twin flame idea many times we will put it on a big pedestal make it very heavy guess what happens that heaviness then is something they feel and when they feel like they're being controlled when they're feel like there's some agenda there when we sometimes people feel like they don't know they're my twin flame and because they don't know that they're weird twin flames they may just break it off too easily but they here's the thing and here's the truth that sometimes it's hard to hear the idea and the belief in the twin flame ideology can get so heavy that I see people resist the process so if we're putting this idea on a pedestal and we're putting this person on a pedestal then we end up creating resistance around this idea now something else that helps us understand and not put our twin flame on a pedestal is understanding more about how this might work now first off understand that you and I were all connected we're all connected that makes it easier to understand because we're all connected that we don't necessarily have to put one person or one idea on a pedestal over anyone else now let's look at what a twin flame idea or the twin frame relationship may be now at the top we might have our higher self our higher self let's say this is our Oversoul and then we have our higher self which we're all connected to our higher self and then we have different incarnations based on our higher self so this is us and let's say our higher self is here when you go to meditation we connect to our higher self and then above that's oversoul now here's the thing about reality every single person if you go up high enough we're all connected every single one of us now what we call its winform relationship maybe or our twin flame in general maybe that connected to the higher self it's just a little bit further up there maybe it's the two the two souls have the same higher self so rather than being in a relationship with someone over here which could be just as deep of a relationship by the way sometimes if we put the twin flame relationship on a pedestal then assume oh this is the other half to my soul this is the other half to my soul and if it doesn't work out that I'm doomed from love then we feel like we're missing out on something here's what I've learned though not necessarily do every twin flame relationship not necessarily does every twin flame relationship meant to be a romantic partnership through all of life or eternal spiritual beings now I do believe because there's an awakening happening on the planet that there's more twin flame type connections happening than ever before because this is the time of transformation on the planet however in general the best thing you can do to have your twin flame chase you is to switch around the energy dynamic and to know that you're good either way all of these other beings at a deep level are you at the deepest core and because of that you can have just as a deep connection with your twin flame as you can with anyone else now this doesn't mean that I'm saying that you just it's never gonna work out what I'm saying is that by knowing you have options it is then not putting that twin flame on a pedestal because I'll tell you right now learning from experience I remember when I first met what you could call my twin flame and you know many of you know that's Lior and her and I were in a relationship for let's see like a year a whole year and I remember when I first met her there was I've never felt such a deep connection to someone especially even just a spiritual connection like that and I really put her on a pedestal in a way in the beginning and we both did we both put each other on a pedestal in a way and we started to we really felt a certain way and and and we both lived in different cities so there were times we'd go travel we'd go do something else separately and we could both really feel that tug and I remember I wasn't even somebody that by the was really into this whole idea of the twin flame relationship idea I wasn't even really about that I used to think it was annoying because I felt like people put such a weight on it and put it on such a pedestal that it they resisted it and they ended up like would give up a lot of their happiness for that so I was almost in a way resistant towards it but from meeting her and get all this stuff brought up between both of us and in in her between her and I there's all this this stuff it could been past life stuff we're not even sure but her and I are still best friends and we have redefined our relationship to where we're no longer romantically together however we will know each other for life and it's a very deep connection but I'll tell you from experience that our expectations of each other of understanding this whole twin flame thing and from kind of being told that also by Clara like you know clairvoyant people and stuff because we were both kind of resistant to the idea but I'll tell you that the more expectation we put on each other the more we put each other on a pedestal the more resistant it was and in the beginning especially because we started to connect when we went to that place in Costa Rica we were just friends you know as youtubers going and we started to connect more at a deeper level and I've always thought we've always felt a connection with each other even just as friends but then it developed into something more and that's when it brought up a whole bunch of a amazing growth opportunities a whole bunch of amazing experiences but I will say that in the beginning of the relationship the energy dynamic changed when I would think about it on a pedestal and be like wow this is like so different than anything else and the more I would do that is the more resistance I would create and then the more resistance would then have things happen to where we could feel that and we would almost repel each other from each other from each other from connecting at a very deep level so I'll tell you what really helped me is learning to just let go and allow the things to happen that the way they're meant to and I know that's kind of hard to hear by the way cuz I remembered I remember even going through it and it was kind of challenging and a lot of it was very challenging because I'm like I know this I know I should let go but part of me was like it was like I was still trying to control the outcome and I'll tell you right now that if I would have detached from this ideology of believing that I'm only meant to be with this one person that I wouldn't have gone into scarcity and I wouldn't have then and then in a way in a way for a while I gave up my star role I would say that as well in order to have your twin flame chase you what you must do is you must become the star of your own movie you must be the start of your own movie I kind of stopped doing that for a while what happened was is a Lior started to go through some deep processes she was going through a Kundalini activation all of these things happened once we started dating even for me to my own personal growth but she started going through that and then what happened is I was so focused on intending to help her and tending to in a way help her move through it that in a way I lost my own my own vision and going in a certain direction because I was so focused outside of myself I was so focused on being a fixer in a way I've I've kind of developed this archetype of being a fixer maybe from part of it could be from my dad and and just kind of like growing up with the you know my stepmom situation but always trying to fix and help people and what happened was is that all of that got brought up when Lior and I were dating and especially the beginning and I didn't became instead of the star of my own movie I kind of surrendered that role it would kind of go back and forth and that's when the resistance would come up that's when there would be issues between us or something would come up and we would feel like there was a communication issue and then I'll tell you what though things started to align when I started to take my star role back my star role back then things would would go back you know I'm in the start of my own movie you're the star of your own movie but you're also more attractive when you are the star of your own movie it's funny because once we let go of the labels of us being and and focusing you know we still believe that we are Twin Flames even though we're not together and I know that might seem weird to sound you know sound weird because people are like oh well it has to work out this one individual way but I think that Twin Flames come to activate they come to activate each other so because we are activating each other what that activates in each individual person can in a way repel the other person or if you are activating them they made then look at you and be kind of afraid and push you away Twin Flames come to activate I remember when I first was talking to like my spiritual advisor in a way and she and two ative Lee it was like yes this is a this is your twin flame connection and I was like hah is like I don't even believe or understand that whole twin flame thing and she said twin flames come to activate each other and it makes total sense because back into you know back in a year ago when her and I first started dating and met there it brought up and activated all this personal stuff within me and it was something that then I had to look at it was a month I remember is December in 2018 there's a very deep month of going within in the personal journey but in a way I felt a lot of resistance and then cuz I felt resistance she felt resistance on the other on the other side even though for a while she was traveling she was in Europe and she could feel that resistance from me from that far away but that kind of connection that's kind of how it works now understand as well that one of the most important things you could do to have your twin flame chase you is to first off be the star of your own movie and the next thing is to completely let go of the outcome this twin flame connection is a divine thing and when we try to control it using the human vessel and the human mind we end up butchering up the vibration that's what really changed for me too is the more I learn to let go is the more it would come to me and maybe you've had this experience even just beyond Twin Flames have you ever had it to where or you see and I've used this analogy before but two people are dating maybe maybe they're in a relationship or maybe they start dating and then they split up and one is very sad and one really wants the other one then what happens is the other one that's sad about if like two weeks finally goes out with friends or starts to forget about it or works on themselves whatever it is and then what happens is because they're not focused on the person they want to be with anymore it's like that person can then feel it and it's like why it's like almost they feel that energetic tug and then what they do is they may text the other person because so what are you up to even though they were resisting it so long and they wanted them to text them back but now the energy dynamic has changed what has changed when you let go of the outcome that communicates energetically abundance that that energetically communicates oh look there's also all these other souls that are other aspects of the the one which I am we are all connected to and maybe a soulmate relationship is something that actually may be more fulfilling in your life and your twin flame connection was here to just activate you maybe then eventually it comes back around and maybe it doesn't but if you trust that process you're going to allow the divine to work for you rather than you working and trying to do everything it's like the egos trying to put it on its back it's trying to try to get somewhere else and trying to get and to control someone else the key to this is allowing and letting go and also getting to the core of your own love doing your own inner work becoming aware of of your definition about it and really learning how to be unconditionally loving I would say that from lioran Minds a relationship because we really are best friends we just got the phone like yesterday we haven't seen each other in a couple months but we still talk all the time or still great friends well Leo and I have learned from our twin flame relationship is unconditional love unconditional love even with the conditions that we're not together that's actually real love love is not some dependent love that I love you as long as you give something to me as long as you make me feel a certain emotion as long as you make me feel approval and appreciation and love know unconditional loves when you truly want the best for someone else and when you recognize that it's also that you want them to be happy you want them to be loved you want them to fulfill their utmost potential that's actually real love that is unconditional love and if you want your twin flame to chase you you must first be unconditionally loving to yourself and to them even with the condition that they're not they're not trying to be in a relationship with you right now have unconditional love for their growth process let them go through their own growth processes your you guys meeting may have activated a lot within each other so be compassionate about that and by being compassionate about that I promise you on the other side of that the universe will reward you but have faith in the process itself and let it be we understand that your definition and the story of abundance or the story of twin flame my other half of my soul that's on a pedestal that's what creates resistance and then that's what blocks out all this other love that could be there because it's just about this one person but maybe the purpose of that relationship is reflect back something maybe it comes around in the future and maybe it doesn't but that that energy of understanding being detached from it is where the power is let go of the outcome and understand that if you really want to get to this as well then what I recommend you do is you really follow your passion and you really do what your your mission is because if it starts to take you if a relationship starts to take you off your mission then a lot of times spirit may smack you on the hand and and let you figure it out and in a way it takes it away from you because it's being counterproductive to why you actually came here so there's a larger view here there's the higher self view that's always directing you and I promise you you let go and realize the abundance that is all around you realize that this comes to activates you but doesn't mean that you need to be together forever maybe it does I'm not saying that I'm not saying that it can't but what I'm saying is the definition of it saying it has to work out creates resistance that then causes the chase it's like you don't you realize your might don't you realize you're my twin flame don't you realize you're meant to be with me forever don't you realize that I have you on this metaphorical pedestal and that you're all the way up here and that it would be really amazing if you'd be in a relationship with me don't you realize that and then they feel that energy and guess what off they go because that is an energy of control that is an energy of resistance and that is an energy that repels so to recap how do you have them chase you is you change around the energy dynamic with the realization that this whole definition of twin flame can cause things to get on a pedestal itself realize you're an eternal spiritual being you don't need another half the other half would be here to activate you to reflect back something to be like a mirror but you're already whole and complete you have all these other connections so that then you could be in abundance and realize that maybe you're meant to be in a soulmate relationship instead of a twin flaming relationship and that because then you're into that abundance you're more likely to have gravity the most important thing though is to become the star of your own movie when you become the star of your own movie then you have people gravitate towards you are you on your mission are you doing what you're passionate about and the more you also feel that self-love within the more that then you will find that love comes to you and if you haven't seen already there's a meditation I have on attracting love I'll go ahead and go in and put a card right here for it it's not attracting love and it's uh it's the most powerful the most popular meditation I have on my channel so many people in the comments say that they have attracted love from listening to that video for twenty-one days so if you want check it out right here the attract love meditation read the comment so that increases your belief is what's possible generate that love from within and watch how your twin flame then chases you so that video will be right here at the end card check it out and as always peace much love and namaste

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