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Will Affiliate Marketing DIE?

? do you want to know? stay tuned hey guys super pumped up welcome back to the channel I am so excited to go over this with you why affiliate marketing will never if you're excited to I invite you to smash that like button let me know that you are that you're excited to learn about this and if it's your first time to the channel welcome to the channel welcome to Digital renegade TV where we show entrepreneurs and marketers like you how to automate and leverage social media to double triple and ten times your sales and profits I imagine Fraser I'm an entrepreneur and on this channel we talk about entrepreneurship affiliate marketing internet marketing making money online passive income sources sales funnels and tips tricks and strategies on how to crush it in your business how to ten times your business if you want to learn about any of that stuff that I just mentioned go ahead I invite you to subscribe hit that subscribe button click the notification belt icon so that you can be alert whenever I post some crazy awesome value that's gonna help you ten times your business hey affiliate marketing is never gonna this would be really short video the answer is no the affiliate marketing referral marketing network marketing I feel it is never going to okay affiliate marketing never gonna okay there is always gonna be companies who are going to need more hands to get the message out to the masses alright and that's why affiliate marketing is never gonna okay companies are gonna go on and on and they're gonna be making money and making products and services to help people and they are always going to people to promote those products and services to other people so affiliate marketing is never gonna you don't have to worry now it's really the best time to get started in affiliate marketing really truly honestly affiliate marketing will never it's always gonna be around alright quick short little video guys there's not much to it I'm just answering your question well affiliate marketing one day is it really a business that I should get into the answer is yes you should get into affiliate marketing because I believe it's the ultimate business you don't have to deal with customers you don't have to make crazy decisions business decisions about how we're gonna run the company and what products and what services you don't have to handle any of that crap you just promote and you collect the money pretty cool right no headaches no bullshit no customer service crap no corporate crap you just promote you you know you give a referral about a product or service that you're passionate about and you receive a commission for referring that to other people pretty simple never gonna always gonna be around so yeah guys that's pretty much it affiliate marketing will never there's always gonna be an opportunity unlimited opportunity for you for your friends for everybody to get a piece of the pie which is Philly marketing alright don't forget to Like comment and subscribe and we'll see you on the next video take care


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