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Yoonla – Digital Lifestyle trade – Is It Any Good? Quick Review

This is a quick review of the Yoonla on the web digital lifestyle trade created by Reno Van Boven. All the information if comes from my personal experience in trying trade, and my goal is to supply Yoonla with an honest perspective and the needs of you.

This article is not intended to supply all the techniques and confusion for those who read or are interested in fitting digital marketing professionals, so I try to keep the wording as simple as possible.

There are two types of accounts:

1) Free – Very easy to create (like creating an email or Facebook account but not making money… until you upgrade to…

2) Elite – this is where you really start making money. Once you follow the 7 steps to create an elite account (all difficult parts are done by Yoonla) and upgrade to elite; you are working tough to make money. Please note that you must upgrade to the elite to get all the benefits of this program. How much do you want to know. Start earning commissions on a regular and continual basis for as little as $50 to $70. But this is worth it!


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After upgrading to the elite stage, you can earn income by having people sign up below you. There are two layers to make money from Yoonla – let me briefly explain the first layer:

1) You get $4 from each free account registered in an English-speaking country (UK, USA, New Zealand, etc.)

2) You get $2 from a non-UK country (Spain, Brazil, China)

The moment layer is exciting… For each person who upgrades to your subordinate elite account (you are a sponsor), you get a commission of $30 each.

The reason I like this show is its WORLDWIDE… Anyone can make money from it. Male or female, rich and poor. This program does not distinguish why I recommend people to upgrade as soon as possible. Once you have people registered with you, you can resume the cost of starting an elite account.

All payments are made by PayPal, so all commissions will be sent to your PayPal account. And you get paid every month. Think of this as a sum of money.

This trade is a slow build – don't expect to earn $10,000 in just one month, as you heard in some videos or personal stories. 95% of the time they did not make money as they say, whether they do. They are just a few of the thousands of people. Simply put, just because you started your trade did not make you eligible for huge amounts of money. When I heard some stories from Yoonla, most people didn’t start making money until 5-6 months.

This is where you have to work tough to get to this stage. whether you are interested in learning how to do this as soon as possible, please leave a comment.

Thank you for reading.

By Zhane Kelly
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