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WordPress Affiliate Plugin – Schritt für Schritt zur eigenen Affiliate Seite: Filter erstellen

hello and nice that you are in there this video is about filtering so once around here right this widget add and more set filter options here We first switch to the dashboard go to activate the filter widget we now on design and widgets here are links a number of Filter widget possibilities of the Affiliate Themes and here we choose the filter from these we drag and drop to the right place this and Write digital camera filter Now we have this standard possibilities like price evaluation and if we go to save now it looks like they are Filtering options from home supplied but now there is the plug-in the possibility to define own fields like that, I show now we switch back to the dashboard has its own fields then on field groups but we want a new field or Create a new field group there we enter the title such as camera characteristics in our case and then go field here add name eg megapixel So here we define the properties of camera then we say numerically and that we do not need everything, now we go back up The next property of a Camera could be good now everybody has to think a few things about color and here, for example, we choose yes / no Field off Color white, black, blue, yellow that should be enough for our example There is still a yes / no field field I just give it a try is still important for our digital camera here still the rule to define when this Filter this to come to light that we also hire them is called us Go here for products view like properties we define that the input possibility behind the otherwise we could do that do not edit what I mean now you see now and that we have the properties defines the felt groups and also the fields and now have to We give and the individual products provided with the characteristics this plugin, this affiliate plugin Of course, plugin does not know which and how many megapixels are in there this camera here has 18 megapixel this 18 do not be surprised come from one I already have previous test here inscribed, the color is black too from an earlier test but now we have every product individually edit and attribute so that has 16 megapixels we write 16 in Color black Test Yes / No let's leave it that way Now we have every single product go through Of course I do that for each one now 201, color black causes as we see, we see nothing here Now we have to go and go to Desig and widgets now we have to Filter Widget still assign our group give as here our camera Filter widget and give below we have the available fields we now have three cameras properties so our field group there we just click on everyone then we just have to save and when we went back to it in our site have new attributes the color the megapixel test yes no define here the color black let's go through the individual this is because of my im apron already a few more colors So I did not wonder you already have a lot I find a professional possibility you are watching your interests deliver what really out of the competition stands and the more you the prospective customer The more pleasant it gets I know it myself when I am I use any products search quite on the filter property because of me not every single item piece By looking like but just filtering Other options for digital cameras are now the size the display optical zoom is digital the size of the camera everything really stops at the camera property belongs so now we go back to our dashboard, now I want you let's see what else widgets do to be delivered at So what widget so available are we can use the Affiliate themes

and there are here's a widget selection of products entries a taxonomy what a taxonomy is explained in one later video product recommendation can we also go in here, title, Test winner that is just an example and I have my choice here Test winner, reviews link everything as you like it and then you go here to save a selection of products, I write here time selection store product reviews and how that works whole looks now shows you here I now have my test winner entirely simply chosen Here you can also go back to details go or just buy here altogether Below is a set of products that one Choosing Direct, Cool Widget, Filtering is of course cool too not what else is there shop info product Social media, we can also reinzeihen here title LikeUs looks then you have here you see how easy that is is just the possibility one facebook like or twitter Like depose depending on what you fill out

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