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You Will DEFINITELY Need Money For The Red Lifeless Redemption 2 On-line Summer Update

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what is up guys and welcome to a different red lifeless online video today we are talking about things you could need for the subsequent Red Lifeless online update the subsequent online update is just not too far absent we're a month possibly a month and a half until we go and get this update I'm hoping that it does come earlier the casino update for GTA whether GTA is casino update comes out introductory we're probably gonna have to attend a bit longer but I'm thinking that it would be the Red Lifeless Redemption 2 update introductory but for this update that is probably gonna be the introductory big update that we get for Red Lifeless online yes the final update was a large one but everything that we've had up until this point now has been to go and build the muse for Red Lifeless online we've never really had anything the location it’s a must to go and spend say money on a wagon or a house or anything like that so you possibly can access the content whether you go and have a look at GTA they must go and purchase properties to go and access greatest they must go and purchase nightclub and motorcycle gangs in addition to the most recent one I believe was an arena which was a really expensive update and I believe that now could be the purpose of the location we launch getting now Red Lifeless online and the thing that leads me to trust that is once we return to the 14th of May once they said things come into the summer for Red Lifeless online there’s a paragraph here that claims starting out this summer players shall be qualified to tackle the introductory three of a series of fresh roles track down wanted criminals as a bounty hunter search the world for treasure and other exotic items to sell as a collector or build a business at camp as a trader and more and it's that final bit there or build a business at camp as a trader and all that leads me to trust that you’ll be building a camp and it's not gonna be a type of things the location you simply go as much as and go hey I wish to build a camp and it cribs turns and goes oh yes your thing it's free because once we go and have a look at when we have now to go get a swift travel post in-the camp that charge a pair hundred dollars simply to go and increase into that in order that was only a swift travel post now we'll speak about a business that may then herald revenue for Red Lifeless online so we're going to spend money now it says besides and more in order that's probably gonna be other stuff it says build a business at camp as a trader I believe as a collector possibly you'll have something as well the location possibly you simply show off the exotic items that you simply've got another potentially you'll have those that just are occupied with those items NPCs then come up and say hey look I like that item I'll donate you that much and it's as much as you whether or not you sell it but there could very well be other ways to go and make money on the camp which besides implies that you're probably gonna must go and put money in it to set it up after which it will launch going to get money itself so the business on the camp go and sell distinct items make sense that you would need to go and build a stand or at fewest have like a wagon the location you go around to distinct places now how much that is gonna charge I'm not solely certain what I’d say it can be anywhere between 5 to 20 grand in red lifeless online which whether it is pushing towards that higher end is some huge cash but that is stuff that bear in intellect that you simply probably won't necessarily need this shall be an update that shall be drip fed for fairly just a few months possibly two months occurring and every week you'll have clothing items clothing items I'm kind of adding into that and that’s something it's all the time an offer it's something you can all the time go to purchase while you wish to but you don't necessarily must purchase it and I feel like most of us won't be buying every item that shall be on offer besides you besides must bear in intellect that some shall be for female characters and a few shall be for male characters so you're not gonna be paying that stuffed amount or 20 grand but then there may be the stuff that say whether you do wish to go get the business on the camp that itself I'm thinking you're gonna be spending at fewest between a grant or two grand to go and get and that's just me saying that whether there may be one business we are able to besides guarantee that there could also be other businesses to go and arrange while you go and have a look at GTA updates they’ve loads of distinct sections in which there’s stuff to go put money in and a few of it is solely as much as you it's voluntary whether or not you go and get those things whether you were still gonna go and purchase everything you're talking about a whole bunch of millions sometimes sometimes it is here in just like the 90s I believe that they had one in all a after-hours update and that was round about 90 million they then had the sector update the sector war which ended up being a whole bunch upon a whole bunch of millions whether you was to go and purchase everything but normally they’ve distinct sections to do with weapons vehicle upgrades vehicles themselves vehicle mods clothes you understand after which the update itself which was the sector workshop so I'm hoping for something of this kind and we'll have the business arrange which shall be a pair K in my view for every business let's just say there's three businesses each charge about two grand to go and arrange I reckon there shall be possibly a pair more possibly some a bit dearer considering we have now never had an update that truly requires money to go and get access to something so possibly they're just gonna be trying to go and filter out a few of the money that some players have in red lifeless online we are then that clothes now clothes have been updates that we've already got it's a type of aesthetic things but it is gonna be something that we are going to constantly get with this update weekly clothes identical to we have now been for therefore far we may even get fresh horses we’d and I'm really hoping that that is the case I'm Accessible that we are able to go and get wagons wagons or something that I actually expected to go and get inside the introductory update we still haven't got but it's a type of things the location we are able to already go and get wagons but it’s a must to go and steal them after which go and ride off into the sunset but it can be cool whether you possibly can actually own your personal wagon after which use that as a spot the location you possibly can all the time move around and go and trade in distinct places it would never be cool whether you possibly can then go and upgrade that wagon so it doesn't crack down as much possibly you may make it a bit better possibly you possibly can put more horses on it possibly a greater wagon so you simply save on building it up that will be cool in addition to we're bound to go and get weapons all in all I reckon anywhere between five all the best way as much as possibly 20 grand possibly even pushing higher than that that is just me guessing considering that is the introductory update I wouldn't expect it to go to love the 50 possibly even 100 grand because that could be a lot but I'm still 100% certain that for this update you might be definitely gonna go and want some money there might even be some stuff in there that truly requires you to go and have a rank now I'm not expecting this to be a elevated rank either anything that we've had in-the former to do with levels within red lifeless online has normally been anywhere between level one all the best way as much as level 60 I don't think we've had anything higher than that and I believe for this introductory update it won't go any higher than being level 60 so whether you're aforementioned that you simply do not need to fret about that but make certain that whether you might be beneath that you’re on that cash grind you're on that XP grind you might be on that gold grind myself I've got loads of methods on this channel to go and show you how you can go and get money how you can go get XP and besides how you can go and get gold so whether you’re feeling such as you're barely behind then definitely undergo all of those myself I'm hoping for the subsequent couple of weeks that I'm gonna grind out as much money as plausible and I'm hoping to go and get to 10k but that does unkind that I'm definitely gonna must put loads of time into red lifeless online because I'm only sitting at just aforementioned 6k right now but besides guys leave in-the comments down beneath of how much you’re thinking that this update is gonna charge you to go and purchase the business for Red Lifeless online and what other businesses do you’re thinking that there shall be in your camp red lifeless online leave that each one in-the comments down beneath but besides guys I hope you guys did like whether you probably did like don't forget to go away a like and sign up but for now I'm going so see ya

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