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Wilcom Hatch Embroidery Software 2: more dog digitizing ideas(PART 2)

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whoo-hoo this is part 2 of digitizing this cute little doggie guy and in this video we're gonna come up with more ways to digitize them so he looks good but first my intro now we are gonna work with this and it's similar to the auto digitizing but not quite the same so this is way number three so let me go back to let's do digitize closed shape fill and tatami and what we're gonna do if this is big enough now you can't really do this if it's small is that we are just gonna basically outline the shapes and I'm just right clicking and left clicking and I made a mistake there so let's backspace back because this one needs to be left click and we're gonna fill in it's hard to do with it close up but we're gonna fill in these darker areas that require I think filling and it's just depends on how you look at it but this would not look good really small I don't think so we're gonna go up here let's take it in pieces let's go up here and do this part so this can take a few minutes to do but it has a pretty nice effect when you're done I don't mind and you don't have to be precise that's the other fun part about it and let's see this will be part one see how it looks now again I want I'm gonna want to take off the underlay let's put like this kind of a color on it that's how it kind of looks and it's all in one take the pull comp off and you know you can get creative so you could put satin stitches in this part and you can do let's do another part just so you get the idea nobody said anything was quick in embroidery right it's gonna take a few minutes to do but you and make it how you want how you like it and I think yeah I think it'll be really cool so I'm just gonna go here and down and I'm left clicking and right clicking he's so cute but this is how you work with you know crappy pictures like this you can there's a lot of ways around it and you can literally make art out of not a whole lot now depending on the size you can put you know a lot of detail in it or not it's gonna show up if it's larger so you might want to be more precise but if it's small then you won't want to but see how that looks that's not that's not gonna be bad at all let's change the color I forgot to do that so that's how you would do that one now let's do one of the pause there's more than one way to do these pause and I'm gonna you know put a little artistic licensing in there so to Tommy that's fine so we are going to left-click and right click on the outside of the shape and try you know to make it see how that curve went up there that's fine because it's gonna make it even smoother looking left click at the bottom and then we're gonna cut out this part just like this perfect and go enter I mean that doesn't look great right let's go to stitching and I always want to make sure I take that off oh I cranked something up so controls that controls that yeah thank you whoo sorry about that so that's one and then we want to digitize holes and we can't see them so let's take our TrueView off and now we can see them and let's just left-click and right click left at the bottom right click here and press Enter and enter again and we've got it so we want to digitize another hole and there we go kind of follow along but make it a little bit nicer as we go along there we go two enters and then oops nope wrong one whoops digitized holes thank you and this one is a little bit bigger I kind of like how it looks so far but remember if you can't see underneath it then you need to take off the TrueView I leave the TrueView on a lot of times or most of the time when we're doing videos because it's hard to see otherwise it's hard for you guys to see so let's put it back on and then you can see let's change the color ooh see it didn't make it big enough so that's a bit of a problem so what we have to do is go into reshape here and we need to make them a little bit bigger so the cuts show up we want them a little bit wider here we must have pull comp on but always check because you know it doesn't look like a paw if we don't have these cutouts yeah you could fill them with a different color but I'm gonna try to keep this one black and white but you see how easy it is to do and we just kind of make it and then if you're looking at it like this you can reshape it how you want as well I would also change the angle of it that makes it look flat but you see how it changes the shape let's try that way I kind of like it better like that and there's nothing wrong with having it different than the foot there the rest of the dog but isn't that cute I think that's really cute now you want to play around with it obviously we have to do just a little bit more on this to make it how I like it but you can play around with it that's one of the advantages of TrueView so play around with it get it how you like I'm liking that I think that's absolutely perfect so that's way number three for the dog it's gonna take a little while to finish it but that's okay oh look how cute it is when you remove the picture you can clearly see that it's a dog and it's nice and I actually really like the paw that I just did so what's our last way of doing it let's do something completely different and again this one has to be on a larger scale and what we're gonna do is digitize blocks because these are beautiful column stitches that we can do and they're like different widths so you can't just do you know digitize open shape and change it to satin I'll show you the difference let's start let's do one so digitize open shape let's do this and I'm left clicking and right clicking and there except for I didn't change it to satin so let's do that now where is it there it is satin let's change the color to something really bright so yeah that doesn't look as good as it could to me so let's try it with the blocks I'm gonna zoom in a little bit so you guys can see it so digitized blocks and if you remember with digitized blocks it's an up and down motion now I'll zoom right in so you can see but you see it's a lot stick there and you can right click and this one's attached so you know which one is the top and which one is the bottom is what I'm getting at so right click left click up down up down and keep going now the lines that I'm putting in our angle line so you always want to be aware of that you can move them around you know when you're done if you kind of made a mistake on one and didn't quite get it right but keep them and keep it in mind now this one is big and it's gonna have a split satin on it so what could we do about that to fix it well I made my angles a bit too long we need to take off our true view so we can see see what I did there it's not quite right so we can move things around so our angle lines are a little bit better and they're not going across like this that was my mistake and now we have it fixed so you have to keep track of it let's practice one more time and make sure we get this right for the digitized blogs but doesn't this look much better than that you can taper the edges like I did let's uh let's do a small one and we'll talk about the edges as well so I'm going to start here one and then this one and this one and I'm left clicking and right clicking and you don't have to do them too close you don't have to spend all day left clicking and right clicking spread it out a little bit more it also helps you to get nice curves when you do that now again this is gonna take you guys a little while to do but it's fine it'll look fantastic so enter and change it to satin isn't that pretty does not look good let's move this guy red I would tweak it a little bit there my shaping is a little bit off it's hard to see but does not look cute with the edge now you could cheat a little bit on this one and let's move out and you can see I would smooth these out a little bit but if you click on calligraphy it's going to change it and you know it's kind of odd looking but let's put it on here and we're gonna have a whole bunch of more you could get away with that I think that looks really good it be cooled make sure it stitches out properly I do like this one a little bit better even though I didn't quite do it properly we could delete that one and forget that it ever happened and tried again I'm not sure what I did but it happened so Phil and satin so let's do it again I I think I got wrong on my angles a little bit trying too hard maybe so again you don't have to be perfectly precise this guy is going to have a little bit of artistic you know ability in him no matter what you do we're gonna digitize it and everyone's will be different and that's why I'm giving you guys a little bit of options for it one more and see how I do the bottom to make it tapered I did the last one out here and then this one click and enter and it becomes tapered so okay yeah that's much better I don't know what I did the first time I'm sure I'll see it in editing and go no it's terrible so make sure your picture is the right size for this but doesn't this look cute now I wouldn't do the pause in satin stitch I think they'll be too big but you can play around with this this is actually a little bit thick for my liking so take the pull comp off as one of the first things I do you can add effects to it now there's nothing wrong with putting a feathered edge and you can layer the feathered edge it gives it you know looks kind of weird when you're up close but if you move back I mean that's a whole new effect either don't be afraid to work with effects and different things I like it on one side but you can play around with it and make it more or less ragged there is radial film no that's not gonna work you could do an embossed Phil but you have to make sure that the size is right I think either just plain satin stitches or you know the feathered edge would work just fine so so far that's a few ways you can let me know in the comments which way you like best I think for me dawn would like this one this is his style and I'm gonna try to get him to do one and so we can see it I kind of like this one and I think working through with the satin stitches is gonna look fantastic so let me know if you guys have any questions I hope you guys like all of the ideas and all the different ways to try it and I hope you guys will try it in the oml embroidery Facebook group I will leave the good image for you guys to play around with and see what you can come up with so thanks everyone for watching I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope you guys will give this a try and I'll see you guys in the next video bye

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